The Play, Espressivo of Light and Darkness Part One 1

Even though we had joined the student council, our normal classes were still held as usual. Throughout the day, I continued to attend the servant course from the morning like always.

Servants were commonly expected to be generalists rather than specialists. Therefore, the topics our classes covered were both broad and shallow, the one I was currently present at being about magic.


However, the magic of this world wasn’t that developed.

Parallel with the history of my previous life, magic was developed to enrich the lives of the people. With that said, the same wasn’t quite true for the aristocratic era.

This reality was a reflection of that truth.


But on the other hand, the development of magic tools here was quite advanced despite that truth. This was probably due to the fact that while the game was set in a medieval time, it still wanted to portray a worldview that the players could sympathise with.


For example, the scenery of the towns were clean because of the existence of magic tools that regulated the sewers, and to create iconic events where a dazzling spotlight could shine upon the form of a dancing couple, similar magic tools were created that regulated light.

Only the magic tools necessary for the creation of a beautiful story were developed in this world.


The ‘realistic’ reason given to justify this was that such tools were highly valued among the nobility here. Having lived through an extended era of peace, the aristocracy couldn’t help but pursue the advancement of hygiene and elegance, aspects that elevated their image.


Therefore, the main subjects covered in my magic classes focused on the development of magic tools, what they were used for, and how to use them.

Or at least, that’s what it was supposed to be–


“Write me a report on the use of magic itself as a concept.”


Towards the students that were supposed to have no practical experience with the subject– Professor Tristan had suddenly dropped this bomb on us, even in spite of the fact that he was only supposed to be our teacher for general topics.

As servants, it was our responsibility to be casually proficient in everything in order to be useful to our masters. Using that as the reason, he had inquired us on how magic could be used in our duties.


With how the professor had already earned my classmates’ respect, they all started writing their essays without complaint.


But such a task was quite troubling for me.

This was because of how proficient I was in advanced magic that could be used in everyday life. An example of this would be a cleaning spell I knew that gathered all the dust in the room it was cast in, collecting it all through wind magic onto a prepared sheet of cloth.


The magic of this world was underdeveloped, and couldn’t produce air currents with the precise control needed to do such tasks. However, the usefulness of such a spell has already been proven in my previous life.


Even if I wrote down my knowledge as a hypothetical proposal, it would just be dismissed as the musings of an overactive imagination, but on the other hand, if I wrote it down as a precise report that described its practical applications, a great commotion would undoubtedly occur. Knowing how stupid it would be to write that, I was absolutely stumped on what to do.


After a moment of hesitation, I decided to write my report on the spells that already existed in this world.

For example, bright flashes of magic lights could blind our opponents, while converging highly pressurized air currents could be utilized to cut them. In any instance where physical weapons were prohibited, magic could make a reasonable substitute in the protection of our charges.

I wrote a very safe essay detailing as such.


As classes had finished for the day, I submitted my report and began my preparations to leave for the student council room, but I was unexpectedly stopped by Professor Tristan again.


“Yes? Is there something wrong with what I turned in?”

“No, there’s no problems, but it’s a little… mediocre in comparison to the quality of what you usually submit.”

“I’m sorry, I’ll make sure to do better next time.”


My goal was to be an above-average butler within the scopes of common sense.

Judging from the professor’s reaction just now, he seemed to have high expectations of me. Having noticed that, I promised myself that the next time I was given the opportunity to give my opinion, I’d express my beliefs just a little more prominently.


“Putting that aside, was there anything else you needed?”

“Oh, there’s something I’d like to ask you. I’ve heard that you’ve been accepted into the student council, and not just you, but Lady Alicia and His Highness Alforth as well, correct?”

“Wow, you already knew?”


This was something only known to a few individuals that had attended the tea party. It’s not like I enforced a gag order on the matter, but I didn’t really advertise it either.

I guess that just shows how strong his connections were to the people participating in the event.


