Villainous Butler, Volume 1 Chapter 12


Yikes… so much hate last chapter. SO MUCH. Its the first time I’ve ever seen a chapter spark so much controversy. @_@

It even dropped the novel score back to 4.6… Just when we finally reached 4.7 too… orz

Well… whatever, the political subtleties are finished for now, so hopefully this chapter is more to your liking.

Donations… none this time unfortunately. Any chance I could have some help there? These chapters are killer to get out, and I’d really appreciate a reward…

Oh btw, if you’re one of the people who couldn’t understand last chapter, here’s an easy to understand summary of the important parts:

  • The prince asks to dance with Sophia.
  • Sophia says ‘no’ because she’s busy with her previous commitment, but is willing to make time for him later. Because she used the words ‘previous commitment’, she wasn’t explicitly saying she was prioritising talking to the leader of the commoner faction Libert, so the elitists wouldn’t be able to take that as her aligning herself with him. She also uses ‘for now’, which meant that she was reserving a dance for the prince later, but because girls weren’t supposed to initiate dances in this setting, her words could be taken as very forward and passionate, which should’ve been enough to satisfy the prince.
  • It doesn’t satisfy the prince. The prince is a normal 12 year old boy experiencing his first love. He doesn’t understand that hidden meanings in Sophia’s words, and thus wasn’t flattered by how ‘passionate’ her delayed invitation was.
  • Prince’s follower interferes, forcing Sophia into a position where she had to accept the prince’s invitation immediately or she’ll antagonise the elitists. She then leaves the matter regarding Libert to Cyril.
  • Cyril apologises to both Libert and Alicia for various things. Alicia says its okay and asks if they can just talk. Libert says its okay for Alicia to stay and becomes interested in her.
  • Cyril wants to tell Libert that they’re on his side, but can’t say it directly or else the elitists (who were watching them) would then know and become hostile, completely ruining the whole reason Sophia started dancing with the prince in the first place (to not antagonise the elitists). Libert then tests Cyril for his intentions to see if he’s an elitist. Since the ideologies of the servant reflect their master. Cyril answers his questions perfectly, but because he did it so well, that only made Libert suspicious that this was all an act that he had prepared for beforehand. (Think of it like how you wouldn’t trust a perfect politician with no flaws whatsoever, since then you know that they’re hiding something)
  • Cyril admits that he can’t win over Libert and Sophia herself would have to do it. But after Sophia finishes her dance with the prince, but the followers ask her out to more dances in hopes of disrupting her talks with Libert. She accepts so that she wouldn’t offend them and turn the elitists hostile, even if she was in the right to reject them given the circumstances, all the while thinking that since Cyril was the one dealing with Libert, everything would be fine.
  • Everything is not fine. Libert understands Sophia’s position and problems, which is why he was okay with the second prince dancing with her, but for her to accept the optional dances of the followers she could’ve rejected rather than return and fulfill her previous commitment to dance with him, she crosses the line. Her actions of neglecting him and leaving him to her child servant instead were perceived as him ‘not being worthy of being taken seriously’, which left Libert insulted and upset.
  • Libert then leaves the party saying he has a previous commitment to attend to. (He really doesn’t, that was just him getting poetic justice by using the phrase that Sophia was using to build up his hopes but ultimately failed in following through in.)

So yeah, that’s one chapter of subtleties and innuendos compacted into 9 points. Hopefully that helps and you can re-read chapter 11 with a better understanding now. I also added this to the end of chapter 11 to help new readers.

Enjoy the chapter! (^^)/


4 thoughts on “Villainous Butler, Volume 1 Chapter 12

  1. Don’t worry ma’am, politics are just annoying to begin with, so that’s why there are always different opinions about it, just look at the mess between the democrats and the republicans in the united states for example
    What i try to say is, everyone has different opinions about it, positive and negative, it sucks that it is included with your translated novel.
    But don’t worry about it and take all the time you need to translate and and just wait until the second friday from now, and enjoy all the time you can with gen8
    It will suck your worries away
    And thank you as always for your hard work and this new chapter ma’am!
    Dutch nutcase, signing out~

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  2. ok so i was not wrong i basically resumed the same way, last chapter is not a bad chapter actually is quite good!! seriously!! (well there is no fluffiness and sugary content)


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