Blacksmith Chapter 43

Hi guys~ (^^)/

Wow, has it already been 2-4 weeks already? Cause that’s how often I post, right?


lol anyways, here’s a long overdue chapter.

Sponsored by: Joel V., Damien S., Chris J., and Ben D.

Thank you so much for your support and patience.

FYI Next Blacksmith chapter is a longer one, so I don’t know if that’ll affect its release or not. @_@

Anyways you can read the next chapter here.

29 thoughts on “Blacksmith Chapter 43

  1. Not so surprising here Iris isnt a heroine for Kururi
    It still not stated that she has romantic feeling with Kururi even until now
    Also considering she has tace like casual ntr-ed heroine


  2. I kinda feel like iris is liking lotson because his a commoner who can do alot of things which makes me annoyed of her because it kinda seems like she has a prejudice againts nobles and she thinks they dont give much effort because they were born with wealth and power which in turn makes her see most of what kururi does nothing amazing


  3. And I quote:”
    Hi guys~ (^^)/

    Wow, has it already been 2-4 weeks already? Cause that’s how often I post, right?


    Ehm… Maybe you’re trying to extend it to 5 weeks?
    Sloth! 怠慢 de aru.


  4. It’s maybe a bit late but congrats with your viewcount of 2 mil!!!
    (It’s now almost 2.1mil though (-_-‘ ))
    I hope you’re doing fine at your school,
    and i hope you’ll have some time during the small break during the next couple of weeks (don’t have a clue about the school holidays outside of holland (^-^’ 7 ))
    Just keep up the good work (at both school and trandslating if you have time for it haha) and i’ll await the next chapter update patiantly.
    greetings from your bloody dutch leech you’ll never get rid of *insert evil laugh right here*
    (~■_■)// (^-^ 7)


  5. I miss you~
    When will we read your beautiful translations again? I DON’T KNOW
    But what I know is that we will wait for you the time it requires. Well, that’s all. See ya! n.n”


    1. RIP sloth, he had a good run but never made it to 50 chapters.

      Can only hope in the coming chapters that lotson goes away, or the princess’ party (+arc maybe/hopefully) comes to shake things up.

      Come on sloth, I’m only a poor leech so I can’t throw money at you to translate faster


  6. RIP sloth, he never made it to chapter 50

    Anyway could you please give us some sort of obvious interaction to let us know whats going on.


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