–Rosetta, you’ve disappointed me.

“Darling, do you think this outfit looks nice?”

“…uh, yeah.”

“I’m glad. Amagi actually recommended this one to me.”

“…I see.”

Rosetta didn’t have clothes or possessions appropriate for her new status, so I had Thomas import various products for her.

I told her she could have whatever she wanted– and she ended up choosing things with great joy.

And now she was showing me her new clothes.

I thought she was a woman with a spirit of steel, but she had fallen so easily– is this the ‘two frame punchline1’ my junior told me about in my previous life?

Even so– there’s no way I can accept this!

Adorned with her dress, Rosetta spun around in front of me to show it off.

Her hair was set straight before, but it was slowly turning back to its original state that was curled into ringlets– and the longer I looked at her, the more beautiful she seemed to get.

Personality wise? –I’ve been told that she grew up in poverty, so she’s actually quite humble.

I don’t know the details.

I wasn’t interested in them.

There’s a budget being prepared for Rosetta, but I don’t think it’d be a problem even if she exceeded it a bit.

Now that the engagement ceremony is over, we’ll be returning to elementary school soon.

Thomas even prepared her some special school supplies.

And so, Rosetta went on to tell me about various things,

“Oh and darling, about tomorrow–”

“You’re going to visit the grave, right? I’ll go with you.”

After seeing Rosetta’s proud moment, her grandmother peacefully passed away.

Rosetta was crying back then.

Though she seems to have recovered, she tends to relapse whenever she visits the grave.

…and as a side note, her family’s thankful attitude towards me was really troubling.

–Rosetta’s mother was so grateful she’d start crying, while Rosetta herself was giving me this whole ‘darling’ treatment.

Though, it did feel unexpectedly good to be thanked.

How did this happen? As I thought so, the huge monitor in the room started broadcasting a television series.

Rosetta’s face flushed as she watched it,

“Oh, it looks like it’s this time already.”

It was a drama starring Rosetta as the main heroine.

The moment I saw it, I was instantly filled with regret– it was seriously embarrassing.

Are you really okay with this?

Show some more resistance! Start crying, “This isn’t me!”

“She looks like a princess, that’s not me.”

The actress who was playing Rosetta’s role was very beautiful.

While the original herself seemed to be okay with it… Wrong. This is so wrong!

On the sofa I was currently sitting on, Rosetta shyly sat down beside me.

There was a subtle distance between us, but for some reason I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

…where did the woman of steel from school go?

Well, I was the only one who called her that, but wasn’t her change to a young maiden in love a little too drastic?

While watching the drama, Rosetta was blushing,

“My home isn’t such a big mansion.”

Because this episode was still focusing on her life of poverty, I was somehow able to endure it.

But in a later scene, a handsome actor appeared to play my part.

The scene looked like it took place during the time before I left for elementary school, while I was still at the mansion.

He was vainly portrayed to be cool.

The dialogue was written to make him look like a kind lord who cared about his territory, so it was obvious how little they understood me.

Surely, this was the wish of what the people hoped I’d be like.

But it was meaningless. I wasn’t a virtuous lord.

Even so, I was worried about the filming location.

“Huh? It looks really similar to the mansion…”

Brian entered the room with a service cart as I commented on how close they were able to reproduce my house.

He looked really happy today,

“Please excuse me, I’ve prepared some refreshments for you.”

I pointed at the monitor,

“Hey Brian, check that out, it looks just like our mansion.”

Breaking out into laughter, Brian responded to me while preparing the tea,

“Of course it does, we rented out part of the estate for the filming. In actuality, this Brian here was an aspiring actor in the past, so I approved of it with great joy. I even got to have a minor role in the show.”

So Brian was involved in this.

Or rather, be clear on whether you were an adventurer or an actor already.

A little embarrassed, he happily added on, “I even got to receive an autograph from an actress I’m quite the big fan of.”

…that’s nice.

Turning back to the drama, the strong willed lady Rosetta just had her fateful encounter with the young scion of a noble house– myself, and the broadcast was over.

There were a lot of things I wanted to comment on.

As for Rosetta, she was either really happy or embarrassed– her face was flushed.

And when the episode finished, she was looking at me.

–she seemed to be expecting something, but I didn’t know what to do.

As I thought that, Wallace suddenly barged into the room,

“Liam, let’s go back to school already!”

“Departure is three days from now.”

At my immediate answer, Wallace’s expression broke down into despair.

Rosetta turned towards him, her gaze frosty.

“Is there any reason why?”

I asked him for an explanation, but his answer was pathetic,

“It’s Serena! She turns into a demon whenever my manners don’t reach her standards! I thought my life would change after leaving the palace, but things haven’t changed at all!”

Apparently he only wants to go back to school so he can escape from Serena.

He’s an idiot.

Serena won’t complain as long as you’re mindful about your manners.

Even I got scolded on my bad mouth, but that’s about it.

“This is a good opportunity. Let’s make your training harder for the remaining three days.”

“Are you betraying me, Liam?!”

“I’m doing this for your sake, Wallace.”

Then some maids entered the room, bowing their heads towards me before they grabbed and dragged Wallace away.


I drank my tea while listening to Wallace’s cry.

It was my decision to take him as my underling, but subjugating Wallace didn’t really feel like putting a prince under my control. 

In this universe, he was my one mistake.

That’s when Brian told me something interesting,

“Oh yes, Lord Liam, we’ve received a report from a pioneer planet that they’ve discovered something interesting.”

“Something interesting?”

