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O_o I like JUST found out there’s another translation site based off of a sloth… even though its inactive now, I still feel a bit sad. Its kinda like “I’m special, yay!” and then someone just told me, “You’re not, you’re just a newer copy”.

Ugggghhhhh I feel like I plagiarized… T^T Sorry to whoever made that site… I stole your shtick… what a sad sloth I am…

At least this chapter is awesome, AND its not shown in the manga, a shame really, this was fun to translate.

Here’s chapter 3.

* * *

The next day, I was forced to go to school.

Mom and Claire-sensei from before were so scary I didn’t want to raise my head.

The hour long class was too boring, so I took the time to sleep instead of listening.

As soon as the lesson was completed, I ran out to the washroom.


It’s not because I needed to go.

Its for training my magic.

Once in the washroom, I closed the door and leaned on the wall, while focusing magic power into my palm.


「Green Ball」


Suddenly, a green ball of magic was created in my hands.

– Green system primary magic: Green Ball.

Magic of the Green system has high power but a narrow range of effects, it’s not developed enough to show any strong effects yet.

For strong high-level demons, I need difficult magic.

The fluffy ball of magic that was floating over my hand eventually disappeared because I cut off its magic supply.

With a heavy breath, I concentrated magic into my palm again.


「Black Ball」


I then created a black sphere of magic.

Its bustling around dizzily.

-Sky system primary magic: Black Ball.

Although this system is very fast, it’s difficult to control and has low power.

This is also, a difficult system to learn.


The two spells were activated in rotation consistently until the bell for the next lesson rang.

Sky and Green, these two systems were rarely used in my previous life, but are going to be my main systems in this one, considering that they had the highest talent values.


Red and Blue are easy to use in their own way, but I need to make the other two systems a habit.

Although they weren’t used much before, this time will be different.

Therefore it’s necessary to increase the level of my magic by even a little bit now.


I enter the class a minute before class starts and immediately start sleeping.

I need to sleep to restore my used magic quicker.

Using Claire-sensei’s voice as a lullaby, my consciousness quickly left me.


“Hey, Zeph!”


At the end of class, as I was about to leave for the washroom when a boy a bit on the chubby side started talking to me.

With a weird grin on his face, he gave me a look, as if sizing me up.

When I tried to ignore him, the other boys came out and blocked my way.

What the heck?


“Hey Zeph, why do you always go to the washroom?”

“…Why are you asking? What, do you need to go first?”



In response to my answer, the boys showed an amazed face and started laughing. *Gehyagehya*

Like a ripple in the water, soon all the students were laughing.


“Oh ~~~~”


Wait, does this mean that I was teased?

I wonder if they’re like this because they’re children.

While scratching their heads and making weird noises, all the boys surrounding me started chanting vulgar words in unison.

Wow, I think these guys need a little discipline.


I pointed my hand towards the leader of the boys, and created a red ball.

The fireball was shot right beside the boy’s head, and burnt out before reaching the wall.

Hmm… so it can only fly that far now, huh.

Even though I say that, it was still enough to scare the crap out of the boy, making him collapse on the floor.

Leaking out, the smell of urine and burnt air hung over in the classroom.

To the boy, I looked down at him with a bloodthirsty gaze for an instant.


“I don’t like these sort of things, you know?”


I grinned while saying so, and the boy fainted.

Turning around, I took a step forward and all the boys surrounding me scrambled out of the way while yelping.

I walked towards the washroom while thrusting my hands into my pocket.

There were no shortage of people like this from my previous life, but maybe that was a bit much with a kid as an opponent.


As I opened the washroom door, the first bell started ringing.

Shit, I wasted a period I could’ve used training.


–after school.


While everyone else was walking in the direction of their homes, I was heading the opposite way.

My destination was the suburbs, why? Well it’s because I can hunt monsters that are outside the city there.


I conjured a green ball in my hand while walking, and I felt the power value of the green system increase.

As you can see its level went up.

