Evil Lord, Volume 5 Chapter 4 + Light Novel Illustrations (incomplete)

Well, this is awkward. Uh… hi there lol

Meant to get this out yesterday, but I was tired and figured one more day wouldn’t matter in the end. Haha…

Sorry about disappearing again, and not telling you all. The truth is, not even know when I’m taking a break until it just… happens. Like have you ever pushed a chore back to tomorrow, but still intend to do it? But then you push it back another day, again and again? That’s kinda what happens. I still know its a jerk move, but I hope you’ll forgive me.
(˃ ⌑ ˂ )

Umm… also, I just want to say that this chapter isn’t stolen, I didn’t just copy-paste it from Deep Translations like an agregator. I just re-did it with my own interpretation. (^^|||

Not that I have anything wrong with their translations! (I haven’t even read them) I just prefer reading translated novels in my own style if possible, so unfortunately I’ll be doing re-releases until the day when/if I catch up.

I don’t really mind if others take up these projects since I don’t own any legal ‘right’ to translate any of them, since they’re just fan-translations. So I hope the other groups don’t mind if I just pick up where I left off when I feel like it as well.

I hope ur last few months have been great, mine have been kinda shaky. Though I wasn’t active here, you might’ve seen me floating around Royal Road or Mangadex, enjoying my slothful internet life as a normal lurker
~ ( ^∇^)

Also, apparently my paypal was broken? I didn’t even know. Apparently its been off since May, but its fixed now.

Anyways, back to Evil Lord. You probably already knew by now, but the Light Novel has been officially announced and is being released on July 25th! Please make sure to support the author when it comes out.



Liam and Amagi look amazing~! Their designs are my favourite, though Nias and Yasushi come at a close second. I’m surprised how heroine-y they decided to make Christiana look (I didn’t even recognise her at first). I’ll update the illustrations page as they come out and when I get access to them.

Oh, and I updated the Table of Contents with the Volume 7 chapter titles. They’re a bit spoiler-y so read it at your own risk lol

The next VB chapter is about 30% done and should be out soon. (Hopefully today, if not tomorrow)

Anyways, now if you’ll excuse me, I now have to sift through 2-3 months of hate and “are you dead” comments backlogged and awaiting approval…

Enjoy the chapter~!




26 thoughts on “Evil Lord, Volume 5 Chapter 4 + Light Novel Illustrations (incomplete)

  1. “Like have you ever pushed a chore back to tomorrow, but still intend to do it? But then you push it back another day, again and again?”

    Yes, it’s called procrastination, and I’ve mastered that skill years ago in highschool  ̄﹃ ̄


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  2. Hey, welcome back!

    TBH I prefer your translation over the other one. I’ve seen a lot translators fighting over who gets to translate certain works. Sometimes, the “fan translation war” get out of hand. I’m glad you have taken the approach to just do your own thing. 😉

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  3. You know how much I’ve missed you?? The other translation was good but the translation from you whom I’ve been reading for a while is more connecting and passionate 🥺🥰

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  4. Welcome back. We missed you. The other one didn’t have the thoughts of Brian, so it felt like it was missing something special (not to mention they stopped as well). Love you and your work!

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  5. It is a day late, but welcome back ma’am!!!
    Don’t worry about your breaks, you earned the right to take them!
    It’s just a hobby to traslate webnovels for you, so don’t mind us leeches!
    I hope your switch game library has increased in the time of your break
    (Silently hoping yku finally got sword or shield like the pokemon mainline fan i am)
    And thank you for your hard work and the new chapter!
    Dutch nutcase, signing out~

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  6. Thank you Kuro~ Glad to have you back. I thought for sure “welp another favorite tl of mine is dead” but apparently I was wrong. Looking forward to both Evil Lord and VB, and thanks for the work as always. I hope the break recharge your energy, i know many tls who burned out.

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  7. Welp, you know how the internet works. Hate mails for absolutely selfish reasons and entitlement. I’m just glad that Kuro is alive and well after months of silence


  8. You know how the internet works, writing hate mails for absolutely selfish reasons with sprinkles of entitlement in the mix. I’m glad that Kuro is still alive after months of silence though


  9. Kuroneko sama is back!!!!!!!!!

    Now she’s gone again… Gosh darn it!
    Please come back!!!
    I swear I’ll donate as much as I can when I graduate and get a job!!

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  10. >Sorry about disappearing again, and not telling you all. The truth is, not even I know when I’m taking a break until it just… happens

    I totes get it xD
    Happens a lot to me too

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  11. Welcome back !
    So, maybe you are a borderline ? The way of “i’m super interested and i do it 200%” for some time, felowed by “i d’ont care anymore, i need a break, i don’t want to do anything” is pretty much one of the biggest thing of the illness after all. Well … illness … more like be different in fact.


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