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* * *

“Black Thunder!”


Several streaks of lightning arced from the thundercloud, obliterating zombies left and right.

The decayed church always has cloudy weather.

Its chant is quite long, even if it’s to use a spell like Black Thunder, if the conditions aren’t met it’s impossible to use. Though if all my opponents are slow-moving zombies…


That’s all the Great Magic that the me of this time can use.

Even though the magic consumption is better than the time I battled the thieves, it still takes about 70% of my magic pool.

So I better start meditating.


Even if it’s enough to defeat them with White Ball, I need to stay accustomed to using difficult systems like Green and Sky.

If I’m at a high level, but suddenly have to use one of the difficult systems, I want to avoid only being to use them at a low level.

Recently, with Black Thunder as the center, I’ve also been experimenting with other spells.

Although White Ball is still my main spell in this area.


After I finished meditating it was time to make another train, I could see a distant swarm of zombies gathering in the shadow of the building.

Wait… I think I can see something amidst the mobs.

If I looked closely I could make out the details, wielding a bishop’s staff and a gilded crown, was a skeleton with a billowing red cloak.

It’s dark eye sockets were empty, but unexpectedly I could feel a strong will when I looked into them.


“The King of Death…”


The boss of the Decaying Church.

It appears after a fixed period of time, the usual monsters that spawn can’t even be compared to its strength.

Its outer shell is covered with powerful magic that can shrug off most attacks, subduing it won’t be easy.


It might be tough, but the reward would be a huge, HUGE amount of experience, as well as a high chance of dropping rare items that can be sold for a good price.

Basically I can’t defeat it alone, I need to fight in cooperation with a party, as I am now I can’t do anything to it.

Though I said that, there are stories of people defeating boss monsters solo, as long as they kept their magic consumption in check and made careful preparations, it is possible.


“If I remember correctly, Master also used to hunt boss monsters in his earlier days.’”


It might come straight for me the moment I set foot in its domain.

With a grin and a small chuckle, I muttered ‘I’ll be back’ under my breath and teleported away in the opposite direction.

Watching Zeph run away was a girl standing in the shadow of a tree.


“He was… probably a mage from the city of Nanami.”


Said the girl as she checked the results of Scout Scope.


Zeph Einstein

Level 16

「Red」Magic level: 12/62

「Blue」Magic level: 11/87

「Green」Magic level: 13/99

「Sky」Magic level: 12/89

「Soul」 Magic level: 15/97


“Zeph huh… He’s not too bad but…”


The girl held up a hand to the mass of zombies, and casted Blue Gale.

A tornado smashed into the zombies, throwing them up into the air as if dancing.


“He’s nothing big if he ran away from something of this level~♪”


Suddenly, next to the laughing girl a black sphere of magic exploded.

Immediately after, while raising a small scream to the burst of magic behind her, the girl looked towards the tornado and saw her assaulter advancing towards her. The King of Death.




After using a Great Spell of the Blue System like Blue Gale, she didn’t have the concentration to cast teleport immediately.

The girl jumped back, but her Blue Ball spells couldn’t stop the progression of the King of Death.

As it drew closer, her feet froze at the sight of its expressionless skull face… and was able to recite teleport at the last minute.

Losing sight of the girl, the King of Death resumed wandering its domain.


*Ha~tsu… Ha~tsu…* “That was way too close…”

(TN: Heavy breathing sounds)


And leaned on the wall, girl wipe the forehead while seen in the sideways glance the king of the dead, he smiled a triumphant smile.

The girl leaned on the wall, wiping the sweat off of her forehead, and while she gave the King of Death a sideways glance, a triumphant smile appeared on her face.


“Th-that’s right! Its not like I was the only one to run away! That kid also tried to fight and he ran, I only panicked because I wasn’t expecting a foe like you! So until we meet again, my sweet!”


In a corner of the Decaying Church, a pitiful excuse could be heard, but the beings it reached weren’t only the zombies.


–A few days later.


I usually go to sleep as soon as I reach school everyday, but I wasn’t going to sleep today.

The classroom was noisy as usual, but that’s not why I was awake.


(Found you…)


On the first floor of the school, near the staff room.

A powerful torrent of magic power could be felt from there.

For the few who have magical powers in this country, it would be easy to notice them even from a distance.

A magician like this was probably quite the spell caster.

They were probably here for me.


When I teased my classmates previously, normally there would be a notification posted about how I could use magic, but in reality I’m still not widely known by the masses.

In a small country town like this, information spreads quickly.

If there was a mage at the school. The Mage Association, Guild, Mercenaries etc. would all come to scout me into their organizations so I could be of some ‘use’.

Although right now I have neither money, nor connections, if someone were to gauge my abilities, I would already have the strength of an average adventurer.

For what one would call a young genius mage, there would be many admirers.  


If I joined an organization somewhere, hunting would become much more efficient.