That in and of itself wasn’t surprising, but… I couldn’t help but feel like the way he’s been interacting with me has been quite strange recently. It’s like he’s trying to probe me for some kind of answer.


I had an idea as to why.

It was because of the daughter of the master he served– in other words, it was because I had gotten involved with Fol.

However, if he really was wary of my lady and I, he shouldn’t have introduced us to her in the first place. Despite that, he was the very one who recommended us to join the student council.

There had to be a reason behind this, but at the moment I couldn’t figure it out.


With that said, it wasn’t unusual for a butler to investigate the people surrounding their charges in order to protect them.

I haven’t done anything to feel guilty about though, so it’d probably be best to just wait and see how this develops.


“In any case, did you just want to talk?”

“No, this is something else. As you know, the school’s cultural festival is coming up, but now that you’re a member of the student council, will you still be able to handle your duties to them and those as the class representative?”

“Uhh… maybe? I don’t quite understand what the student council actually does, yet.

“Well, I’m going to assume that it’ll be too much, so before you commit yourself, take the time to think about who could substitute for you in the meantime.”

“You’re letting me choose? Will anyone be fine?”

“Hmm… I’d prefer someone competent that you can keep in communication with. Though, I want your student council work to be your main focus.”

“…I see. Understood.”


He still seemed a little wary, but his desire to have me be active in the student council was real. There are probably various circumstances regarding this.


Nevertheless, who should I appoint as the interim class representative?

Originally, the obvious choice would be Raymond– the individual with the second highest grades in the class, but he’s already lost the trust of our peers once. Although his relationship with them has improved since the incident, it was still far too soon to put him in a leadership position.

As I left the classroom with those thoughts, Luke and Chloe had approached me.


“Cyril, what was that all about?”

“Well actually, I’ve been asked to choose someone to substitute for me as class representative.”

“Ahh, because of your work with the student counc– OW!”


Luke yelped as Chloe smacked him at the back of his head.


“Chloe, what the hell was that for?!”

“I didn’t do anything. What are you talking about?”



Not understanding her words, Luke tilted his head in confusion.


“Not that many people are supposed to know I’ve joined the student council yet, you know?”

“Oh yea– no, I mean… I only knew that because I overheard your talk with the teacher.”

“That might’ve been convincing without the ‘oh yeah’ at the beginning.”

“Honestly Luke, you’re such a dunce sometimes.”


Chloe then sighed, like it was something that couldn’t be helped.

It didn’t suit her, but at least she wasn’t trying to fool me like how it was when we first met. I’m sure she’s let her guard down around me at least a little since then.

Well putting that aside, there’s still the matter of the class representative.


“If things really got busy, I was actually considering Luke to be my proxy–”

I’ll be the representative?! Seriously?!”

“I was, but considering the mistake you just made, wouldn’t it be better to reconsider?”

“N-no, it’s okay! I won’t act stupid anymore, so please let me take your spot!”


Well, he did assist me with organising the new student welcome party, so he should have some talent as a manager, but… his personality is what worried me.


“Chloe, can you watch over him?”

“No way, I don’t want to clean up after Luke’s stupidity.”

“…then I guess it can’t be helped. Shall we put this matter on hold for now?”


I intended to end our conversation there, and proceeded with gathering my belongings so I could leave for the student council.


“H-hey, wait just a minute! I-its fine! If it’s an assistant, then I know one!”


Stopping at Luke’s words, I turned back towards him.



“Yeah. We had a little fight the last time we worked together, but it should be fine now. I’ll definitely get him to be my aide.”


At the end of Luke’s line of sight, there was a red-haired boy reviewing the lesson with complete focus. His clear blue eyes staring at the textbook portrayed his intentions and work ethic.


“You really want him to be your assistant?”

“He’s always been talented, and he’s shown that he regrets what happened in the past. Besides, isn’t it our teacher’s educational policy to learn from our mistakes?”


With those words, a few ideas came to mind.

