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With a concentrated mind, it’s an efficient technique for recovering magical power.

You need to spread the magic around the body through your magic lines, you have to be careful because much of it is lost if done wrong.

It takes many years of practice before one can do an efficient meditation.


“…wake~? …eph?”



“Yeah~! Sorry Mom~!”


Mom’s probably gonna give me an angry glare today too.

She was probably worried about me since I came back so late at night, her sermon that day was way too long.

It was almost two hours of non-stop preaching (I was meditating while she did it), a lot of magic power was restored because of it.


After eating a cold meal and returning to my room, I remembered to check my growth with scout scope and sat down on the bed.


Zeph Einstein

Level 7

「Red」Magic level: 6/62

「Blue」Magic level: 6/87

「Green」Magic level: 9/99

「Sky」Magic level: 8/89

「Soul」 Magic level: 0/97


Whoa, scout scope’s proficiency rose.

I guess I have been using it often recently.


Soul still has a magic level of 0, but that might change after I get my reward from the leader of the caravan tomorrow before training.

That’s fine for now.

I dropped into my bed while looking forward to after school tomorrow, and fell asleep.


I ran to the inn that the Caravan group was staying in after school.

After calling out to the innkeeper, a girl with black bob-cut hair came over and greeted me. 


“I was waiting.”


After being guided by the girl, I was passed to the leader from before.


“Oh~! You came! Welcome Zeph-dono! Welcome!”


That must’ve been a lame habit of his, saying welcome all the time.

It might be a good idea in his head so he likes it, but it’s just a bad habit to me. I hope he changes his ways soon.


It’s good to see you too, so can you show me it now?”

“Here’s our selection for mages Zeph-dono, choose whatever magic item you want. These have been prepared specifically for you.”


The little girl who was standing by until now opened a door for me, and inside a large amount of magic items that were probably stacked inside the wagon were crammed inside.


“Can I take all of it?”

“You’re joking right? Even if you could, wouldn’t it be impossible for you to bring it all back?”


Are you laughing because you don’t think I can do it, or because of the joke?

Well, it’s true that there’s nowhere to put it.


“I’m joking, but anyways lets see what you’ve got.”

“Of course.”


He answers while projecting his thick belly, he’s hearty, but generous.

Anyways, without reserve I just jumped in there.


I hunted through the magic items.

It was a lot of fun. It was like opening a toy box where I had no idea what was inside. I was thrilled.


I ignored the scrolls used in order to learn new magic. They were too bulky.

Then I saw the slightly expensive accessories with special effects.

This I had to check out.


I found a ring modeled after the bones of a snake among the large number of items.

– Snake bone ring.

Soul magic requires a gem to act as a medium when casting.

The more powerful spells require an expensive medium, but the snake bone ring has the effect of being able to use elementary magic without consuming the medium required for it.


First there’s this, and then there was…

– Teleport earrings.

This accessory allows the use of a special magic called ‘Teleport’, which allows the instant movement of anywhere in the user’s field of view.

However, it requires a lot of concentration, and magic power, so it’s difficult to use in combat.

Avoiding the opponent’s attack by a hair’s breath by teleporting behind their back, such coordination would be impossible.

In the first place, this magic is difficult to use in close quarters.


It’s quite the handy magic for movement though.

Also, it’s said to be one of the Mage’s essential accessories.


After that there wasn’t anything particularly noticeable.

A high conversion ratio of the accessories that I can receive and how much they cost were shown above.

I quickly left with the chosen items wrapped in cloth.

Although the caravan’s leader was a little confused about my sudden behavior, there’s no reason to stop.

Well, it’s better for me to have the items rather than the thieves right?

So I won’t refrain myself.


“Anyway thanks.”

“Ehh~~…  yes, by all means come again if you have the chance.”


I left the room while casting gazes at the leader, If I looked in the mirror I’d probably have a tired look on my face.

As I left I was guided by the same girl who led me inside towards the exit, when suddenly she turned around and lowered her head towards me.


“What’s the matter?”

“Onii-chan, thank you for taking revenge for my sister.”

“Oh… No, don’t worry about it. I did that for myself.”

“We were his slaves. Even though the next day the both of us would’ve been free.”


The girl’s unexpectedly mature for her age, she had a lonely look on her face.

She’d probably struggled through the years.

But right now she seems really small.

I grasped her hand, and passed her one of the accessories from the wrapped cloth.


“This is to help you grow, so that you can obtain freedom one day, I bought it myself.”


Although it hurts my conscious a bit, one slave is worth way more than the accessory.

I wrapped her hands around it, she took it up and held it in front of her face.



“A white treasure?”

(TN: I assume the ‘White Treasure’ is the Bone ring… wait… does this mean he unknowingly just proposed to her?! Is this a flag for a harem member in the future?! O_o)


I took my leave that the inn girl postponed.

I ended up with less than I wanted.

Well if it’s me, I can earn this much again eventually.


There wasn’t anymore time to go anywhere else today, so I could only go back home to rest.

My home was in view from the mountain, so I activated teleport.

I reached home in an instant.


It was the first time I used it in a long time, but it’s a really useful spell.

It has a variety of uses.


21 thoughts on “Re:Master Magic 06 Teleport

  1. Teleport spells. One of the main reasons (Mark & Recall in particular) that Morrowind is better than Oblivion and Skyrim (ignoring graphics).


  2. I think that with “a white treasure” the girl mean say: Are you sure to give me that as a present without nothing in back?”
    (I’m just translating the novel from a cross-lenguage with english version and japanese version to italian, and the japanese version in my leguange seems to say: Are you sure?)

    Anyway thanks for the translation in english, it’s helping me a lot, and it’s a pleasure to say that i know this Novel from your version first! Thanks a lot.


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