Re:Master Magic 18 The King of Death – Part II

Another 5 pages… come to think of it, the manga is coming out on the 22nd. I wonder how much it’ll cover?

Here’s your chapter.

* * *

Red Zero had just penetrated the King of Death for the fourth time.


“Just… Three more shots…!”

“I can’t Milly… let me rest for a bit.”

“Ha~a…! Ha~a…! U-understood…”


Teleporting away from the King of Death, we took a little rest.

Milly’s breathing was rough.

Checking Milly’s status with scout scope, her magic power had dropped to 100.


After teleporting non-stop while using scout scope, of course her magic power would’ve been depleted.

Teleport uses about 20 magic power, scout scope is about the same (in my case at least).

But Milly’s mental state is unstable.

Because of that her magic consumption rate has probably increased.




I passed over a magic recovery potion(large) to Milly as I said so.

It was the first time she had to drink one of these so she replied yes, and took a sip.


“Zeph, this is really bitter…”

“Endure it and drink.”


She watched my reaction as we took turns drinking it.

Apparently, it’s quite bitter for children.

Each time she drank, a bit spilled from her mouth down her neck.

Half of it is spilling out, what a waste…


I’m not complaining though.

The King of Death’s self-recovery ability is going to activate soon.

My magic power has already made a complete recovery.

After checking Milly’s status with scout scope, her magic power has only recovered to about half its maximum value.


“Do you need another drink?”

“…I’m fine.”


After scrubbing her cheek, she started meditating.

She’s still a kid.

You should have started preparing before me.


Activate Time Square, casting Magic Amplifier twice.

Now I just need to shoot Red Zero.




Or maybe I should be saying I’m about 70 percent done with my preparations.

I can’t say is enough to shoot, but I’d be troubled if the King of Death started using its self-recovery ability.


“Oh God of Red Magic, creator of the system that spreads knowledge and truth across the land…”


While chanting, I moved to the maximum range that I could still use Red Zero and hit.

Milly walked up behind me.

Let’s go, I signaled Milly with my eyes, and nodded.


“Red Zero!”


The fifth shot of Red Zero.

As the blades broke through the King of Death.

A light was released from its eye sockets.


Its crown cracked and fell off, revealing a third eye socket on its forehead. It’s red cape turned tar black, and it’s bishop’s staff cracked into two, revealing a black blade that came in an arc.

Its appearance was like that of the Grim Reaper, holding the bishop’s staff that turned into a scythe with both hands.


“It’s gone into berserk mode. I said this before the battle, but when we fight a boss, after we damage it to some extent, this activates. Its combat power should triple in this form. No matter what, make sure it does not hit you.”



This is bad, is she relapsing?


“It’ll be okay, as long as it doesn’t touch us. Our safety was never guaranteed, yet we still got this far. We won’t die today… probably.”


I flashed a grin towards Milly to ease her fear, she gave a very subtle response.

Hey Milly, what’s with that half-hearted laugh?


*Katata* After the King of Death finished its makeover, it advanced towards us…

I was meditating during our conversation, but I still haven’t fully recovered yet.


“It’s here!”


Faster than it was before, the King of Death kicked the earth when I rushed towards it.

Milly put up her guard, and black lights were released from the King of Death’s scythe when he swung.

The light bullets were just like Black Ball, but with the power of a boss, it had a strength to be reckoned with.

It was even shot towards me, it’s a bit regretful but it’s probably going to hit.


– Well, it did hit but…


With my hand held up, I summoned a White Wall.

Where the White Wall was hit, the boss’s Black Balls were eliminated.

Spells of the Wall type have a completely different effect depending on which system it was casted from. White Walls have the effect of being able to stop all types of magic as long as it’s blocking a primary spell.


However, the King of Death didn’t care about that at all, and swung down its scythe to my left, like a Grim Reaper.

At that moment, Milly took us a distance five times further than before, but it wasn’t because she was scared.

When the King of Death enters berserk mode, its attack range increases.

This is the distance just barely inside it.

Milly is perfectly calm.


I noisily continued drinking the magic power potion(large), and started meditating.


“It’s just over 21000!”


It looks like it was able to recover a bit.

The power of a fully strengthened Red Zero does about 15000.

I still need to make two more shots.


While Milly took me to escape, if the King of Death shot Black Balls at us, I stopped it with White Wall.

Meanwhile, my magic power recovery rate had fallen.


– With my current magic power, I could say I’m about at 80 percent full.


The next Red Zero doesn’t need to be shot at full power.

The enemy is quite exhausted already.

Here? Let’s take the shot.


I sent an eye signal to Milly, then we retreated to make some distance.


Activating Time Square… abbreviating the chant.


“Red Zero!!”


The sixth shot.

The red blades pierced its throat, making the King of Death suffer in agony.


“Its at 10000…!”


Milly muttered.

Although it only fell that much, I’ll make sure the next one is shot at full power.

While drinking magic recovery potions, I started meditating.

I passed some potions to Milly to make sure the King of Death didn’t come in while we couldn’t teleport, she gave me an unpleasant look.

What a troublesome person…


“Milly if you don’t drink it, you might not have enough magic power once we’re in an emergency, I want to avoid situations like that because we’ll definitely die. I know it’s hard to adjust the distance while teleporting…”


I said so because I knew it would both provoke her and motivate her.


“There’s no way this is difficult!”


She took the bait.

Wrestling the bottle from me, she started chugging it all down. *Puhaa~*

She had tears in her eyes.


…I can’t help but feel a little bad about how soft Milly is.


Black Balls came flying towards us and were stopped by my White Wall. As the scythe came down Milly grabbed my hand and used teleport.

The distance and positioning from the King of Death that lost sight of us was perfect.

Milly turned towards me with a face that seemed to say ‘How is it?’, but I’ll let her vent a little.


– Nevertheless, now it’s my turn.


Activating Time Square, casting Magic Amplifier twice during the time stop and….


“Oh God of Red Magic, creator of the system that spreads knowledge and truth across the land, lend me your strength! Destroy my enemy with your spinning blades!”


“Red Zero!!”


A full powered Red Zero.

The blades extended towards the King of Death and penetrated its body, grilling and burning everything.

While looking at the King of Death that stopped moving and started turning into sand, Milly asked me:


“We… we won…?”

“Yeah, it’s our win.”


At the same time the King of Death completely disappeared, I could feel a force growing inside my body.

Apparently I leveled up.

Milly probably did too.

“We did it! Ahahahahahahahahahah…!”


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  1. Apparently, mana potions are so bitter that she hesitated drinking it in that situation (even spilled half of it). Still, the situation really compelled her to drink it – she was the one who asked for the boss raid, Zeff also shows he’s fine drinking it numerous time.

    Adding that it was originally done to help her confidence, It feels like the boss raid is really an event of her character development. Milly grows so fast in 2 chapters ~

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  2. Found the manga and started reading the novel 😀 completely worth the hour i spent reading it all

    ty for translating it, now to enter stalker mode and wait on the update 😛

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