Maybe this whole situation was to help enforce that ideology– but standing by her childhood friend’s side, Chloe was making a face that said, ‘Luke, you’re so stupid.’


“Okay then. I’ll officially appoint you after my student council work picks up, but for now, make sure to ask your assistant if he actually wants the job beforehand. That’ll be your first task.”


Luke was initially confused at my words, but he soon realised that he was actually going to get the representative position. Flashing him a smile, I said that I’d leave the rest to him before taking my leave.




After that, I went to pick up my lady before heading to the student council room, joining His Highness Alforth and Alicia on the way. We were an odd group that included a prince, the heroine and villainous daughter all together.


This would be quite surprising if there was anyone else out there that was aware of Espressivo of Light and Darkness, but putting that aside, an individual like Alicia– someone able to become friends with both a prince and a Marquis’ daughter regardless of her low status was bound to draw attention anyways.


…she would undoubtedly become the target of many people’s jealousy due to this. She should be fine considering that she had a capable maid protecting her, but I should probably keep an eye out for her, just in case.


Anyways, the three members of the aristocracy had finally arrived at the student council room with their respective servants. After knocking the door and entering the room, Fol was there working at her desk like usual.


Her pink-gold hair was slightly fluttering today as well.

I couldn’t help but wonder why she was so particular about using magic, but after considering things, I came to the conclusion that it was probably due to magical overcharge.

Magical overcharge was a secondary effect that appeared in people who recovered their magic power at accelerated rates. Using wind magic on a consistent basis was a good way to prevent it, so taking this opportunity to cool herself down at the same time wasn’t a bad choice. 


However, it’s been proven that those with magical overcharge are known to be mentally unstable.

Therefore, it’s become a stigma that most people tried to hide. The fact that Lady Sophia also suffers from it is only known to a very select number of people.

That’s why I couldn’t help but notice how open she was being about her constant use of magic.

Did she think that no one would notice? Or was this a manifestation of her power that she couldn’t control? Either way, it’d probably be wise to pretend that I was unaware.


More importantly, Fol seems to have only responded by habit like the last time I visited, unaware that we had actually entered. The maid stationed at her back tried to sneakily nudge her arm.




Flinching in surprise, Fol looked up unhappily at her servant, but after tracing the maid’s line of sight towards us, she unintentionally exclaimed, “Ah.”


“You’re all here. Welcome.”


There was an odd mood in the air.

At first, she gave off the impression of a talented older girl that had even surpassed Lady Sophia, but recently I couldn’t help but feel that image of hers was gradually collapsing in my mind.


“For the time being– we don’t really need to do introductions again. From today onwards you’re all members of the student council, but you don’t really need to do anything. You can all just relax.”


Fol made that statement like it was nothing special.

Now that was unexpected. The fact that it was said so casually only made it all the stranger.

However, Professor Tristan said we’d be busy. Given that Fol is always doing paperwork, it’s unlikely that there was absolutely nothing for us to do.

With that in mind, I raised my hand.


“What is it? Oh, and you don’t need to raise your hand if you have a question. Under the school’s policy we’re all supposed to be equals, regardless of our statuses, even the two of us.”


Only His Highness Alforth and I knew the truth about her being a princess.

Hence, from Lady Sophia’s perspective, this was the rude proposal of a commoner with lower status. It should be fine though, my lady has never been a person to flaunt her position in the first place. 

As for Alicia, she suddenly declared “in that case, we’re all friends now!” in joy. Even though she was unaware of Fol’s true identity, there was still a prince here, so it wasn’t quite appropriate…


“Now then, what was your question, Cyril?”

“You’re saying that you don’t have any jobs for us, but aren’t you always doing paperwork?”

“Oh, this? This is just my diary.”

“Your diary?”


That was unexpected.

Though now that I thought about it, the student council didn’t seem like the kind of group that would constantly be doing paperwork. This was originally the gathering of a faction, not a support group for the school, so it’s only natural there wasn’t much work for them.


