Evil Lord, Volume 5 Chapter 3

Happy April Fools everyone~! Don’t worry, it’s an ACTUAL chapter. I considered making a joke, but I figured you all were tired of the fake-updates and minor annoyances you’ve had to experience today. Haha~ (^^|||

Only one donation today unfortunately, but oh well, beggars can’t be choosers lol

Special thanks to Paul B.!

You’re my sole supporter today! Thank you so much! Keep’em coming!

Enjoy the chapter~! (^^)/



23 thoughts on “Evil Lord, Volume 5 Chapter 3

  1. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m in a perpetual state of broke as hell, I’d be dumping money at you like a typhoon.


  2. Oh, thank you.

    I indifferent about April Fools jokes, I mean they’re mostly harmless but most of it ends up annoying, expressly if it the same kind of jokes again and again ^^;

    But this year I meet no one and…… don’t miss it XD

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  3. Thank you for your hard work and the new chapter ma’am!
    Well, people trying to prank me but as the autistic blockhead that i am, I didn’t notice it so the fun was over quickly for the prankers.
    Stay healthy ma’am and have fun with your switch!
    Dutch nutcase, signing out~

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  4. kuro chan , I want to suggest a LN ,There Was No Secret Organization to Fight with the World’s Darkness so I Made One (In Exasperation),acc to mangaupdates it was dropped by both its original publisher in japan and j-novel club after two volumes ,I hope if you find it interesting you may want to pick it up . Thanks for translatig intergalactic evil lord I love it so much


    1. Aww… its been dropped by BOTH publishers? That’s too bad, I quite liked the series. I’ve read up to volume 7 of the web novel myself.

      Its too early for me to be taking up another project I’m afraid, but even if I did that novel in particular is very… intimidating to translate. The chapter sizes alone would kill me. @_@

      EDIT: Just checked… yup, its true. I didn’t realise the publisher was Overlap, it makes sense it got canceled then. Overlap is nefarious for cancelling series, and it wasn’t even our fault. Its only domestic sales they care about, either that or illustrator problems. They’re infamous for canceling series if either reasons don’t work out for them. (^^|||


  5. Someone had picked up translation not so long ago, but quality is inferior. Not bad, just lacking. Somehow the whole story became dull and boring…
    Please return to us, ma’am. I humbly beg You. Please.


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