While Sophia Rosenberg was rolling around on her bed, his majesty the king– Theodore, was groaning in his office.

He had just received the report on what happened in the rose garden and was now ruminating on how to respond to it.


Theodore had known for a while that Alforth has been surrounded by noble sons bearing strong thought of elitism, and that their parents were cooperating with the prince’s educator to take suspicious actions.

But despite being aware of this, he decided to leave it alone for several reasons.


In the first place, the elitists within the school were still only a faction of children. If compared to the real thing, what they did was the equivalent of kids playing house.

One can always try again after failing as a youth, but second chances were far rarer after growing up. The school’s policy was to learn from failures– this was followed by the royal family as well.


There was also a reason why it was difficult to intervene.

While the first prince was regarded to be the next king, this hasn’t been confirmed yet. The second prince Alforth still has a chance to inherit the throne.


In other words, this situation was part of the power struggle between those who supported their respective princes. While it was true that directly interfering would cause waves, that was only the tip of the iceberg.

If Theodore ‘protected’ the second prince in an incident that didn’t have any clear evidence of another’s wrongdoings, his actions could spark the fire of a true factional conflict. Therefore, he decided to let the situation slide since any moves he made now would only be seen as premature.


(Though I never thought this would result in him being scolded by the daughter of the Rosenberg house.)


Theodore deeply sighed. This stance of wait-and-see didn’t come without its own problems. It resulted in the second prince being told off by the daughter of a Marquis.

This wasn’t something he could just laugh off.


(I’m sure I could keep the witness’ quiet, but I don’t think Count Ahle will let this slide.)


The Count’s sons were currently being detained for their transgressions. However, this was still an incident between children in the end, they couldn’t hold them forever. 


Once they were released and went home, they would definitely cry to their parents about this. They would embellish the story to their own needs and condemn the daughter of the Marquis for ‘excessive actions’.


However, Count Ahle was someone who supported the first prince.

In order to protect the Marquis’ daughter, it was necessary to accept that she was in the right, but to do so was to also admit the second prince’s fault in this situation.

And if they did that, the Count would happily push all of the blame onto him.


He’d probably say that the prince manipulated his sons into doing so.

Problems between school kids should’ve never become this big of a problem, or maybe the Count was always prepared to sacrifice his children to raise his status within the factions. 

They were the same age despite not being twins, so it probably wasn’t a coincidence for them to have been enrolled into the same grade as Alforth.


Anyways, while they didn’t have any evidence of it, there was no doubt that Count Ahle was making moves behind the scenes.

Therefore, a reasonable sacrifice was necessary to silence him.


Though even if he stayed silent, various problems will undoubtedly arise from this incident. The social world was rife with speculations and suspicions. 

Unlike the school protected by adults, aristocratic society was a gathering of snakes proficient in schemes and trickery.


Therefore, Theodore decided to meet with the daughter of Marquis Rosenberg.

If she could be useful for the royal family, he would reach out to her and make her an ally. If not, he would bestow a punishment to her that wouldn’t cause any actual harm, one that Marquis Rosenberg could accept as him just doing his duty.

After reaching such a conclusion, he ordered his subordinates to summon the Marquis’ daughter.




The courtyard was chosen as the meeting place.

Using such an open space was to help the girl not feel pressured. Though Theodore wasn’t the one to think of this, but his wife– Queen Adele, who made this suggestion after she decided to participate as well. 


“Adele, let me just tell you that when Sophia scolded Alforth–”

“I know. Wasn’t it because Alforth was being unreasonable? I don’t know what you thought I was thinking, but I wasn’t going to blame her for what she did.”

“…so then why did you suddenly say you wanted to attend?”


Theodore grew suspicious after hearing that she didn’t find the Marquis’ daughter at fault, but Adele was only interested in Sophia because she knew that her son favoured her.


Although she was rumoured to be a saint that had fallen into high-society, Adele didn’t think any twelve year old could really match such claims. It was probably a false-image prepared by someone behind the scenes.

So now she was trying to find out how much of that gossip was true.

Not that she would say that.

She parried Theodore’s suspicion with an elegant smile.


Soon after, the Marquis’ daughter guided by a servant appeared in the courtyard.

Deep amethyst eyes and lustrous platinum blonde hair. She had an appearance that wouldn’t lose to the rumours, and when she noticed the king and queen, she did a curtsey that would even put adults to shame.


“It’s a pleasure to meet you. I am Sophia, the daughter of the Rosenberg house.”

“Hmm… I am Theodore, the king of Ephenia.”

“And I am his wife, Adele. I’m sorry that my husband called you out all of a sudden, so please don’t worry about formalities and relax.”

