Evil Lord, Volume 5 Prologue

Evil Lord is back! For those of you who only follow this series and haven’t seen my other post, I’ll be working on this project in rotation with my other one.

I usually try to avoid working on multiple projects, but I’ve never actually caught up with a series before, so why not? lol

Special thanks to Paul B., Maggie L., and Francisco G.!

Your support means the world to me! Please send more when you can, I really appreciate it! 😉

Now without further ado, enjoy the chapter! (^^)/



22 thoughts on “Evil Lord, Volume 5 Prologue

  1. Thank you ma’am, for the new chapter as well as your hard work!
    I wish you a good day, and please take time to properly rest, because you don’t want another burnout!
    That being said, i will read the chapter when i’m done with the workday (it’s hella busy with the holidays that are coming urgh)
    Dutch nutcase, signing out~

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  2. My internal squee button is broken from more Evil Overlord chapters. I was truly content to wait until March or more based on your notes about waiting until the next chunk was done. Way to many thanks to count to you.


    1. That or lady kuroinfinity has too much time on her hands needed for her uni, or she has a burnout.
      Time will tell, but she probably will show signs of life after she has more time for her hobby (translating)
      My advice is that you just have to wait.
      Last time dhe had a big burnout was in 2017, and she revived herself in july last year.
      So let her have the rest she needs and pray for her wellbeing like what i do

      And ma’am, if you’re reading this, take care of yourself and take all the time you need, i’ll wait for the time until you show some signs of life

      Greetings fromout the netherlands
      Dutch nutcase, signing out~

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