Re:Master Magic 19 Return

Okay here’s the first of four, made for the 22nd.

Redia -> Lydia because I like it better, but if its wrong I’ll change it back.

There’s an image with this chapter but… :3

Here ya go~

* * *

“We did it~! We did it~! We did it~!”


Milly jumped onto me, bouncing up and down.

I could see both nervousness and joy inside her eyes.

Well I’ll just pat her head for now, and as I did so the light in her eyes seemed to settle down a little.

I remember when I first defeated a boss as part of an expedition group, we drank the night away to celebrate.

How Milly feels right now is understandable.


“Well then…”


I escaped from Milly’s embrace and walked over the place where the King of Death just disappeared, an object was gleaming in its remains.

It was a ring.


“A snake bone ring, huh?”


A boss has a decent drop rate for rare items, the effect for those items can’t be compared to a normal monster’s drops.

The price of those items too.

The snake bone ring has nearly twice the value of the ring I got from Lydia.

Lucky me.


“Woah! A snake bone ring!”


Looking at the snake bone ring I picked up, Milly let out a happy voice.


“What’re you going to do with it?”

“I’ll sell it. I don’t need two of the same thing.”


I took out my magic bag and as I was about to put the ring inside, Milly grasped my hand with both of hers.


“I-I want it!”


I thought she’d say that.

She’s been looking at it with sparkling eyes since a little while ago.


“Okay, but this thing could get us a lot of money you know?”

“Then, I’ll give you this in exchange~!”


Milly held out a short cane topped with a blue crystal.

– It’s a quartz rod.

A cane that can amplify the effect of the Blue system magic is bound to have a high price.

Most likely three times the price of the snake bone ring.


“Milly, do you know how much this is worth?”

“O-Of course I do!”


Milly said so with a red face, and pushed the crystal rod into my chest.

Whatever, do what you want.

Oh what a cute brat you are.


Maybe she was a little scared or something, but her eyes were a little wet.

Letting out a sigh, I reached out and grabbed her hand.

She put on a puzzled face, then her eyes opened wide and her mouth went *Pa~a~tsu*.

I placed the snake bone ring on her finger, and her expression turned joyful all of a sudden. She started staring at me from a whole bunch of different angles.

I wonder why she’s so happy.


“I guess putting on matching equipment does feel nice, though its performance is somewhat basic.”

“~ ♪”


She’s not listening…

Meh, whatever.

I feel like an old man giving a new toy to his grandchild.

I never had children let alone grandchildren, but this doesn’t feel so bad.

I went ahead and patted her head, while laughing with a scruffy face. *Ehehe*


—-Now lets see our profit for the day.


We used nine magic recovery potions(large). Each one created by using five magic recovery potions, each worth 1000 rupees, for a total of 45000 rupees…

There’s only one left now… well I guess I did well for fighting something like that at this level.

Using this would’ve meant we’d be out of options.

While the snake bone ring was given to Milly, so our income is 0 rupees…

For a total of -45000 rupees.


The King of Death was a monster that showed up in the lower floors of a dungeon that I captured a long time ago.

We could’ve beaten him easily if we had a third person.

Without the pressure of having to escape all the time, beating the boss wouldn’t have even broken a sweat.

(TN: Help…



Time Square seems to have more applications than I thought it would.

The strength of Red Zero^4 is dangerous.

When fired at this level, I can beat lower bosses with a level of 90 in one attack.

Well, I also need to calculate attribute compatibility, magic power cost, and so forth, but whatever.

I’m looking forward to using this in the future.


As I imagined my strength after I fully trained myself, I laughed eerily.

Milly who was staring at her snake bone ring was also laughing with a smile.


The creepy laugh of two children echoed throughout the cemetery.

If other people looked at us right now, they would’ve been confused at the strange sight.

After doing so for quite a while, we walked out of the Decayed Church.


-On the way back


Since we weren’t in the mood to teleport back, we walked side by side while talking about the battle.


“That was amazing! To be specific your spell’s amazing! If that won’t make you invincible what will?”

“If you say so… It’s a good spell but it causes severe magic power exhaustion so it can’t be used much.”


*Kukuku* I laughed while Milly punched me in the shoulder.


