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Here’s your first chapter.

*  *  *

The Mage Association

With many mages gathered, I was bathed in the center of their applause.

“Magician Zeff Einstien, with praise and respect towards your powerful magic, we bestow upon you the title of the strongest red mage, the ‘Flame of Flames’.”

“Haha, thank you.”

“Work hard to not shame this title.”


I’m an old man now, but yeah that’s me-

The mage holding the red branch’s highest title, the ‘Flame of Flames’.

Ever since I was a child I’ve been entranced by red magic, this was the incentive I needed to get this far, to train this hard.

I devoted myself day after day to magic; wine, women, gold, and  other all temptations of the world meant nothing compared to my study of red magic. 

There’s a very deep feeling to it.


Among the thunderous applause, a hand slowly fell from the pulpit, silencing the audience. The gaze of a young mage could be seen.

He then slammed his fist down.

Popular spice. (TN: lol I don’t even…)


It didn’t seem like an act of malice.

It was praise, saying to rejoice in the fact that it is commendable,but could still grow.

And disparages are, is outraged by being a fool, but also can be grown.

That stand out, he very efficient growth method. (TN: These two paragraphs… T^T)


However, I’ll partake in this, for my further growth!

“I will aim for further heights! As the Flame of Flames, I’ll rise to be the strongest among them!”


Wow~~~~~! !

While wrapped in a vortex of applause and cheers I pushed up my the right hand.

*Pashapasha* The sound of a miniature magic projector coming in could be heard.

Word also spread through the Mage Association’s distribution of the newspaper, which was released throughout the continent. This year, talk of the new magic master would be a hot topic.


–the following year.


I visited the Mage Association because of a new Magic spell called 「Scout Scope」.

This is is something that magicians can use to measure their latent ability or talent, and learn what systems of magic they’d be compatible with.

‘Magic’ can basically be divided into five systems or branches.



Flame magic proficient in attack spells, suppressing its power is very taxing on the body.


Water magic proficient in support, and interference, various effects can be learned from this branch of magic. Coincidentally the 「Scout Scope」 spell is also of the 「Blue」 branch.


Magic affiliated with the earth and space. It’s possible to control both space and the terrain if trained. There aren’t many variations for this branch to be used, but it’s very powerful.


Magic capable of interfering with the atmosphere, making control over wind and thunder possible. The whimsical nature of this branch makes it powerful, but very hard to control.


Magic of Angels and Demons. It’s said, that if trained it’s possible to deliver a message to either God or the Devil themselves… There aren’t many practitioners of this branch, and not much is known about it…


These are the five systems of magic, or at least these are the five main systems that most Magicians train in.

I myself specialize in Red magic.


To measure someone’s potential through 「Scout Scope」, of course I’d be interested . It’d be good to show every mage this.

Although others couldn’t use it very well, I naturally mastered it, and used it on myself.

The results for the strongest Red mage the ‘Flame of Flame’ were…


Zeph  Einstein

Level 99

「Red/Scarlet」 Magic level: 62/ 62

「Blue」 Magic level: 49/ 87

「Green」 Magic level: 22/99

「Sky」 Magic level: 22/89

「Soul」 Magic level: 19/97



My eyes involuntarily popped out.

The strongest red mage… has red magic as his lowest talent?!


No way!?

Although I re-checked it multiple times… the number didn’t change.

‘Levels’ are a concept that have existed since long ago, whereas its possible to forcefully obtain growth at a fast pace with its rise.

Though eventually, levels will stop rising and the growth will stop. This is called the ‘talent limit’, the end of training.


I myself, long ago, have felt the limits of my growth.

With a level of 99 you begin to think about these things.


However, are the hard-to-use/train 「Green」and 「Soul」systems really the ones with the highest potential?

They might’ve not trained as hard as me, but others may easily have greater potential for the「Red/Scarlet」system.

This is so wrong.

I wasn’t always an old man… I used to be young too.

This can’t be… I don’t deserve an outcome like this!


The longer you study magic, the less you should expect near the end.

The fruits of all my training and research can’t have all been a lie, I’d rather die than let things end like this!

Though I won’t die! Even though I feel a bit dead inside…


Then, another red mage with a higher talent level took the title of ‘Flame of Flames’ away from me.

My limit was 62, while his was 99.

The Mage Association said that since my potential level was too low I was unworthy of the title.

I couldn’t say anything in my defence.

With me reaching my maximum potential, it was time for a newer, younger mage to shine…

–and be given my title…


Even though he had the talent for it, with no combat experience there’s no way I’ll lose to some brat..

Although they didn’t, I understand.

But I won’t give up, I’ll keep walking the path of a mage until my death.


I struggled, to end the suffering of training even a second sooner.

On the verge of death I finally created a new spell.

I spent many years waiting, to release the magic I’ve engraved into this body.


「Time Leap」


My spirit left my body, traveling through space-time back to the past.

The spell was still incomplete though, only knowledge was passed over, and I’ll have to re-train my magic all over again.

But luckily, I like training.

Unstable, yes, and I don’t know how far back the spell will take me, but this time I’ll take advantage of my knowledge and 「Scout Scope」to the fullest.


My consciousness rapidly disappeared, and turned white.



“Zeph, you’ll be late for school! Get up!”


A white bed, my mother’s voice, and the smell of miso soup.

My body had been returned to that of a boy’s.


I went back to a good time.

Luck seems to be on my side.

It’s hard to move my body though.

I honestly didn’t think it would go so well.

It would be nice to say that it was a great success.


I pointed my index finger towards the window, and draw out the spell for the elementary level red magic 「Red Ball」.

But it didn’t activate.


“No way…”


I focus on my body, but the magic power lines that should flow through it aren’t responding well.

I have to fix this as soon as possible. Forget level of potential, a mage that can’t use magic isn’t a mage at all!


…but at the moment I’m hungry.


“Ah, I’m coming mom!”


As I ran down the stairs, seeing my mother’s face for the first time in such a while, I cried a little bit.

Mother saw my tear-stained face, and laughed gently.

To such a nostalgic smile, the tears wouldn’t stop flowing.


“What is it Zeph? Did you see a scary dream?”

“No… I’m just… Happy is all…”

“What a funny child.”


I who has lived until an old man, painfully knows the importance of time.

I can’t even waste one second. I must train my magic efficiently this time.


I wiped my tears, and when I tasted my mom’s food for the first time in a while, I cried again.



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