“So there’s really nothing for us to do?”

“Well… we might have to deal with the occasional odd request, and that’s about it. Besides that, there’s a few things that need to be taken care of for the upcoming festival, but we aren’t in a rush.”

“There’s really nothing you can think of?”

“This group was originally supposed to be a faction, so there wasn’t much to do even when I was the only member. You can actually go home if you want.”


Fol’s words made sense, and it didn’t seem like she was lying. However, Professor Tristan had told me that I’d be busy with my work here.

As I thought, something wasn’t right.

‘What do you want to do?’– I turned my eyes to my lady, making that query.


“Fol, you said that there wasn’t much for you to do while you were the only member, but do you know what the group was doing before you joined?”

“Oh, uhh… I think there was an activity record on that in the student council room.”


The student council room? We all exchanged glances.


“This is just the office that the student council president can use to meet with visitors. Haven’t you noticed how small this place is despite it being the headquarters for a faction?”

“It’s just as you say.”


Lady Sophia agreed with her while His Highness Alforth nodded.

However, Alicia was tilting her head, a question mark rising up above it. This was probably due to the gap in values between the upper class aristocrats and the lower ones.


In any case, it seems that the real student council room was behind the door at the back. With Fol’s permission, we opened the door and… what we found was a storage room.




As I turned back towards her, she suddenly averted her gaze. In her place, Fol’s maid then bowed down, saying, “my apologies, this is all my fault.”


“Hey, this isn’t something you need to apologise for, Leah.”

“But since you won’t say you’re sorry, doesn’t the fault lie with me?”


…no, doesn’t that statement just say that Fol was in the wrong instead of taking the blame for her? As I thought that, the princess began to groan.


“–it’s my fault. I’m the one that told her that the student council room didn’t need to be cleaned.”


Ah… so that’s how it was.

I could see it now–

“Lady Fol, are you sure you don’t want the student council room cleaned?”

“I told you it wasn’t necessary, right? It’s not like I’m going to admit anyone else into the group anyways.”

–their conversation probably went like that.


Even if I understood this, it took all my maturity to not shout out a retort. With a smile on my face, I suggested that cleaning the student council room could be our first job as a group.


“So the student council members themselves should clean the room instead of our servants?”

“No, I can’t let daughters of nobility do the cleaning, so I’ll do it myself in representation of the group.”


As a member of the student council and as a servant, this was the perfect job for me. I used that as my base argument, but Lady Sophia didn’t seem to agree.

Not just her, both Alicia and even His Highness seemed to have a problem with it.


“Didn’t Fol just tell us earlier that we’re all considered equals in the school? We can’t just leave all the work to you, Cyril. We’ll help as well.”


It seems like my lady wanted to try cleaning.

However, even if we were technically considered equals, there’s no way I could allow her to do such a task. In the first place, I don’t recall ever teaching her how to do so properly.

It wouldn’t be acceptable even if we were somewhere private, so I definitely couldn’t let Lady Sophia make a blunder in public.



“In that case, I’ll take care of the luggage first, so please look through the past activity records afterwards.”


Our original goal was to find out the past duties of the student council. Paperwork was a fine job befitting of the nobility. Lady Sophia was quite proficient at this too.

I decided that there wouldn’t be any problems if this were the case.


Incidentally, it seems that His Highness Alforth and Alicia felt the same as my lady, so their servants looked quite relieved at my intervention.


“I’ll do some of the basic cleaning first, so please wait here for the time being.”


I stepped into the student council room, saying that being patient was an important job as well. Then, after closing the door leading to the office, I opened up all of the windows.


“Now then– it’s time to show my worth as a butler.”


First, I took out a handkerchief.

After that, I began chanting while conjuring a magic circle, activating a special kind of wind magic. A small whirlwind sprung to life, whipping up and guiding the dust onto the prepared sheet of cloth. It was a cleaning spell that was common in my previous life.


