21 thoughts on “Evil Lord, Volume 5 Chapter 1

  1. Welcome back Sloth-sama, please continue translating this after you have done your daily dose of hibernation and please don’t forget us

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  2. Thank you ma’am, for your hard work and the new chapter!
    Btw, i have a question, have you got sword of shield by this time for your switch?
    If yes, which one?
    Have a nice day ma’am!
    Dutch nutcase, signing out~

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    1. Neither atm, unfortunately. I’ve been meaning to grab sword (since swords are cooler), but idk… I just never get around to it lol

      *coughs, fixes glasses

      –I mean, I THINK that’s what Kuro would say if she was here.

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      1. Hmm, if you got the time, you should do!
        It’s fun, even with all that controversy that goes with gen 8
        But if you’re lucky and get one with a discount, i advice you to get the season pass too (got it myself) so you get the dlc when the are released
        And if you do, just comment one of my replies on your chapter updates and i email you with my fc so i can give you a couple of shinies and fun battle ready pokemons as a thank you for all your hard work with translating, that’s sadly one of the only things i can do for you for support besides commenting on your posts for your hard work 😓
        Anyway, take your time and we will see when the time is right
        (I play shield btw, i’m a defensive player, love the nasty gameplay that way haha, sure love the rage quiters ~sore losers~)
        Greetings fromout the netherlands!
        Dutch nutcase, signing out~


  3. The Lazy Sloth Jump Over– wait, a lazy sloth wouldn’t jump. Can sloths even jump 🤔

    Welcome back!😆😙
    *gives a great bear hug while inconspicously placing the sloth into some handcuffs*
    Wish you never left 😁

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  4. Me seing chapter update

    (In progressively deeper baritone)
    Guess who’s back, back again
    Slothys back, tell a friend
    Guess whos back, guess who back, guess who back

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