Villainous Butler, Volume 1 Chapter 3


Traffic continues to drop as evil lord fans disappear… its painful.

Oh, btw the author for Evil Lord has officially finished the web novel for their other work “The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs”, but I think they’re going to still update it with a few side stories and stuff starting Sept.22… so the wait continues.

Special thanks to Holly W., Maggie L. (Dw, I’m in the same boat @_@), and Michelle S.!

and EXTRA SPECIAL thanks to Samuel R. (As always 😉 )!

Thank you so much for your support! It really means a lot to me! Please send more when you can! \(^^)/

Enjoy the chapter! (^^)/


7 thoughts on “Villainous Butler, Volume 1 Chapter 3

  1. Cheer up, I didn’t knew about evil lord until volume one is finished.

    I’m pretty sure this novel will have the popularity it’s deserve when the time comes


  2. Those that leave or aren’t swing your translation are missing out, welp they just don’t like this novel I guess it’s not your translations


  3. Well, don’t worry about the Fewer traffic, there are a lot of people who are loving your great translating skills here who are left, who recognise how good your skills are, so cheer up!
    You’re doing a good job ma’am!
    And i’m here for a couple of years, I would know that the most!
    And thank you for your hard work and the new chapter ma’am!
    It’s a fun read.
    Dutch nutcase, signing out~

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  4. Well, many are waiting for the chapters to at least reach a certain number before they start reading.
    Good luck.! This will be solved sooner or later.

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