Re:Master Magic 04 Bandits

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* * *

Zeph Einstein

Level 5

「Red」Magic level: 2

「Blue」Magic level: 2

「Green」Magic level: 5

「Sky」Magic level: 4

「Soul」 Magic level: 0


After a week of continuous Bluezel hunting in the town’s vicinity, my levels have developed accordingly.

The reason why ‘Soul’ is the only one still at zero is because you need a magic stone to act as a medium to practice this system.

That’s why for now, this can’t be used.


Only Bluezels appear in the vicinity of Nanami.

Bluezels are a really weak kind of demon.

For now I can only beat small demons, so the Experience gain isn’t very good.

It’s going to take a while to raise my level.


When they come close, strike them with the stick, and when they’re far away, bombard them with green balls. Currently, this is how I’ve been beating them.

Yup, this is a steady way to grow stronger.

Before I noticed, another Bluezel started forming at my feet!

This Bluzel was double their regular size.


It caught me. I tried to untangle myself, but it was too strong.

My leg was caught by a tentacle, and I was hung upside down over it.

Its top opened up, and it was going to stuff me inside it!

The Bluezel was going to eat me!


…Don’t screw with me.

I positioned my hand towards the Bluezel’s mouth, and concentrated my magic.


“Red Crash!”


When I released the spell, from my hand an explosive flame shot out and completely eradicated the Bluezel.

I fell to the ground, into the center of the Bluezel’s remains leftover from my attack.

My clothes got dirty from the all the mud and water.


“Man, now mom’s going to get mad at me.”


I used up all my magic on that spell.

– Red system intermediate magic: Red Crash.

It’s a spell that burns a narrow area with an explosive flame, it takes a lot of magic power to use but it’s decent power evens things out.

This makes it most useful for enemies a short distance away.

But because it takes a while to use the spell, I decided to only use the spell when absolutely necessary. Like right now when that huge Bluezel appeared.


Soon regular Bluezels started appearing again, but I haven’t recovered enough magic power to start casting Green Ball again.

While retreating, I focused my mind.


Circulating all leftover magic throughout your body by your magic lines is technique used to restore magic power a few times faster than normal.

Meditation is usually done while sitting, but I can do it while standing, while walking, and on top of that I can even do it in combat.


Cast Green Ball, then recover.

Cast Green Ball, then recover.

After repeating this process several times, I was able to defeat another two Bluezels.




After defeating the Bluezels, I found a blue gem.


“It’s a blue gem…”


After defeating a monster, the magic contained in its body and the magic in the earth can fuse, creating an item.

Although this is supposedly a trash item.

I won’t get much gold from it by selling it at a store.

I stuffed the blue gem in my pocket, and decided to end the day after meditating.


“…I need to go home soon.”


Fighting in the dark is too risky.

I also need to prepare myself for something else.


“Mom’s going to be mad at me.”


On the way back, while I was meditating, a horse-drawn carriage hurried towards the city.

It was a medium sized caravan.

If it belonged to a peddler, I want to see if they had any rare magic items.

I don’t have any gold though.

For now, let’s just go home.


As I lost sight of the caravan, I could hear a scream from afar.

As I turned towards the direction of the girl’s scream, I could see fire rising from the carriage.

I couldn’t see very well because of the distance, but it looked like a fight or something.

The demons around here couldn’t do something like that.

So that means…


“Their hired adventurers betrayed them.”


They were probably thieves dressed as adventurers from the beginning.

However, this situation, while unfortunate for the people in the caravan, was the perfect opportunity for me.

If I help them now, they might give me an expensive item after as a reward.

But with the magic I have now, I’m still really weak.

According to how adventurers grade themselves anyways.


But I can’t afford to not do anything!

While thinking about how to act, a girl on a horse was riding towards me.

Apparently, she’d escaped from the fight.

With a pale face, she stopped in front of me.


“Hey you! Run away! I’ll go inform the city, so hide!”


After saying that, suddenly an arrow could be seen sticking out of the girl’s chest.

The girl  looked down at the arrowhead surrounded by blood, and coughed, staining the trail with more of it.

Slowly, the girl fell off her horse, and as if in slow motion, she stretched her hand towards me and pointed in the opposite direction.

While the light in her eyes disappeared, she mouthed two words to me.


“Run away.”


I wonder why.

I walked up to the girl who to her last breath was worried about me, and gently closed her eyes.

While moving my line of sight from the girl towards the caravan, two of the thieves disguised as adventurers were coming here… riding a horse.

One lowered the bow he was holding, smiled, and started laughing at me.

Slowly, he took and arrow from his quiver, and nocked it on the bow.

He purposely did the process of aiming as slowly as possible because he wanted to see my frightened appearance.

And for that, I thank you thief.


As the thief slowly drew the bow to its limit, I casted black shot.

With power that wouldn’t lose to an arrow, a magic bullet of wind pierced both of the thieves heads at once.

When the two thieves fell from the horse, the other thieves noticed, and saw me.

They seemed to be very upset that two of their comrades were killed by a child mage.


But I’m calm.

A little while ago, I got a bit emotional, but I’ve settled down now.

In this world, people like this don’t deserve to live.

I can’t remember how many of these scumbags I’ve killed in my previous life.

Smart and efficient, that’s my motto.



“I’ll hunt you hyenas!”



18 thoughts on “Re:Master Magic 04 Bandits

  1. this is new plot never before seen. It is amazing what always gets left out. The manga filters a bunch of stuff out and once it becomes an anime, even more gets filtered out. This is why Novels are supreme.

    Liked by 15 people

  2. 「キミっ!逃げなさい!私は街へ知らせてくるから、どこか奴らの目の届かない場所へ……」

    The latter part is along the lines of: “I will inform the town, so hurry somewhere where they won’t find you…”

    Liked by 1 person

  3. 「キミっ!逃げなさい!私は街へ知らせてくるから、どこか奴らの目の届かない場所へ……」
    Can be tl’d to “You! Please run! I’ll inform the city, so go hide” (technically she says “go someplace where they can’t see you” but she’s kind of short on time so shortening it to hide isn’t a bad idea)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Always love an MC that isn’t an idealistic humanitarian.
    Our world may be one thing with its strong security, but in a world where your security depends largly on yourself, things like killing theives (and especially killers) seems important to survival.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it’s a lot of hypocrisy in in society in my country corruption kills many more people than a speeding bullet also companies that sell junk food and sugar kills internationally with many diseases (if not talk about war). Then there are the cute rabbit say but end up eating rabbit casserole XD


  5. On improvements on your site or bold print darker, then you can put the possibility to read the kanji (that for those who always complain) for me as I understand the story I do not need it.
    Other I think great nothing if not lets you blog each user is writing choose the color and background. Maybe In the title you prune putting a picture of the novel. But please do not get things like radio or after nonsense that only put slow the rise of reading


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