Evil Lord, Volume 1 Chapter 8


You know, the author actually just finished writing volume 4, and I love the direction the novel is taking. You can’t believe how infuriated I am that I can’t talk to you people about it since we’re still on volume 1.

I’m considering opening a discord for chapter discussions lol

Enjoy the chapter~ (^^/


9 thoughts on “Evil Lord, Volume 1 Chapter 8

    1. I’ve already made a thread of this novel in animesuki some time ago, I have included a post about who’s currently translating it to english.

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  1. Endure, Master Kuro. Take it. They may hate you for it. But that’s the point of being No-Spoiler Man; you get to make the choices others can’t: the right choice…


  2. Well ma’am, that’s one of the hard parts of being a translator who won’t give spoilers.
    Because there are always people who don’t want to see spoilers (and also those who don’t care about spoilers and like to read them, like me haha)
    Anyway, thank you for your hard work ma’am, and now I’m off to do some serious reading about our “evil” lord liam~

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