Blacksmith chapter 20

*Looks at the time*

YUSS!!! I made it! 3 chapters this week! And the end of Volume 1! Hopefully that makes up for missing last week. >.<

<<<HERE>>>‘s the chapter …and unfortunately its another POV chapter. GIVE US MORE KURURI DANGIT!!!  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Warning:This chapter is a cringe-fest, brace yourself. O_o

Rahsa -> Lasa. (idk I like it better, but I’ll change it back if it bugs enough people.)

and remember ‘Nii-san’ = Arc(The first prince), while ‘Aniki’ = Kururi

Oh yeah before I do anything else, are any of you guys planning to go to Japan soon? A friend of mine (Kind of like an older brother to me) just started a tour guide business in Akihabara.

So if you’re interested check out his site. (…and give him a break, he hasn’t hired someone to help with web design yet.)


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