Evil Lord, Volume 5 Chapter 2

Welp… you anons did it. You somehow released a virus into the world, trapping all translators to their homes with nothing to do but speed up releases. O_O

Haha jk, I hope you’re all safe in these troubled times. Remember to wash your hands and not to hoard supplies. I can only pray for those of you who lost your jobs.

But yeah, expect pre-hiatus release speeds for the next couple weeks or so. (^^)b

Special thanks to Paul. B., Jpnguyen, Verner A. M-J., Elisabeth S., Lionel V. B., and Pa S.!

Your donations mean the world to me, thank you so much for your support! Keep’em coming!

And without further ado, enjoy the chapter! (^^)/

PS. I updated the table of contents so beware of minor spoilers from chapter titles!



13 thoughts on “Evil Lord, Volume 5 Chapter 2

  1. Thank you for your translations! It really is appreciated at times like these. My job closed last week and my city has ordered all non essential business to close and for people to stay home for at least two weeks starting this Sunday so I am very thankful to enjoy your excellent quality translations of stories that have become some of my favorite while I’m stuck home a lot Nyaa!

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  2. Oh, look like the one that captures the slot finally brought his computer down to his basement XD

    Thank you, Kuro, take care of yourself too ^^

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  3. Thank you ma’am l, for your hard work and the new chapter!
    I hope you will stay healthy and safe in these dark times, and please take good care of yourself ma’am!
    Here in the netherlands people are scared and are hoarding like crazy.
    As a employee of a grocery store, you see a lot of situations that you usually don’t see (people are fighting for toilet paper and painkillers, it’s madness)
    So thank you for giving us some distraction from all the madness in today’s normal life
    And everyone else who comes reading on ma’am’s blog, stay healthy and safe and take good care of yourself!
    Dutch nutcase, signing out~

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    1. Is this some kind of, like, out-of-season April Fool’s Joke?

      Man this is a really red shirt, I hope the color doesn’t fade in the wash.


  4. “Expect pre-hiatus speeds For next couple of weeks or so. ”

    9 days later…

    SO THAT WAS A LIE /(° ∆°)/|___|.

    But seriously, hope youre doing fine and that mean Corona hasnt caught up to you ,•_•
    Stay healthy n safe y’all.

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