24 thoughts on “Blacksmith Chapter 42

      1. Well, while the hero got his fixed time span when posting which is the time I stand guard in front of my PC, Kuro-san just got back and I need to learn the time first…


    1. i was actually wondering if i should re-read everything to understand this chapter…
      what do you think after re-reading everything? Should i… or not?


  1. Thankfully that you’re okay.
    and don’t worry about the small stuff, it’s a translation site of a sloth after all.
    jokes aside, i’m glad that your back, and i hope you had a great time these past few weeks.
    and thank you for your hard work with translating and thank you for the new chapter
    Greeting fromout the netherlands

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  2. Damn it. Why didn’t you have stayed lazy for another month? I would have had the free time and the right to take on death flag then.


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