“Thank you for your consideration.”


Adele set up the trap, but Sophia didn’t fall for it.

Although this wasn’t a formal audience, she was still meeting with the king and queen. Moreover, she was only summoned here to discuss the incident at the rose garden. 

She’d be disqualified if she let her guard down just because the other party superficially said to.


“I’m telling the truth here, so take a seat. If we were to keep an adorable girl like you standing, we’ll end up feeling guilty.”

The proposal was the same as the previous one, but the queen’s intentions were different this time. When Sophia realised that, she immediately responded, “Then please excuse me.”


With no hesitation, she then sat down on the chair pulled out by the servant in a graceful and refined manner.

This wasn’t a level a twelve year old girl should be at. 

By this point, Adele had already concluded that the majority of the rumours were true.


Theodore’s judgement was the same. Although there were children who could behave like adults on the surface, there weren’t many who could read the trap set earlier.

Yet she dealt with it as if it were only natural.

Such a girl wouldn’t admonish the higher-ranked prince solely due to her emotions. She completely understood the situation and took action knowing the potential ramifications that awaited her.

Theodore abandoned the idea of punishing her under the circumstances and decided to bring her in as an ally.


“Sophia, we haven’t called you here to blame you for what happened in the rose garden. In fact, we want to thank you for exposing the people who were manipulating Alforth.”


Rather than punish her for bringing the prince shame, he expressed his intentions to praise her for rectifying his child’s mistakes as a loyal vassal. He didn’t forget to use the card that he was the one that summoned her in the first place.


Theodore went on to confess that he knew about Alforth’s struggles and that he wanted his son to solve them on his own.

On top of that, he expressed his dejection over how the prince couldn’t do so, but this result was still better than him or his wife forcibly stepping in and having the followers removed.

This was obviously too much information to reveal, but this was all to sell her a favour.


“That’s why we don’t intend to punish you, but…”

“You’re worried about the movements of Count Ahle.”



While saying that he was grateful, he implied that Sophia’s actions were wrong. With that in mind, he planned to put her in their debt by keeping the Count silent about this matter to protect her.

But Sophia passed them a report through the servant before that.


“This is– I see. I-is what’s written here true?”

“Of course, your majesty. This is credible evidence that my exclusive butler procured.”


Theodore audibly swallowed his saliva. The document was evidence that exposed the injustices and wrongs the Count had committed.

Though there were quite a few reliable sources referenced, this also brought up numerous questions.


“You, what is this?”


After passing Adele the report, she reacted the same way. Sophia laughed at their reaction and went, “Isn’t it obvious? This is me helping you silence them.”


A chill ran up Theodore’s spine at Sophia’s smile.

Certainly, with this it would easy to keep Count Ahle in control. If what was written here was true, then they had justification to send his head flying. A person with no head couldn’t talk after all.

He intended to sell a favour to this girl, but before he knew it, they were the ones a favour was being sold to.


“As expected of the rumoured daughter of a Marquis. I’m very glad a wise girl like you took action for my son’s sake.”


Without any of the testing that had happened just before, Adele started moving to draw Sophia in with all her might. While Theodore was a bit surprised by this, he didn’t think it was unreasonable.


If a sly aristocrat turned the tables on them, normally this would be a situation to be upset about. However, the other party this time was still only a twelve year old child.

The king of this country was thrown for a loop by a little girl. This was clearly an aberrant situation.


Theodore could clearly see that Sophia’s ‘abnormality’ surpassed even that of Folsynia’s– a talented girl who had been educated by the genius Tristan himself.


“Oh yes, Sophia, haven’t you danced with Alforth while he was hiding his identity? For the two of you to reunite at the school, is it possible that the gods are pushing for my son’s spring to arrive?”


Losing any dignity he had, Theodore reflexively coughed. Adele’s words were roundabout, but she was undoubtedly hinting at engagement.


But at the same time, he was really glad when he heard about the dance.

Alforth was becoming increasingly absent-minded due to the first prince’s supporters. The elitists had taken advantage of him, and things had only changed because of the girl in front of them.


On top of that…

An ordinary twelve year old wouldn’t understand the hidden meaning in his wife’s words, but this one here definitely would. No, her eyes were already lit up with understanding.


However, this wasn’t something for them to bring up with her directly. If they wanted to make what they implied into reality, they had to first start with her father– the head of the Rosenberg house.

Which meant this was nothing more than Adele acting rashly, and while Theodore contemplated stopping her… he also wanted to know Sophia’s answer.


“…there’s a person I want to walk beside.”


Sophia started speaking words like a maiden in love. Seeing that beautiful and adorable expression of hers– Theodore immediately began thinking about how to propose their children’s engagement with the Rosenberg house’s head.



