Re:Master Magic 17 The King of Death – Prologue

This chapter was sooo looong, 5 pages… here’s the chapter meant for today…  3/3 done… I’m going to bed… *yawns*

And for monsters, since they’re created from the magic power in the earth

Magic Power = Health Points for them.

Activate Scout Scope!


Translation Power: 0/9001

The sloth Kuroi has fainted!

* * *

-The next day, at the Decayed Church


Milly and I had come back.

Of course, our goal was to hunt The King of Death.

Milly’s legs were trembling a little.


Milly Reyad

Level 27

「Red」Magic level: 23/94

「Blue」Magic level: 32/98

「Green」Magic level: 19/92

「Sky」Magic level: 12/96

「Soul」 Magic level: 17/85


Magic Power: 985/985


In pure magic power she’s stronger than me, but both her physical and mental states are unstable.

It might not show on scout scope, but Milly is starting to show symptoms of fear and anxiety that might affect her magic consumption rate.

An unsettled heart interferes with the magic lines that naturally spread throughout one’s body, inhibiting one’s flow of magic.

It’s impossible for Milly to be the attacker as she is now.


Here’s the plan, I’ll be the front line, while you’re support.”



I slapped Milly’s back because she replied sheepishly.



“You’re awfully pale you know, that’s not how our great guildmaster should be right?”


For young people, it’s easy for their minds to fluctuate between good and bad mindsets.

At such a time, it’s my job to support her.


“Let’s see, I believe our guild name was… ‘The Pegasus’s White Wings’ right?”



Only silence followed.

Man, did I screw up?

I wonder if she didn’t understand my joke.


“Zeph, we’re the ‘Hunters of the Blue Sky’ so…”


Apparently she took it seriously.

She looked into my eyes.

Hey hey, don’t get angry at me.

Milly who was sitting beside me, hit my back.


“Let’s go.”


She walked away while saying so, hey say that before you get up, I’m a man so I have to take the lead.



“Did you say something?”

“..?! Nothing!”


Milly flew away with teleport while saying so.

I could feel myself grinning.

My joke might’ve not gone as I intended, but it’s not a bad result.


“I’ll go too…!”


After lightly slapping my cheeks with my hands, I started teleporting in the opposite direction from Milly.

Stage one, Search Operation.

There’s also the chance that the King of Death had already been defeated by someone, since we’re probably not the first people to ever come here.

By doing so we’ll have a fresh start.


Teleport, teleport, teleport….


Woah, it’s a hoard of zombies.


The hoard disappeared after I started casting White Ball.

There’s no King of Death though.

It’s only a matter of time.


I continued to look around while teleporting.

Teleport, teleport, teleport ….


(There it is!)


Milly’s voice resounded in my head.

Guild members that have a strong bond and are connected by the power of the circle crystal rings, are able to communicate with with each other through telepathy.


(Current position is in Dungeon Area ‘9’, in the middle of the cemetery!)

(Understood, I’m heading there now.)


I teleported to the location told me about as soon as I could.



“You’re so slow!”


In the center of a zombie hoard, wearing a crown and a red cloak, was the King of Death, calmly walking as if he was going through a park.


He was at a distance that we could barely see him from this location.

Our first worry though, isn’t about the distance.

Milly is still traumatized.

I can’t do anything about that now though.


Because of the magic used a little while ago and because of teleport, I started meditating.

As I concentrated my mind, my magic power was honed in an instant.

The torrent of magic power around me boasts the strength of a veteran.

With a sharp feeling on her skin, Milly was taking deep breaths to calm herself.


Kukuku, she should be proud.

It’s been awhile since the boss fight, but her sense of urgency isn’t too bad.


“If our preparations are all done, let’s go!”



I casted Time Square first, then I used Magic Amplifier twice during the time stop,



“Oh God of Red Magic, creator of the system that spreads knowledge and truth across the land, lend me your strength! Destroy my enemy with your spinning blades!”


“Red Zero!”


My strongest Red system Great Magic ‘Red Zero’.


By consuming all my magic power, it’s a great magic of the ‘Red’ system that’s shot at maximum power.

Its power increases according to the maximum amount of magical power the user has, its consumption rate is terrible, but its the spell with the most power in one attack.

To erase the disadvantage of ‘increasing the consumption of magic’ that Magic Amplifier produces, the compatibility between it and ‘Red Zero’ need to be the best.


With the Magic Amplifier-double, the crimson blade that had been amplified fourfold (^4) was shot out of my hands.

Piercing the King of Death, it burned its body, making it groan out in pain.

It seems that the Great Magic of the Red system could be its weakness indeed.




Smashing the blade of fire, the King of Death charged over to assault me.



“I know!”


Milly grabbed my hand, and teleported away from the King of death a short distance away.

Disappearing from its field of view at the last second, the King of Death still pursued us as we dodged through teleport.

After I pulled it, Milly would continue distance us with teleport.

Meanwhile I noisily drank magic recovery potions taken from the bag, while meditating.

…I can feel my magic power recovering!

