The imperial capital of the Algrand Empire.


Located there was the inner palace, which was the size of a city in and of itself.


In the place where the royal family lived, everything one could ever need was readied there.


To support the kin of the Emperor, millions of people were hired as servants. 


Inside one of the high-rise buildings there lived the prince third in line to the throne.


His name was [Cleo Noah Albalate].


Although his red hair was cut short, the right half of it was left long to the point that it flowed down to his shoulder.


Although his androgynous face could be considered very beautiful– he was undoubtedly a man.


Currently shirtless and only wearing pants, Cleo was looking out a window.


He had just recently come of age, and currently had the appearance of someone who had just entered their teens.


Looking at the figure of this person was [Lysithea Noah Albalate], his older sister who had her slightly curly hair tied into a ponytail.


She was a tall woman with a well-trained body.


Rather than a member of the imperial family, it’d be more apt to describe her as a knight.


In truth, Lysithea was actually stationed by Cleo’s side as his knight.


“Cleo, can’t you wear a shirt or something?”


Turning to look back at his nagging sister, Cleo’s upper body was actually quite toned despite its slenderness.


Combined with his androgyneous looks, he almost looked like a girl with no chest.


“There’s nothing to be ashamed of. I’m a man.”


Although Lysithea understood his perspective, she still pushed for her brother to dress himself.


“You can’t stay shirtless forever. Not to mention, you’ve received a reply from Count Banfield– he’s agreed to meet with you.”


Hearing those words, Cleo turned back towards the window.


“Is that so?”


As if talking to himself, the tone of his voice showed that he wasn’t very interested.


Seeing his response, Lysithea pleaded for him to change his attitude.


“I understand how you might feel, but there aren’t many people even willing to meet with you as it is. You can’t be rude to him.”


But he snorted at that statement.


“He probably only agreed because he wants to make a fool of me. Many others have done the exact same thing before.”


Cleo might live in a skyscraper, but there actually weren’t that many people in the building.


Usually the residents of the prince’s that held the highest rights to inheritance had a constant influx of people lined up for meetings and the like. 


Nevertheless, barely anyone visited Cleo’s residence despite the fact that he was third in line for the throne.


This was because of Cleo’s special position.


“Seriously… this is mother’s problem, not mine. I’m not the one who couldn’t accept reality and forced my ugly ambitions onto a child.”


Lysithea didn’t respond to him.


Considering the circumstances, she felt the Emperor was more to blame rather than their mother.


But if she ever actually voiced those thoughts, heads would be sent flying.


Though their lives would still be at risk even if they didn’t do anything.


“Cleo, you need a powerful noble on your side.”


Lysithea once again tried to persuade her brother.


“…I know that.”


“Then take this more seriously! Count Banfield isn’t just young and capable, I’ve heard that he’s also the embodiment of noble spirit! Once he learns of your situation, he’ll undoubtedly lend you his power.”


Casting his eyes downward, Cleo suddenly burst into laughter while holding his stomach.


“You’re telling me there’s an aristocrat out there that will help a clown like myself? Even mother gave up on me. There’s no point in getting my hopes up.”


He was third in line to inherit the throne– but this position of his was nothing more than the Emperor’s cruel joke.


Knowing this truth, no noble would ever consider supporting Cleo.


They’d rather laugh at him instead.


The reason such a Cleo tried getting in contact with a person as distinguished as Liam was– to put it simply, due to the intensifying battle for succession.


Repercussions of the Berkley family’s fall to ruin were appearing everywhere.


The aftermath had even reached the inner palace, factions were thrown into chaos and were now being reorganised.


Now as a natural result, people were now taking advantage of this opportunity to raise their placement in the race for inheritance.


There was significant meaning in someone choosing to support Cleo during this time.


Both him and Lysithea were in dire straights, this meeting with Liam was their last chance of hope to cling to.


However, with how nobody had agreed to help them before, he had already given up himself.


