Villainous Butler, Volume 2 Prologue + Announcement

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me~

A chapter! 😀

Hey everyone~! Finally done my break. I know 3 weeks is longer than my usual 1 week post-volume break, but I was feeling really burnt out.

…and my laptop broke down and is currently being repaired. So that’s a factor too. It feels weird translating on the family PC instead of my ‘comfy spot’ where I usually do so. (^^|||

Well, that’s one of the benefits of not setting a schedule, and at least I only did it after finishing a volume instead of at a cliffhanger lol

Anyways, I’m back and frequent chapters will be a must! Btw, I’ll be doing this and Evil Lord in rotation despite how I usually work since I’ve never had 2 active popular projects before.

…not to mention I can feel the impatience of the Evil Lord fans building up. (please stop DM’ing me) haha… ha… seriously. 😛

Last but not least, Special thank you  to everyone who sent me donations this past 3 weeks! It really meant a lot to me knowing that you were still willing to support me during my break and I hope you know I appreciate it!

Anyways, I’ve kept you long enough, so enjoy the chapter! (^^)/



13 thoughts on “Villainous Butler, Volume 2 Prologue + Announcement

  1. Welcome back ma’am!
    I though so that you had to recover from a small burnout.
    I’m glad you’re doing fine
    I hope you enjoyed the new pokemon game (i just finished it in one week, then had a friend help me to start a new game with all the starters, which i’m rounding up the postgame once again, sadly i only have a shiny obstagoon, and no more shinies up til now)
    And thank you ma’am, for your hard work and the new chapter
    Have a nice day and good luck with sword/shield.
    Dutch nutcase, signing out~

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    1. The break was great! But didn’t actually get the game tbh.
      Idk, I just felt like passing on this gen. (^^|||
      Didn’t really feel it. This gen probably has my least favourite pokemon designs, unfortunately. Especially the starters final evolutions, they just seem… off to me.

      Good luck with the shiny farming though! (^^)/


  2. If you need a break, you need a break. It’s not like we can con plain about it because this isn’t some kind of oficial business. We’re here to enjoy with you these amazing novels 😀

    Glad to see ya again, hope this Christmas you’ll get special gifts (donations) ;D

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  3. What kind of madman DM’s a translator? Gezz.

    Those people need to be blocked and then shamed.

    Shame on you guys. DM’s are for making new friends and asking for how much the nudes cost.


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