Light Novel Illustrations














Special A3 poster that comes with the limited edition


Written by Mishima Yomu/Wai (三嶋 与夢)

Translated by KuroInfinity at

 ToC | Next Chapter

22 thoughts on “Light Novel Illustrations

  1. ah yes.. Nias design is so perfect… i can imagine it going crazy when she repair the mecha robot with that design.

    Tia design, i expect it look like that. Just didn’t expect it to look so young.

    as for Yasushi design… for the longest time, i imagine Yasushi as old man. Now it kinda look like middle age man. You know the uncle ok the family that want to look cool.. and ultimately proof he was cool. But unfortunately he didn’t have a jobs.. that’s how i look Yasushi now.. XD

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  2. Just like everyone else i’ll voice out my “grievance” regarding tia’s appearance which in my opinion doesnt really match her depiction as the knight who highly value honour. I’ve always imagined her with a cool, composed no nonsense expression with a hidden passionate admiration for liam that is borderline fanatism. Also, is it just me or does she looks like Finne from dull prince?

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  3. I thought Tia was Claudia, and why does Liam has to wield a damn katana, its a cliche at this point, i was hoping for a greatsword because katanas are frail, they dont strike me as sci-fi weapons
    He kinda reminds me of Lelouch


    1. While i agree traditional katanas are garbage (due to how useless “tamahagane” is) you have to remember this is a sci-fi novel and the katana he carries may as well be made of one hell of an alloy.


  4. Illustrations for Liam, amagi, and even yasushi look amazing. TBH I always imagined yasushi as an old man in a worn out kimono, unkempt beard, and a top-notch hairstyle, but this is pretty good!☺


  5. Wait where’s all the gold?! Liam loves gold! I thought the color scheme would be mainly gold not black or purple…am I misremembering things? Looks magnificently evil & cool though~
    Other than that nitpick, they all look so perfect!


  6. I see, that Special Poster of Amagi is probably based on the latest raw chapter after Vol .7 haha nice. Thanks for sharing this, I hope it gets comicalize next


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