Evil Lord, Volume 2 Prologue


Hey everyone~! How was your week? I took the week off since I thought I deserved a break for completing a volume.

Tbh I wanted to get this out yesterday, but life caught up to me. (^^|||

Spoiler: I pulled a muscle in my calf (my gastrocnemius muscle, I’m not raising a cow lol). So I have a slight limp right now haha… Guess I played around a bit too much.

On a side note, I just realized the next Fire Emblem game is coming out in two weeks, so that’s my current goal for my switch~ Can I have little help please? 😉

Enjoy the chapter~!


11 thoughts on “Evil Lord, Volume 2 Prologue

        1. Oh, I’ve been trying be more healthy recently, so I’ve been doing daily runs in the morning with my dog, but I guess I didn’t stretch properly or something, ’cause when I woke up two days ago, my left leg’s calf was killing me. I couldn’t walk normally anymore without pain shooting up the back of my leg, so I’m currently limping lol (^^|||

          It’s not that serious though, I’m sure it’ll be fine if I leave it alone for a couple of days.


          1. Ah me too me too. I normally run 6-8 km about 2-3 times a week (Still fat tho) it’s been half a year so I got conceited and thought I’d be fit enough to try something else. Now I can hardly bend forward cause my abs hurt. Also how much do you need for the game. I might be able to help somewhat.


            1. I want an actual switch(not the mini) so that’s 300. The game is a new release so that’s another 60. (^^|||

              I’ve already received a bit in donations so now I only need 237$ more in order to buy both lol

              …though I don’t think you have over 200$ in spare change. LOL


  1. I thought it must be the case with a week of radio silence
    And i hope you’re doing great after a break of well deserved rest
    (Besides the sprained calf that is (-_-|||) )
    And i’ve caught a shiny pidgey and a shiny rattata last week on lge for you for the 15 november games (still have to wait for pokemon home before i can send it to you though)
    Anyway, thank you for your hard work and have a good day ma’am!

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