Evil Lord, Chapter 6


…I take it back, this chapter was much more painful than yesterdays. >///<

I also removed the patreon button. I’d feel bad if someone signed up while I was on a break or dead, so its just the single donations now.

*cough* I’m broke and want a switch but don’t want to work as a barista for minimum wage anymore *cough* 😉

…btw, I swear I’m not double posting to NU. I only submit the chapter once. Anon, whoever you are, thanks for uploading my chapters, but I got it covered. (^^|||


Evil Lord, Chapter 5


This chapter was very awkward for me to translate… at least a small part of it was lol (^^|||

Its time’s like this when I wonder how people who read/write/translate R-18 novels actually get through the stuff without cringing. (This is a rhetorical question, plz don’t actually answer this)

On a side note, as a person who reads the RAW, I went through the tag list on NU and just started adding everything that fit, so if there’s something there that doesn’t fit. Its probably because I haven’t translated that far yet.

…that’s also why the NU page is a complete mess of tags now lol (>w<)

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Updating the site for the first time in years, if things seem janky at the moment then that’s my fault lol


…and hi everyone. My eyesight got worse over the last 2 years and I had to get glasses haha.

Death Flag Volume 2 Chapter 47

Hi guys, in case you haven’t noticed, I removed the progress donation bar from the site. I realised that donations don’t actually help that much with motivation, so now donations are only for those who wish to support me as a translator, not for the chapters.

I also started a patreon so check it out! (^^)/

Anyways, this is the final chapter of the Second volume, and my apology chapter. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

So without further ado, you can read the next chapter here.

PS. To all the people who have donated and supported me so far by reading on my site (which is pretty much all of you), I just want to say thank you again, so much from the bottom of my heart. You don’t know how much your support has meant to me all this time and how much I enjoy bringing chapters to you guys. :’)