I can train magic like this by shooting it at some empty area if I wanted, but using the magic in actual combat is far more efficient.

‘Blank firing’ magic is one way to cultivate it, but Scout Scope shows the difference of growth between Blanks and actually fighting easily.


The town of Nanami is surrounded by a wall, but there are several gates in it guarded by gatekeepers, I’m in the town no more.

I could leave without any problems through the gates, and walked towards the wilderness.

When going out, don’t forget to bring a wooden stick in advance.


Just by walking out a little, you can see blue jelly-like monsters appear in front of you.

This guy that seemed to just sprout from the ground, is a demon belonging to the Blue element, a Bluezel. ( TN: Buruzeru = Bluezel, good enough?)

The earth is full of magic, this demon is created from rainwater that soaked into it.

The city was grown through magic by the patrons, demons won’t generate there, but they’ll attack at first sight the moment you step outside.


With my wooden stick in hand, I casted green ball while smashing it.

*Bo Young* The impact made the Bluezel tumble along the ground, but… it’s still alive! It stretched its tentacles towards me!




The Tentacles hit the stick while I casted green ball again.

I pummeled it while casting greenball, eventually the Bluezel disappeared after about 10 shots.

All of today’s time will be used to train my magic.

After defeating the monster, I could feel a force grow in my body.

This is called the ‘experience value’, if you raise it to a certain extent you’ll gain a level.


While feeling the force increase, I took a little break to recover my magical power.


23 thoughts on “Re:Master Magic 03 Difficult Magic

    1. Personally I think that name fits it better too, but I don’t think I should change it, the author decided to name it that way, and since its terminology unique to this series I’ll leave its end as ‘zel’.


      1. I think that the Japanese pronunciation of “Blue Gel” was mashed into one word, and since that doesn’t roll off the tongue easily, the J-sound got switched to a Z-sound, which isn’t that big of a change in Japanese. (Say burujeru and buruzeru back and forth and you will see what I mean)

        There are a few words like this even in their own language. Furthermore, if you take a word from another language, especially one as crazy as English, you can expect a few differences in how someone decides to pronounce it after attempting to make it fit their own language. Either way, I do believe that “Blue Gel” was the original word and also the basic English noun used to identify the monster described.


      2. I like interractive authors. Dont know if you see this negative but it takes authors down from the heaven. Thats why I can take it if there is some translation problems


    2. Yeah, like ‘Zel’ring in [Realist’ Kingdom Reform Chronicles] LN…
      They are basically a slime, but has a different name… Bluezel is a legit name for monster i think?


  1. About you talk in this chapter I think your special because you give the translate, and diferent translate is like different flavor of ice cream some one like chocolate others caramel . I love caramel , but don like chocalete


  2. Why does it say that his highest magic is green and sky? It should be green and soul right?? I don’t understand that… :S


    1. If I remember right, Soul is the hardest to use, partially because Summoning (which is expensive) falls under Soul.

      He’s basically taking ‘baby steps’ right now to avoid overtaxing himself.


  3. Hmm interesting novel funny how the king of fire magic was actually the god of earth which since its green if it involves enough nature are pretty close to being opposites. Also I guess since sol magic is related to summoning he doesn’t know as much about it and its not school friendly to use? Or does he not know a lot about the sol system since its a hidden system and he actually only knows about to a lvl 19 amount of it and part of the novel is him actually learning about his second strongest element? It would be a bit boring if the mc was a know it all about all the elements but that shouldn’t happen in the first place since where he was from lvl 62 was a high degree of skill in a magic…. seeing how they were praising him as the flame king. The only thing I kinda hoped for was that the 2 girls mentioned in the synopsis also were reincarnated because of problems they did in there past life and not as it now seems random harem remembers sigh… Like the genius mage learned water magic but was actually more talented in fire magic because thats the element girls tend to avoid and use also he could help her with it heck her learning the earth element instead of water would of made it even better… I dont know about the swords girl since we dont have a well defined system for the warrior class yet.


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