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* * *

–after school.


Students will usually look forward to this time of the day.

For students, there’s a lot one can do at this time, such as studying.

It’s the opposite for me.


After getting the teleport earrings and the snake bone ring, my range of actions have increased.

‘Soul’ magic interferes with the underworld, so against undead it’s highly effective, especially if they have an ethereal body.

(TN: Oh… I guess he kept it, I wonder what the gift was then.)


Monsters of this kind are hard to beat with normal attacks, but if you use ‘Soul’ magic it’s easy to beat them, and for their level they give a large amount of experience too.

There’s not that many of them so hunting is limited, but I’m lucky that there’s a low level hunting ground around here.

Good thing I remembered the place.


I immediately left for the suburbs outside the city, and teleported to a rock I could see in the distance.

Wow, I covered quite a bit of ground.

This sure is a useful spell.

Bluezels were popping out of the ground, but I ignored them.

Teleport, teleport…

I forced my body through the scenery.


While steadily advancing, the sky suddenly became overcast and dark.

I guess I’m close to my destination.

Soon, I could see an old building in the corner of my eyes.



Before I teleported to the said building though, I started meditating.

I used up quite a bit of magic to get here.


The church’s framework was quite decayed.

In the old days it was also an orphanage, there used to be a lot of children here, but now nobody remains, no one comes here even if they want to visit a church.

With no one living here, the patron’s boundaries that had defended the church eventually decayed, and turned this place into a dungeon.

It’s a place for the dead to roam now.

When I was still a beginner mage, I came here with my master.

I teleported over to the church because my magic had recovered.


– The church was decayed.


The trees only held crows and no leaves, while black clouds hung over the sky.

The undead prefer dark places, so the places they gather become dark, it’s either that, or they gather there because the area was already dark.

It’s a chicken-or-the-egg question.

Either is fine though.


While I was thinking of stupid stuff like that, things that looked like people started crawling out of the ground.


When the magic of a dungeon gathers inside of a human corpse, it turns into a monster and starts to attack people.

…and there were three of them.

*noro noro* Zombies won’t stop moving until they’re close enough to attack, but they’re too slow.


I imagined shooting white balls while using the three zombies as targets.

A small white light enveloped the snake bone ring, then suddenly light bullets started shooting out of my palm, blowing away the three zombies.


“In one hit, that’s… a little disappointing.”


Soul magic has a great magic consumption rate.

Many of its higher tier spells really strain a magician’s magic power.

White ball, unlike the other ‘ball’ spells is capable of purifying its targets.


“Okay… let’s continue.”


It was hard not to laugh, the zombies became lumps in an instant from my spells.


“Hmm~ ♪ ~ ♪”


In the eerie atmosphere of the cemetery, I walked while humming.

There were a lot of zombies in the back. I think about twenty or so.

While groaning, they limped lazily towards me.


“Here I come!”


I held up my hand towards the zombies, and imagined the white ball.

In the next moment dozens of white lights shot towards the zombies, the ones that became tattered and full of holes slowly returned to the earth.

At the same time.


Suddenly, I could feel a rising force.

My level went up.

I defeated twenty zombies worth a lot of experience.

Forget one zombie, I just defeated twenty.

Of course it’d go up.


To deliberately gather the enemy, I implemented a tactic that would gather them all in a line called a ‘train’. It’s a tactic that helps me consume less magical power.


However if you do it poorly, you’ll end up gathering too much and end up fighting an entire horde, so it’s not recommended for amateurs. Considering the risks, and that their movement is slow, it’s easy to use this on the stupid zombies.


I walked around obliterating hordes of zombies, more spawned almost right after.

According to the presences, there was an uncountable number of enemies.

Again, this is a really good hunting ground.


I wonder how many hours have passed.

Before I noticed it became fun mid-way.

This is a bad habit of mine that been going on since the old days.

It would’ve been better to get rid of it, but I wouldn’t have gotten to where I was before without this habit.

By the way, mom’s also familiar with this habit, so she won’t get mad if I’m only a little late.

(TN: I think it refers to how his mom knows that he loses himself when ‘playing’ and that’s why he’s always late coming home. She doesn’t know he’s fighting monsters.)


“I have to go home soon.”


As I exited the church, I obliterated the zombie hordes that come up with white ball.

I teleported many times to get back from the church, and by the time I got home it was starting to get dark.

I didn’t get a scolding because I was back right before dinner was about to be ready.