It was a rather popular magic from my past life, and any student majoring in magic could invoke it easily enough, though it was probably unique to me in this world.

Lady Sophia could probably cast it if I taught her, but others would likely lack the skill needed for it. Fol might have been using wind magic earlier, but that was probably the most this world could produce.


Putting that aside, I cleaned the room while keeping the dirt levitated high above me. After a quick dusting, I then sent all the gathered filth out the windows before storing the cluttered documents on the now clean shelves.

Finally, the cleaning was finished as I wiped down the area where most of the luggage was piled up.


Now finished with the room, I tidied myself up one last time and returned to the office. Noticing that I was back, Alicia called out to me.


“Cyril, how’s the cleaning going? As I thought, wouldn’t it be better if we helped too?”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m already finished.”

“What are you talking about? You’ve barely just started… wait, it’s already over?! Cyril, how did you do all of this in such a short time?!”


As she peered into the room, Alicia’s eyes opened wide in surprise. Behind her, Melissa and the other servants were making similar expressions. I guess I had finished at an impossible speed for those who weren’t aware of cleaning magic.




Putting that incident behind us, I was now checking over the past activity records with the nobles of the student council. Unfortunately, most of the documents only listed what they had done as a faction, not a support organization.

Our current members didn’t come together under a faction, so while I was searching for something else that we could do, Lady Sophia suddenly said, “What about this?”


As I leaned over towards my lady, her supple finger was pointing towards a certain point on the document.


“The student council’s stage performances of past cultural festivals.”


Underneath such words, the various names of plays and what years they were performed in was written.


“So this means… the student council usually hosted plays during the cultural festival?”

“Yes. As shown in the record, it used to be a tradition until about three years ago.”


Until that time, it seems to have been an annual thing. Various titles were listed, from famous performances to minor plays I had never even heard of before.


“Lady Sophia… are you interested in theatre arts?”

“Well… acting as someone else seems like it’d be fun, and building up more achievements in the student council will help me towards my goals.”

“Understood. If that’s what you really think, then there’s no reason for me to stop you.”


Seeing that this was something she wished to do, I gracefully backed down.

My lady then nodded, before turning towards the rest of the student council.


“Why don’t we bring back this tradition ourselves?”


Alicia and His Highness Alforth responded positively to her suggestion. Apparently, His Majesty the King was well versed in theatre arts, so it seems participating in such a thing wouldn’t be an issue.


“Everyone seems to be in agreement, but what about you, Fol?”


Lady Sophia asked this.

In response, the president raised her eyebrows in amusement. If she refused, I’d have to convince my lady to back down, not Fol.

I prepared myself for that development, but it turned out to be for naught.


“Sure, it might be nice to experience that kind of thing at least once.”


Her dignified attitude seemed to soften as she smiled. The girl who was constantly trying to push others away had accepted this proposal herself. This was surely a turning point in her fate.

Fol’s words were the deciding factor towards the student council’s decision to perform a play at this year’s cultural festival.


But of course, a play needed a program.

We needed to decide what story to adapt and prepare the script for it. As a result of the discussion regarding what we’d do about that, it was decided that Fol would ask her acquaintance to procure one for us.

Written by Scarlet Rain (緋色の雨)

Translated by KuroInfinity at

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    2. Educate his charge to be a perfect lady that won’t lose to anyone in noble society no matter in term of wit ,scheme, elegance, manner and beauty nor show her flaw to anybody as long as she want it even to himself.
    3. Go to slum, enter the dark guild organization that is representative of kingdom underwold, negotiate with the leader while subtly show his dominance (signaling he know who is the true leader facing the body double and outright admitting he know the possible scheme and trap that can be used by dark guild by taking the children in) while he subtly hinted that he here to tie all the loose end by paying the dark guild exact amount of money of the children’s parent debts, also to tell the leader that by this he hope that the dark guild will open and aboveboard relationship with marquis household directly throught him and indirectly become his lady allies by virtues of his master show of compassion throught him.
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