“He’s always watching over me by taking the lead, but that’s exactly why I’m trying so hard to catch up with him.”


The words that followed weren’t referring to Alforth. Despite this, she was far too valuable to give up on. While Theodore juggled such regrets in his head, Sophia continued speaking.


“I will grant that wish of mine. Even if I have to turn the gods themselves into my enemies.”


A clear statement that declared her thoughts would never change, whether it was the royal family or fate itself she had to go against. To fulfill her desires, she would even fight the crown. 


Tension shot up through the servants who heard her. At this rate, Sophia would become a hostile existence. Realising that, Theodore immediately opened his mouth.


“…if you truly feel that way, I’m sure the gods will bless you.”


He was indicating that the royal family wouldn’t hold her accountable for what she just said.

Originally this was something that should’ve been said by Adele– who had brought up the engagement, but she was currently hanging her head in shock. Therefore, Theodore spoke up.

The stiff atmosphere finally relaxed.


Everything that followed after could be considered light small talk. Theodore asked her to be Alforth’s friend, and saw her off without anything special happening.


The visit now over, Theodore and Adele moved to the reception room. They chatted for a while to distract themselves, but shortly after, he sighed.


“…Sophia, huh? It’s regrettable, truly regrettable. She’s a talented individual anyone would want a connection with at all costs, but who was she referring to before?”

“Come to think of it, the day of the birthday party she had an escort with her.”


Adele responded as if she had only just remembered.


“Ahh… him. Although we allowed his attendance because Marquis Rosenberg guaranteed his identity, we still had no idea who he was.”

“Yes. If I remember correctly… I believe he was a servant.”


An individual who was just as refined as Sophia. With a gentle smile and a handsome face, he definitely didn’t lose to her at all.

From the girls who were watching him, they heard the unidentified boy refer to himself as a butler.

Now remembering that gossip, Adele turned to the corner of the room and asked Tristan, “Do you know anything about him?”


He might’ve been a butler in service of Theodore’s younger brother, but he still had access to various information one of the academy’s teachers. Adele was sure that he had learned something in his time employed there.

To which he complied and said, “He’s my nephew.”


“Your nephew? Then, the butler from the rumours is…”

“No way, that boy really was… a butler?”


Adele and Theodore opened their eyes in surprise.

To be accompanied by a partner that wasn’t a relative would be to accept that person as a fiancé candidate.

On top of that, it was for the first prince’s birthday party of all things. To have a mere servant escort his daughter was something Marquis Rosenberg could never allow.


And yet it was none other than the Marquis who had guaranteed the butler’s status. A person who never should’ve been recognised was admitted. It wasn’t hard to guess what his intentions were.

Her interest piqued, Adele asked what kind of person this boy was.


“If I were to describe him in one word, it would be ‘loyal’.”


Tristan went on to explain what had happened in the waiting room.

Alforth had come to him for consultation and he had advised him.

Theodore sighed after hearing that.


“That is to say, the prince had admitted his blunder of his own will…”

“More problematic than that is the fact that Alforth was scolded by him. He’s lucky we aren’t going to punish him for this, if this was any other country he’d be done for.”

“That’s why I said he’s the embodiment of loyalty.”


In response to Tristan’s words, Adele raised her head. The boy had agreed to act as Alforth’s advisor despite already being in service of the Rosenberg Marquis house. The word ‘loyal’ wouldn’t work to describe him at all.


“Its because he expects the mistress he serves to enter into the royal family.”

“…is that so?”


Despite the risk of execution, he bet his life to correct the prince because he might one day marry his charge, that’s how loyal he was.


“So he’s really just a butler… From the rumours I’ve heard that he’s quite handsome, is your nephew in his late teens?”

“No. Just like Lady Sophia, he’s only twelve years old. He’s even enrolled in my class.”


Theodore and Adele opened their eyes wide at that statement.




–After that, Theodore couldn’t help but feel sympathy for his son after hearing about Cyril’s numerous exploits.

According to Tristan’s report, even the daughter of a Viscount house was taken with him.

His niece and Tristan’s beloved disciple– Folsynia approved of him as well. On top of that, it seems that all of the servants had high evaluations of the boy.

Theodore couldn’t help but lament how his son never stood a chance, but Adele’s eyes were shining–


“If she won’t become our son’s bride, then let’s just make the boy she would be willing to marry our son instead.”


–as she went on to say such a thing.

Having always wanted a daughter, Adele seems to have taken quite a liking to Sophia. However, even after pushing her idea of adopting a mere butler aside, her thought process was a bit concerning.


“Still, a talented butler and a young lady disciple… they’re just like you.”