“In any case, our older brothers are already preparing to recruit the Banfield house into their ranks.”


Hearing that, Lysithea opened her eyes wide.


“Are you talking about the first and second in line? Though they might be capable, I don’t think I’ve heard any news of them trying to get into contact with him.”


The crown prince with the highest chance to succeed the throne was [Calvin Noah Albalate].


He had a multitude of nobles in his faction and was rumoured to be the most powerful man in the Empire only second to the Emperor himself.


However, when considering the royal family’s history, such rumours were unreliable.


Second in line was [Linus Noah Albalate], an individual who’s pure drive for the seat of Emperor couldn’t be compared.


Whenever anything even slightly seemed like it would become an obstacle to his ambitions, he thoroughly crushed them under his foot.


But kicking Calvin down was difficult for even Linus.


Due to the size of their factions and various circumstances, first through third place for the right to inherit were relatively calm.


However, with the destruction of the Berkley family, the imperial court has become restless.


Linus wasn’t going to miss this opportunity, and Calvin was strengthening his defences.


As a result– the two of them were now recruiting as many powerful noblemen as they could.


Such as Liam.


Cleo couldn’t help but lament his own lack of power.


“It’s only a matter of time.”


◇ ◇ ◇


“Lord Liam has safely enrolled into the Imperial University! This Brian here is so moved that the tears won’t stop!”


Crying in the video projected into the air was my butler Brian.


He had made this call while I was currently living in the imperial capital.


While sitting on a sofa in plain clothes, I was currently watching his crying face.


“What an unsightly face to see first thing in the morning. How many times have I told you? This is just another entrance ceremony, it just so happens that this one is for the university. Are you going to keep crying forever?”


Was it really okay to have a butler that cried this easily?


Well, at least he did his job well.


I’ve heard he’s been doing quite well managing my estate.


“What are you saying! After successfully graduating from the military academy, all that’s left of your training are your studies at the university and your work as an official! After that, you can return home and focus all your efforts into developing the territory!”


While listening to Brian drone on, I was leisurely enjoying my morning.


I was drinking tea prepared for me by Amagi as I conversed with him.


“That’s right, is the development of the territory still proceeding smoothly?”


Brian delightedly nodded his head multiple times.


“Of course! The domain constantly developing even while you’re in training. Please check the documents I’ve sent if you want the specific numbers.”


I smiled at his words.


“That’s good to hear.”


“Everyone in the territory is eagerly awaiting your return, Lord Liam!”


As always, my subjects seemed to be completely ignorant of everything.


Without even knowing that their master was an evil lord, they seemed to be looking forward to my homecoming.


I– [Liam Sera Banfield], am a reincarnator.


I was a villain who was reincarnated into this fantasy universe and was aiming to become an evil lord.


My previous life had taught me that there was no point in living virtuously, so now all of my actions in this one were done with the intention to enjoy it to the fullest.


For that reason– while I wasn’t in the territory, I had put in policies that would help drive its development.


This was so that when I finally returned, I’d be able to squeeze the rich residents for all they were worth.


I was looking forward to that moment even now.


With a meaningful smile, Brian chimed in while I was drinking tea.


“By the way, Lord Liam, when do you plan to officially welcome Lady Eulisia as a mistress?”


“-pfft?! W-where the hell did that come from?!”


Eulisia– she was a former saleslady of the Third Weapons Factory, a strange person who had left that position to return to the army and join the special forces.


Apparently her whole reason for doing so was just so that she could reject me after I confessed to her.


She was a very disappointing girl, did people really think I wanted her as a mistress? While it was true that I had taken her in, I needed to correct this misconception.


I had no intentions of welcoming her in as a lover.


I really didn’t, but I guess things might look that way considering how I recruited her.


“You didn’t?”


I looked over my shoulder at Amagi, who was already moving to clean up the spilled tea.


“A-Amagi?! L-let me explain! This is just a misunderstanding!”