The recovery rate of a magic recovery potion seems to be about 100, this was verified before the battle with Scout Scope.

So I put the magic recovery drink into one large bottle, so that I could almost completely recover with one take.

I call it Magic recovery potion(large).


“Soon..! We’ve shaved away 15000!”


Milly seems to have used Scout Scope on the King of Death.


We tried experimenting, where ‘What happens if you use Scout Scope on a monster’, and its magic power was shown normally.

Their magic power decreases when we attack them, and they disappear when that value becomes zero.


“The King of Death’s Magic power is equal to 78000… so we need six more shots, Zeph!”


The King of Death has a self-recovery ability, but it isn’t recovered when a large numeric value decreases.

As long as we keep up this pressure and without letting it recover, we can do this!

We have the experience from our last boss battle.

So while leaving the movement to Milly, we escaped through teleport again, and if she ever got the chance, she would check the enemy’s condition through Scout Scope.


This is called “Escape Shot” used when fighting opponents with high attack power, it’s not a tactic used by mages often.

Its magic power efficiency isn’t very good, but you can even beat mighty enemies with it if you don’t miss.


“…it’s restored. Let’s take our distance and shoot again.”



Milly’s tone changed? It’s good that she’s back to normal.


Activating Time Square, casting Magic Amplifier twice, starting chant for Red Zero.


“Red Zero!!”


This is the second time I casted Red Zero.

The red blade extended from my hands and pierced the King of Death yet again.

Flames blew throughout its body, its arms fell, its cloak burnt into a thousand pieces, and yet without reducing its speed at all, it still chased after us.

Milly cowered looking into its red eyes, so I grabbed her shoulder, turned her towards me, and nodded.


“…I’m okay!”

Milly said so as if to remind herself, and brushed her cheek.


27 thoughts on “Re:Master Magic 17 The King of Death – Prologue

  1. I don’t understand his reasoning, the spell is terribly inefficient, so he doubles it’s consumption twice, with time square for instant cast…
    How much power is he spending, to burn an undead, when he could have cleansed it with white magic?


    1. red zero has a static mana cost that scales with your magic power, i think what is happening is that no matter how much he amplifies the spell, the mana it uses is the same, the problem is that the spell already starts with an extremely inefficient cost and he pays that after using the time square and the magic amplifier twice. so in the end he is out of mana every time.

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    2. The spell is inefficient because it consumes all his MP, precisely because it consumes all his MP it doesn’t matter if Magic Amplifier doubles the required MP or not. He gets quadruple the power for the same price.

      It was mentioned before that he can’t kill it with just white magic as it would take too long and the King would replenish his HP.

      He simply decided to be a damage dealer because he doesn’t have any other way to defeat it. Milly is support because he doesn’t trust her not to get nervous when they fight the King.

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    3. This is my hypothesis.
      Total mana:1000.
      Red ball cost : 2, damage 3.
      Therefore red ball ratio 1.5 per mp

      Since red zero damage depend on mana consumption. When you cast
      Red zero cost : 1000, damage 800
      Therefore red zero ratio 0.8 per mp

      The advantage of red zero is you deal 800 per min compare with red ball you dealt 30 per min

      since the speed casting 1 red zero equal to 15 red ball.

      Conclusion : in hit and run strategy, red zero better since you only have small time for every chance that emerge.


      1. Like kaboom then dodge drink dodge drink then kaboom again.

        If only MC can use curse spell like warlock or dark priest of WOW

        If there is tanker then dps can leisurly dish out the most effective long battle damage combi.


  2. 「……りがと」

    Another example of the ‘tsu’ just being her cutting off her phonetic.

    “I didn’t say anything!”, “Nothing!”, or “I said nothing!” could all be ways to interpret it.

    As an aside while we’re on the topic, ~もない turns things like ‘someone’ into ‘no one’ and ‘anything’ into ‘nothing’, rather than ‘not someone’ and ‘not something’.

    Thanks for the chapter~

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      1. 緋の魔導の神よ、その魔導の教えと求道の極地、達せし我に力を与えよ。紅の刃紡ぎて共に敵を滅ぼさん!!

        Oh God of Red Magic, the magic of teaching and truth seeking across the land, grant me your power! Ruin my enemy with your spinning red blades!!

        ‘Ware’ is just an odd(old) way to say ‘I’. It could probably be spiced up in translation to be ‘this one’? *shrug*
        I’m interested in why red magic is the magic of teaching…
        The last line sounds awkward in English as a direct translation. “Spin your red blades and(along with) ruin/overthrow/destroy my enemies”
        Take it however you want 😀

        (Spell chants are usually my weak point as well. Chuunibyou terminology most of the time…)

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      2. By the way, as someone who also started translating by using google/atlas/babylon/etc — I highly recommend taking apart things like that kanji that gave you “polar regions” and try to infer what it’s trying to say. In this case, “far/extreme + land/earth/etc”. From there, try and figure out what the sentence/phrase is trying to get at.

        If that fails, paste the kanji into google images. It helps.

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