Forget making a livelihood, I’d have enough support to leave this town if I wished.

I’d feel a little bad for mom, but its my life. I’ll do what I want with it.


*Kukuku* While I laughed, still lying down on the desk, the classroom door opened with a rattle, and Claire-sensei entered.

Claire-sensei’s face changed while surveying the classroom, eventually stopping her gaze at me.

Of course, that was because the guest she brought is here for me.


“Oh? Zeph is awake for once? That’s rare.”


To Claire-sensei’s irony, nobody laughed.

Well, everyone is scared of me afterall.

This happened with Claire-sensei oblivious to it all.


“Okaaay, everyone give a warm welcome to our new transfer student!”


That was a transfer student? No way, the magic power I felt a little while ago was as powerful… as mine.

While my mind was still unsettled, a girl entered through the door.

The girl had long blonde hair, tied with red ribbons into twin tails that softly swayed left and right.

She wore a fluttery white blouse, and a knee-length skirt, clothes that aren’t seen very often in the town of Nanami.

Both the boys and the girls raised their voices. ‘Oooooooohhhhh~~~’

The girl standing next to Claire-sensei smiled gracefully, gave a small laugh, and said:


“My name is Milly Reyad, nice to meet you all.”


A polite greeting.

A cheerful, bubbly personality.

She who was waving while cheerfully answering other’s questions, suddenly made eye contact with me.



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      1. My first thought was that he actually did not just go back in time, but he went to different dimension. Different reality where they do have scout scope.
        I don’t like it either way though..
        It is also kind of weird that after discovering scout scope, he actually choose to leap in time. After all he could go for immortality or something like that. He was great mage anyway, he could easily grind other magics to his full potential. But yeah i guess in his world sending his soul back in time might seem much easier.. : p


  1. Congratulations for the visitors and thanks for the chapter~!
    Hmmmm about the Scout Scope I have 2 ideas.
    1.- She is from the future.
    2.-There is an object or something alike that can do it, but its only used by nobles/rich and the like and it later one was investigated that it could be used as skill.

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    1. Maybe it’s Milly or his master that created this spell.
      And she used Scout Scope alone, until she decided to make this spell public?


      1. the problem is that said spell only came out when he was fucking old so that’s unlikely
        the only situation that fits is the parallel reality, otherwise that’s one hell of a deus ex situation


  2. I think ‘Reid’ probably matches with ‘Einstein’ better than the alternatives.

    I would think he would already know any magic prodigies his age from his first life, so either (a) we’re going to find out her history in that lifetime in the next chapter, or (b) there’s something odd going on, with ‘from the future, too’ being a reasonable hypothesis.

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  3. Woah, we got some nice plot development going on here! To make things even better, our translator is so enthusiastic! When more readers come, there might be some haters, but we won’t let them ruin this good, lighthearted novel! Fortunately, most of us enjoy the novel, so there isn’t too much to worry about.

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  4. 「そう言えば師匠も、昔よくボス狩りをしていたと言っていたな」

    “If I remember, Master also used to hunt bosses in his earlier days”

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  5. Hi there, to begin with thanks for the chapter!
    I’m glad I could help you getting more views. When I checked on NU, I didn’t saw this WN so I was bit a surprised since I thought now everyone use NU.
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    When you’ll translate more chapters, new readers will eventually come.
    And Gratz!!!

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    1. Yeah thanks! but unfortunately I’m not looking for any help a the moment, I prefer to work at my own pace, so other people suddenly coming in would just make me feel… awkward. Sorry but I’m only a sloth, I can only fulfill so many expectations >.<


  6. I would assume that she’s from the future too since she new that identification magic that hasn’t been invented yet (unless she invented it and didn’t tell anyone for several decades?), but I don’t understand how she managed to travel back to the same time as him. Unless she comes from the alternate timeline that he created? But then she should know how he is since I doubt he would have died before anyone had a chance to notice him. Or maybe he came from the alternate timeline she created? But that also seems unlikely since she seems like a bit of a show off. Unless she died young, which seems possible given her lack of common sense.


  7. curious if she is also from the future since she knows the scouts scope that came out one year from his old sage stage… Also I do not like twin tails they annoy me for some reason…


  8. I will be honest. I really hate this new character,
    She is obviously, if not the inventor of scout scope magic, the progenitor of it. Theres also the issue with her strength. Why would such a child genious be out there in the middle of nowhere?
    Her existance just seems so contrived to me.


  9. “The girl jumped back, but her Blue Ball spells couldn’t stop the progression of the King of Death.”

    Snerk… heh… heheh… bwahahaha!

    Guess the author doesn’t know what blue balls means in western Gaijin slang…

    Blue Ball spells; what a deadly combo… shame the opponent is an undead 8D


  10. Scout Scope this magic should not appear yet right ? i still remember that this magic appear after he got a title flame of flames. is it the Author Mistake ?

    thx for the chapter ^^

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