Villainess Butler, Volume 2 Chapter 4

Hey everyone in my shoujo-novel half of readers. I know its been a while, but I hope you can forgive me for the wait.

I’ve… actually already said most of what I wanted in my re-greetings to my shounen-novel readers for Evil Lord, so you should probably check that post if you want to read that stuff.  (^^|||

Oh my god I had forgotten how long and detailed VB chapters are… I actually wanted to get this out yesterday, but the chapter was just too dang long.
(;≧∇≦) =3

This is definitely one of my favourite ones of volume 2 though. (♥ω♥*)

More importantly, VBs manga adaptation is looking good so far!

EUqyovVUcAAm0hd (1)

Even the previews look amazing! There’s no release date yet, unfortunately, but its been in the works for more than a few months, and with the completion of the third volume, it should be out soon… I hope. @_@

Oh btw, I updated the Table of Contents to have the third volume’s chapter titles. DON’T WORRY, even though they might look very end-of-series-y, the author has confirmed that its still ongoing! lol

Special thanks to Frederick H., Randy B., Pa S., Ylie B., Matthew B.!

Your donations mean the world to me, and I really appreciate them! Keep’em coming! o(≧∇≦o)



6 thoughts on “Villainess Butler, Volume 2 Chapter 4

  1. Thank you ma’am, for your hard work and the new chapter!
    How is your island on animal crossing?
    Got a 5 star rating already? 😂
    I’m glad you’re doing well!
    I wish you and both your parents a good health, since it’s more important then anything these days.
    Greetings fromout the netherlands
    Dutch nutcase, signing out~

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