Evil Lord, Volume 1 Epilogue


This is it. We’ve finally reached the end of the first volume.

I have nothing to say today, and I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

…though is there any chance I could have an extra donation or two for my hard work please? 😉

Fun Fact: This is actually where the author originally intended to finish the series. He planned to just finish this as a one-shot volume, and back then it was still called “I’m Going to be an Evil Lord Since I Reincarnated in an Intergalactic Empire!”

Lucky for us he continued, right?


6 thoughts on “Evil Lord, Volume 1 Epilogue

  1. Already at the epilogue of volume 1?
    Damn, you work quick ma’am!
    Have i nice day ma’am
    And this nutjob of a guy with autism is going to read the chapter!
    Have a good weekend ma’am!

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    1. Oh and i almost forgot being the fact i’m dutch.
      For all you guys from the u.s., happy independence day!
      Have fun, be careful with yourselfs with all the firework, and be merry!


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