Death Flag Volume 2 Chapter 46

Okay… there’s the last of the sponsored chapters, now there’s only the apology chapter for the week. Which also by the way happens to be the final chapter of Volume 2! \(^^)/

Its only a coincidence. Total coincidence.

EDIT: I just checked, but the next chapter is 8 pages long too… orz

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Ps. I wanted to post some drawings by now but…

…digital art is hard. 😦


Death Flag Volume 2 Chapter 45

That’s two out of four…

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btw have you read the short stories Yorai-kun has done? I just read, “The probability I can kill my wife without being found out” and its SOOOO GOOOD. I cried while reading it, and I don’t do that very often. They’re only one chapter each, and they’re worth the read. 😀

Check them out!

And its counterpart story too! “A game to make him fall.”

Death Flag Volume 2 Chapter 44

Here’s the first out of four bonus chapters. (3 sponsored, 1 as an apology for being so late)

To be honest, its been so long that I can’t remember who sponsored these ones, so I’m just going to make a big long list thanking all of the people ho sponsored me so far at the release of the fourth chapter.

Whew… let’s see if I can get them all out before the end of the week…

You can read the next chapter:

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Death Flag Volume 2 Chapter 40

Hey everyone~ (^^)/

Tbh I really wanted to get this chapter out yesterday, but I had a shift to take care of.

I’m planning to get the next chapter out Thursday, but who knows? I’m only a sloth afterall. xD

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PS. I took some of ur guys’s advice and redrew my avatar. I’ts still a work in progress though. 😛


…I suck at colouring. >.<