Turning towards me, she was smiling.


But something about it frightening.


This situation was almost like man saying, “You’re misunderstanding my relationship with that woman!” as he tried to explain things to his wife.


“Isn’t it fine? Lord Liam, you always say that you’re looking to make a harem, but you never actually embrace anyone.”


“Then what about you!”


“That wouldn’t count.”




“No, that’s the truth. Your body is still pure, Lord Liam.”


“…my body is still pure?”


Amagi smiled as this revelation dawned on me.


In other words… I was still considered a virgin in this universe?


Brian followed up while I was still in shock.


“I understand that you’re currently engaged to Lady Rosetta, but the Banfield house currently suffers from a lack of heirs. It’s the duty of nobility to prepare successors, even if by doing so you’ll be a bit immoral.”


“Shut up! I can’t make a child for a reason like that!


“What’s wrong with that?! Lord Liam, should anything ever happen to you, that would be the end of the Banfield house! This is important! We’re actually really worried about this! You never show any interest in real women!”


Seeing Brian actually angry for once, I was speechless.


I want to live freely.


I don’t want to follow anyone’s orders.


However, seeing Brian so anxious, I couldn’t really deny him with how long he’s looked after me.


“I-I’ll take that into consideration, but for now we’re putting this story on hold.”


“You’re always dodging the subject like this! Lord Liam, this Brian here is so worried about this to the point of losing sleep. Even during your time at the imperial university, there will be those looking to turn the tables on yo–”


Brian’s nagging was getting pretty annoying so I ended the call there.


I then wiped my sweat.


“–my mistresses should be carefully selected. That’s why I’m not going to accept Eulisia as one.”


That’s right. Only the best of the best can become one.


Even if she was a little cute, a disappointing girl like Eulisia could never be accepted.


Amagi was pouring me a new cup of tea.


“You’ve already ended the call, why are you making excuses?”


Not able to bear Amagi’s gaze any longer, I downed the tea in one go before standing up.


“I’m going to the university.”


Amagi bowed her head.


“Understood. I’ll prepare the car.”


Why do I have to be nagged by my butler about my own mistresses first thing in the morning?


If there were more girls who weren’t so disappointing around me, they’d be quickly increasing.


Was that so hard to understand?


Putting that aside, shouldn’t butlers usually warn their masters to watch their womanizing instead of pushing them into debauchery? 


“Well, maybe there are some beautiful girls at the university?”


To get Amagi and Brian off my back, should I just find some girl an– wait a second here.


Why do I need an excuse to play around with women?


With my second life, I’ve already decided not to hold back on my desires.


Anything should be fine as long as I enjoy myself.


I’m feeling kind of annoyed right now.


“Amagi, call Wallace.”


“Wallace? I don’t believe he’s awake yet.”


He apparently returned late last night and was still sleeping.


The fact that this was all because he was playing around kind of pissed me off.


“That doesn’t matter, wake him up.”


Let’s start going to mixers with him.


Rosetta will surely be troubled if I start socialising with other women everyday.


She’ll surely regret getting engaged to a man like me!

Brian(´;ω;`) “It’s painful. Lord Liam is too serious. His lack of interest in women is painful.”

Written by Mishima Yomu/Wai (三嶋 与夢)

Translated by KuroInfinity at

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  1. “Isn’t it fine? Lord Liam, you always say that you’re looking to make a harem, but you never actually embrace anyone.”
    “Then what about you!”
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    “No, that’s the truth. Your body is still pure, Lord Liam.”
    “…my body is still pure?”
    Amagi smiled as this surprising revelation dawned on me.


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  2. “Isn’t it fine? Lord Liam, you always say that you’re looking to make a harem, but you never actually embrace anyone.”
    “Then what about you!”
    “That doesn’t count.”
    “No, that’s the truth. Your body is still pure, Lord Liam.”
    “…my body is still pure?”
    Amagi smiled as this surprising revelation dawned on me.
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