“Oh yes, regarding the incident at the rose garden, it seems that her eyes were dyed red back then.”

“…really. Then, she’s also–?”

“It’s highly likely.”


In response to Tristan’s affirmation, Theodor silently furrowed his brows.


“But your majesty, there’s still hope. If my thoughts are correct, then her exclusive butler– Cyril, could be a gem even beyond myself.”

“…on what basis would you make this claim? Even if he’s an excellent butler, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s as talented as you are, right?”


Having your expectations betrayed hurt.

Therefore, Theodore didn’t try to bring his hopes up.


“Of course, the possibility of disappointment is undeniable. I’m still looking into things, so take my words with a grain of salt, however…”

“Is there a chance?”

“Definitely. The young Lady Sophia and Cyril. Both of them are irregulars. Especially Cyril. I’ve been interested in him ever since he scored fifty one points in the entrance examination.”


–Sophia’s educator was Cyril.

Since she was the disciple of a capable person, it was no wonder why she’s so talented.


But Cyril himself had no teacher.

He was originally only supposed to have mediocre grades. In fact, he shouldn’t even have appeared at the school until three years from now. He was acting like a completely different person than he should’ve been.

As he speculated the reason why, the edge of Tristan’s mouth raised into a grin.


◆ ◆ ◆


While I was still in conversation with his highness Alforth, Lady Sophia had returned. When she noticed the prince sitting opposite to me, she opened her eyes wide.


“…your highness Alforth?”

“Oh, please excuse me. I was just talking to Cyril about something, but I’ll be leaving now.”

“…is that so?”


My lady was making a somewhat doubtful expression. When considering what happened at the rose garden, it’s only natural that she’d be alarmed, but it was nothing like what she was thinking.

I shook my head to indicate there was no problem and called out to her, “My lady, how was your meeting with his majesty?”


“I’m sorry for worrying you, but everything’s okay.”

“Really? That’s great.”

“Yes, it truly is. I’m so relieved now that it’s over with.”


I’m sure she was. Even though both the prince and professor Tristan were watching, my lady revealed an innocent smile to me.


“…as I thought, you really are the one Sophia trusts the most.”


His highness murmured that in envy.

…I’d like him to pardon me if possible. My lady already gets heated often because of Alicia, so I don’t think I’d be able to handle it if the prince’s jealousy was thrown into the mix as well.

Let’s try to tell him that jealous people aren’t popular with girls.


Nevertheless, prince Alforth apologised to my lady and said, “I’m sorry for everything. I’ll be sure to make this up to you later” before taking his leave.

Professor Tristan then bowed to her and started chasing after him.

I just realised that we were alone when Lady Sophia turned to me.


“What happened with his highness?”

“It seems he’s been reflecting over his actions.”

“Reflecting over his actions?”


‘He wants to change himself so that you’ll look his way’– I kept that part to myself though. Changing the topic, I said, “Putting that aside, what did you talk about with his majesty?”


“Were you worried about the contents of our discussion?”

“Of course I was.”


There are various ways their meeting could’ve went.

As long as my lady had the trump card I gave her, the worst case scenario should’ve been avoided, but that doesn’t mean what had happened instead was good.


For example, if his majesty had taken a liking to Lady Sophia and had forced her into an engagement with the second prince– the possibility of that happening wasn’t zero.

Regardless of my lady’s desires, she’d be obligated to deal with it.

I was concerned something like that would occur…


“You don’t need to worry. Everything happened according to my plans.”

“…your plans, my lady?”


As I tilted my head at that statement, Lady Sophia closed in with a light gait, pressing down on my right shoulder from diagonally behind me.

Before whispering–


“–that’s a secret, Cyril.”


Looking over my shoulder, my lady had a mischievous smile on her face.

Hi everyone! KuroInfinity here with another post-volume translator message! I hope you enjoyed the first volume of “The Villainous Daughter’s Butler ~I Raised Her to be Very Cute~”. This is honestly the hardest project I’ve ever worked on… chapters are super long and detailed, so I really hope you appreciate the work I did here. (^^|||

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    1. What’s there to say? Sometimes yanderes can be reckless in their passion. If Sophia was smart all the time, she would probably come off as an emotionless Mary Sue.


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    I don’t really imagine him with flashy aristocratic features (Blonde or blue eyes). Instead my image of him would be the tidy looking gentle honor student type. For some reasons I always imagined him with black or dark grey hair and green eyes a bit like a cat.
    Hahaha point is I have been imagining how he looked the whole time.
    I never noticed this update when it came out. Thanks!

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  21. Is it just me or was Tristan in two places at the same time, in a corner during the meeting with the King and Queen, and in the waiting room?

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