Immediately after I went straight to my room and checked my progress with scout scope.


Zeph Einstein

Level 10

「Red」Magic level: 6/62

「Blue」Magic level: 6/87

「Green」Magic level: 10/99

「Sky」Magic level: 8/89

「Soul」 Magic level: 9/97


Looks like a good balance.

I’m going to continue hunting at the rotting church for a while.

Even outside of Soul magic, I want to be able to beat zombies with one blow.

Perhaps it would work if I used intermediate spells.


As my magic power grows to a higher levels, it becomes more difficult to raise.

Maybe the actual requirements for growth could be shown through scout scope when its proficiency rises.

Green and Sky should have already been used twice as much as the other systems, but the difference isn’t that big.

Even though it’s my first day using it, my ‘Soul’ magic has already caught up to the rest.


Well I did defeat a huge number of zombies that give plenty of experience, so it’s only natural it’s like that right?

I’ll train all the systems to a certain extent, ordinary mages usually only focus on one system intensely, but in the life I want to grow all my systems to their limits.
After making more plans for training I went to bed for the night.


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  1. Thanks kuroi for your work on this title! I’m liking the story a lot right now. 🙂

    And thank you Natsume for your novel updates suggestion, else I wouldn’t have found out about it.

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    1. On the contrary I think it was, Zeff had quite the sticky fingers there, and he DID take the item out of the cloth that he put all the items he took in… Whose to say he didn’t have a few spare items that he could’ve given out. He only said ‘bought’ cause you can’t exactly just tell someone “I just stole this, and now I’m giving it to you” :3


  2. Thanks for the new chapter! I also found the site because of NovelUpdates. I can learn about new series through there. And sorry for the comment spam. XD I was reading on my phone as my mom was shopping, so I’m going back to comment on thoughts now that I’m properly at a computer. I can’t read that fast normally. 😀

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  3. Woah, what a great new novel! Thanks for the chapters! Such a nice, lighthearted read! IDK if someone has suggested this yet, but have you considered getting an editor? It just makes things smoother to read and attracts more viewers. 🙂 If you do decide to recruit editors, I can edit in my spare time, but unfortunately, school comes first in the vast world of RL.


  4. Thanks for the chapter.

    I’m kinda confused, wasn’t scout scope developed when he was an old man it didn’t exist when he was a kid right? I think the author F’d up there. Was the whole reason he went back in time because he found out late what he is most proficient in and reason cause scout scope wasn’t available yet until that time he was tested.

    Well anyway aside from the plot hole there, I look forward to reading more.


    1. Ignore that comment, some how I went back a page lol should be for the next chapter but I see peeps already brought it up so again ignore.


    2. It may have not existed until he was old but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be used when he was young.
      It’s like saying lake Michigan wasn’t discovered until 1999 so no one could have drank from it in 1950. That doesnt make sense, right?

      If peole know its there in 1950 they could drink from it, but if they don’t know they can’t.

      Same difference with spells. Just because no one came up with the formula for it yet doesnt mean it can’t be used by someone who already knew it.

      So in short, he went back in time and drank from lake Michigan before it was “officially” discovered. No plot hole here 🙂


  5. What i was thinking was that he gifted her the blue gem he got Form the slime he said it was a few gold worth and for a slave that would be mich
    Just thinking:)


  6. Ooh~ funny Zombies walks funny~ *runs around the zombie*
    Ooh~ there’s also a pure well over here~ *drinks water*
    Does zombie-san want to drink too? *splash some water*
    … 😦 zombie-san go bye bye..


  7. thank’s for your hard work, i hope the story would be more interesting later then leveling up all the way,, i’m expecting some devil/ demon god to show up


  8. After reading that translator comment i had to say something. Thanks for the work as a leecher i appreciate all translator-sans hard work even if you call yourself a sloth. So thanks for the chap

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  9. Heyas there, sloth!
    Another sloth here; maybe that’ll explain why I’m just leaving a comment

    I’m thinking he actually left the girl an earing; what better way to escape, than to teleport, right?
    The guess is, there were two, and he gave her one of them

    I must admit, I’m really liking these, and I like the way you’ve translated them

    Awesome job! *thumbs up*

    Keep going! x3

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  10. Raise all the systems to the max…then BREAK THROUGH THE MAXIMUM! Become lvl 100 and show the world a 10th circle mage who makes the gods cower.


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