Re:Master Magic 02 Magic Lines

Hmm… you know I always wondered how some people could translate and balance their lives so easily but I guess they just lose themselves in it and have fun 😛

Haaaah…. If only I was actually fluent in Jap. so that things wouldn’t be so frustrating sometimes… No, seriously, I have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE what its saying sometimes lol. but oh well…

Anyways here’s chapter 2:

* * *

“Goodbye and take care!”


After eating that nostalgic breakfast, I remembered from what mother said that I had to go to school.

Regrettably, now I have to go to school . Come to think of it, I wonder if there are any schools that teach magic in the capital.

Incidentally, the classes here are feared by children for certain reasons.


Upon exiting the house, a nostalgic scenery could be seen before me.

Here, the city of Nanami is a good city dwelling inside a good country.

Even after I grew up and left, I still came back here many times because I missed it.

Oh man, the tears are flowing again.

Anyway let’s go!


– To release the magic lines.


Outside, I was in a place somewhere in between the hills and the school.

Since, releasing the magic lines will take quite a bit of concentration and time.


Magic lines spread throughout the entire body of the mage, they are literally lines that magic pass through.

The magic of a talented mage is thick, so it has to be spread evenly throughout the body.


However, my magic lines are now in a dormant state, it’s not possible to channel magic through them.

For those who aspire to become mages, normally you ask another mage to release the magic lines for you, but while meditating, I can open them up myself if I try.

It’s the second time I’ve done this after all, there shouldn’t be any problems.


I climbed a tree and scouted the area before hand, to make sure the coast was clear.

I sat down on a tree branch and closed my eyes, concentrating on my spirit.

Feeling something wash over my body, I could feel my magic lines opening one by one.


This was delicate work, I could feel the sweat from my forehead dripping down my face while concentrating.

I continued to open my magic lines one by one, and by the time I was done my body was all sweaty.

Heaving a huge breath, all the strength left my body, and I almost slipped and fell.

…I forgot that I was on a tree.


After catching my breath, I concentrated on the magic lines, and found magic flowing through them smoothly.

Now it’s time to use magic.


With my hand held out in front of me, I imagined a red ball.

Then small magic ball of flames was born, it looked fluffy and was floating at about eye level.

The fire was moving oddly.

If I stopped supplying magical power, the red ball would dematerialize.


The magic consumed about a tenth of my magic power.

Ordinary rookie mages would at most only be able to cast red ball three times. Another way to put it would be that if the other children here became mages that’s what they’d be like.


“It wasn’t useless in the end.”


It won’t be the same as it was before.

The sun was just past its noon point.

Come to think of it, I’m actually really hungry now.

It was time to eat the lunch packed by mom anyway.


The me of the future read many scrolls on magic, I think I read almost everything published at the time.

Although I can barely use magic now, I’ll learn more as the growth level increases.

Though it wasn’t as delicious as it would’ve been fresh, the bulging belly of my child sized body was satisfied.

Oh yeah, since my magic power has recovered somewhat, why don’t I use scout scope?


Zeph Einstein

Level 1

「Red」 Magic level: 1

「Blue」 Magic level: 1

「Green」 Magic level: 0

「Sky」 Magic level: 0

「Soul」 Magic level: 0


The consumption of scout scope feels higher than red ball.

Red and Blue are level 1 because I used these two spells.

I like how the talent/potential cap can’t be seen, but this is probably due to my low level use of scout scope.

Magic is improved the more you use it, the consumption decreases with proficiency too.

To see the potential cap, I probably don’t have to increase the magic’s level that many times.


Anyways I was able to remember some spells.

I’m still far from my future self though, I have many challenges to face in the future to grow.

When I looked down, I saw a whole bunch of children scatter towards the school.

This… will be another challenge.

That’s just how school is.


To spend my day like this, I have a bad feeling something’s gonna happen.

What is this?

It might’ve left quick, but I felt it.

As I climbed down and walked towards town, I saw a figure approaching me.

With disheveled, long black hair, she ran over here while heavily breathing.

She wore glasses and a sweater that made it so that each step made her large chest bounce.

I was fascinated for a moment before she cried out tearfully.




Okay, time to use the excuse I prepared.

But as I was about to say it, my voice was muffled when she pulled me into her chest.

While making a *Mogomogo* sound, my face was completely overwhelmed by her adult force.


While I was enjoying this feeling, I noticed that her body was trembling.


“I-I was worried…”


She said while I was pressed against her chest that was comparable to a cow’s — it felt good, like I could cry out saying it felt good good.

Oh yeah, I just remembered something.

This was my primary school teacher, I think she was called Claire-sensei.

She was popular with both the male and female students, and had been confessed to many times by men.

To a teacher of such beauty, my face was being smushed into her chest.


(Come to think of it, I’ve never done anything like this before…)


A small smile crept up my face.

School was probably in an uproar when I didn’t show, so mom and Claire-sensei probably freaked out,  but it’s a waste of time to worry too much about it so I’ll just let it be.

I need to get through this time as soon as possible, but it’ll probably take a while.

At least I can still do my training while going to school.

With plans in my head, I enjoyed the feeling of the chest being pushed into my face.



18 thoughts on “Re:Master Magic 02 Magic Lines

  1. Long story short. Some people are far to anal about fan translations. The flow could be altered a little but the overall approach is still there. Humans are intelligent creatures afterall. “Intent” is easy to pick up by people and only fools or people who choose to intentionally ignore will make excuses.


  2. I think you don give enough credit . I was reading TGD in two place first stay for half of the novel but It was understandable , the second was on par of the author but I have read three time every section and a word in a paragraph had nothing to do and how they gave you the kanji up of words in one section take the kanji and put it in a translator gave me a sense meaning . Your work is very easy of understand and have meaning


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