“Time Square… right? That spell, can’t I use it too?”


I thought she’d ask this sometime…


“Unfortunately Time Square can’t be used by anyone other than me… Milly, Time Square is a unique spell that can stop time in the interval of what feels like a fraction of a second. Unique magic can be passed on through a scroll, but it’ll be weaker, and although you’d be able to use it, it’d probably be weakened to the point where nothing happens even when you practice it.”


I don’t have enough free time to make a scroll anyway.


“What, so I have no choice but to develop my own Time Square?”

“Unique spells are created in the image of the person who devised it, our different ‘tastes’ are very important in making them. Time Square was a unique spell developed by me who has a strong obsession about time. Most likely your personality isn’t compatible with it in the first place, so it’d be impossible for you to develop. You should remember this for the future.”


Hopefully she understands this.

Milly nodded for me to continue.


“To create unique spells, the compatibility with the person becomes necessary for the years you develop it. Rather than trying to imitate others, it’d be better to try to create something that you really want. It’s a bit too early for you to create your own unique spell. You should do so after you grow a bit more.”


I said so as I patted Milly’s head.


“Mu~~ How come you always treat me like a child? Just how old are you Zeph?”


In response to Milly’s question, my hand stopped moving.

I talked too much in a tone I shouldn’t have used.


“Aren’t I the same age as you? We’re what, 13 years old? If you started developing your unique spell a few years ago… what time did you start practicing magic?”

“…Anyways, I need to get back home soon or else mom will be worried…”


I ran away from Milly while saying so.


“Aah~! Hey~! Wait for me!”


I could hear Milly’s loud voice from behind me as she teleported onto my back.

While I fended off her hands, I activated teleport.

After saying some unnecessary things, I ended up being chased until we got back to Nanami.

Well, at least Milly seems to be back to her old self.

She had a bright face again.


Right now, our current goal is to earn some gold.

I want to buy some expensive equipment if there’s any.

There’s also our unlimited need of recovery potions.

Fortunately I still have some accessories from the caravan.

I don’t necessarily have to make another stall.


There was that blacksmith girl… Lydia? I could feel that she was an excellent merchant.

Give and take.

She both buys and sells.

It wouldn’t be bad to see her again.


I wonder when I should go back to the commercial city Berita.

As I was thinking about such things I arrived back at Nanami.


Before I’m found by Milly, I teleported back to my house.

I’m sure she won’t chase me this far.


“I’m home.”

“Oh welcome back Zeph, Milly-chan.”


Wait, did she just say… Milly-chan…?

I turned around to see Milly, who had a face that seemed to say ‘I won!’.


“Would you like to have dinner with us?”

“Sure~! Thanks for the meal~!”


Hey stop that idiot!

We had an early dinner for three people. Meanwhile, the me who had just been barraged with questions until late at night, just had someone storm into my room without permission and…



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    1. This author seriously likes to slide to sex. This is almost as bad as the scene where they are moving her furniture around.


  1. Arigatou~! Thanks for the translations
    One way to become a popular translator is to update once in three days at least with a 80% accuracy bacause fans can keep on being updated while the accuracy can be sharpen in a later date or by asking a editor!
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      1. Lol remember the age of concent in japan is 13 years, an if you are around 3 years to the age of your partner you can do everything legal, ..mmm i don’t know how it works for time travelers


      1. An old dude that basically denounced sexuality his entire life so that he could study more efficiently at that. It’s like taking any old dence MC, and then giving them another 60 years to level up their density even higher.


  2. Don’t know why but that position in the picture are reserve for either osananajimi or imouto in my mind. Since they are both child right now so Milly would be his childhood friend I guess. Anyway, he mentioned about having easier time if there’s a third person so the flag for new companion have been rise.

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    1. [he creates a spell to send his old self back in time to his younger body and together with the determined “genius” mage Milly and the handsome swordswoman Claude…]

      The third person was mentioned in the stories intro.

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  3. >死者の王は、ワシが大昔に著書した対ボス攻略本では下位に属する
    I think it should be around
    ‘Death god position is, from the boss guide book that I have long ago, belongs to lower rank.” or something along that line?


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