Evil Lord, Chapter 7


Welp… it looks like my daily chapter streak is broken. Tbh, I’m starting to feel the exhaustion from doing so. 2-3 hours per chapter, kind of burns you out after a while. Not to mention that the lack of traffic is a bit disheartening (1/5th of my peak)…

StatsI was actually suprised, turns out blacksmith was my most popular project! O_O

Oh well, this is a hobby anyways, so I can’t really say I’m obligated to anything other than personal guilt lol

No worries though! I’m still active!

…for now. 😉

Enjoy the chapter haha~ (^^b


4 thoughts on “Evil Lord, Chapter 7

  1. It may be your most popular novel that you’ve translated, true
    But because of that, you’ve obtained some loyal sloth worshippers
    And thank you for the hard work ma’am
    Now this dutch nutcase will use his break at work reading your hard work haha

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We need to recruit more readers!
    *stalks the streets and back alleys*
    Pssst. You, ah, need more excitement in your life? Got what you need right here!

    Liked by 2 people

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