“Yes, it’s a fake, but curious thing. Do you know of planetary development equipment?”

Planetary development equipment.

They were devices used to terra-form pioneer planets into environments suitable for people to live in.

“I’ve heard about them. How do they relate to the device?”

“It seems that the device used by the ancient civilisation was far superior to the technology that we use today. The report says that we’ve found an object similar to that tool. I understand that you like such things, so I had it transported to the mansion.”

–Holding my hand over my mouth, I went into deep thought,

I recognised this pattern.

Things like this meant the guide was involved, and every instance so far brought me great amounts of wealth.

“I want to check on this immediately.”

When I stood up, Rosetta said she’d come with me– but I told her that it was okay, and that she should rest.

◇ ◇ ◇

A blue sphere was brought to the estate.

It was about the size of a soccer ball, and there were multiple glowing lines stretching around it, creating a beautiful sight.

Standing next to me, Brian explained,

“After placing this device near a planet, it’ll slowly transform said planet into an environment that people can live in. It’s a kind of talisman for pioneer teams, imitations are still being created to this day.”

“That’s amazing.”

“While it does have the power to make planets prosperous, if used improperly, it also has the power to destroy planets, converting the absorbed energy from them into elixirs. It’s a frightening device that was the death of many worlds in the ancient civilization.”

It was possible to enrich ruined planets, but the reverse was also possible.

When I touched it, the sphere turned red.

“Oh, it’s rare for them to have a red shine. Usually, they’re made to only glow blue.”

“…is that so?”

I might’ve struck gold here.

The possibility of this being the real thing was high.

“Brian, tell me more about how to use the device.”

“For Lord Liam to be so interested in the stories of my adventuring days, this Brian here is overjoyed.”

After learning the procedure to use it from Brian– I immediately left for space.

◇ ◇ ◇

While Liam was away in space.

Rosetta had called out to Amagi.

Amagi was expressionless,

“Is there something that you need, Lady Rosetta?”

“I heard about darling’s circumstances from Brian and Serena. Is it true that after he was abandoned by his parents, you took over the role of his mother?”

Amagi nodded,

“Master’s parents and grandparents had left him for a life in the imperial capital. They didn’t have any intention to raise their child, so I took care of him in their stead.”

She continued on,

“I understand that my presence is unsatisfactory, but I can’t go against my Master’s orders.”

Liam was the one at fault for keeping an android by his side.

But Rosetta–

“Wait! I wasn’t complaining about that!”

“Lady Rosetta?”

Rosetta brought out a braided string bracelet and presented it to Amagi,

“–this is something that I made by hand, I’m sorry I couldn’t give you more.”

It wasn’t something purchased from the Banfield house’s territory, nor was it something procured from Thomas.

She had made it herself.

“Are you sure about this?”

“Of course I am! Aren’t you an important person to darling?”

Amagi smiled, but she looked a little sad,

“Yes, I guess I am.”

She thanked Rosetta for the bracelet,

“–thank you, Madam2.”

Having been acknowledged as Liam’s wife, Rosetta became embarrassed.

◇ ◇ ◇

Outer space, an area filled with debris.

I had come to such a place in Avid to use my recently acquired device.

“Now, let’s see what happens if…”

The planetary development device was dyed red and began to absorb what I assumed to be life force. 

Drifting along this area were the remains of the pirates who tried to attack my territory’s pioneer planet.

Apparently the device absorbs life force, or as Brian calls it, ‘souls’ to produce elixirs.

I’m hesitant to use it on my own people, but if it’s against pirates, then there’s no problem.

The sphere was completely dyed red and the light settled down as it stopped absorbing whatever it was before.

I brought the sphere into the cockpit and started inspecting it,

“Now, if I do this…”

Liquid was spilled from the sphere while I was messing around with it.

What splashed onto my knee solidified into stones before dropping to the floor.

“Oops, I spilled a bit.”

I tried to pick them up, but I couldn’t find them all.

Well, it didn’t really matter.

I took out a bottle and started pouring the elixir into it.

“…it’s not a lot, is it?”

I took the bottle filled with elixir and shook it.

“As always, it’s the real thing. I have to make sure to thank the guide.”

Treasures naturally gathered in my hands one after another.

As I thought, there was no problem even if I didn’t accept Derrick’s deal.

However, I couldn’t help but notice that the guide hasn’t been showing up recently. –is he okay?

No, I shouldn’t worry about him.

Everything that he’s done for me, follow-ups included– were perfect.

I’m sure he’s doing fine.

“He was really embarrassed the last time, so maybe he’s too shy to show his face to me right now? That guy is surprisingly cute.”

But it’s important to show gratitude for things.

So I hope these feelings of mine reach him.

“Thanks for everything guide– you’ve given me even more strength.”


In the first place, while I’m happy to get a device that makes elixirs, I could always buy them.

The money used to do so could be created with the alchemy box, so to be honest, there’d be no problem even if I didn’t have it.

“…should I put this thing on the fortress-class, and use it to develop pioneer planets?”

Although it was a battleship purchased from Nias, I was currently using it as a temporary defensive base.

While the ship’s deployed on a pioneer planet, the item’s enriching effects should take hold.

When used normally, the planetary development device was one used to nurture life rather than absorb it.

Brian said there’d be no harm.

“Since I also have to prepare a new pioneer planet for Wallace’s territory, should I send this as a lucky charm along with the fortress-class?”

If I had this embedded in a stone statue to keep it hidden, nobody would know.

This has great potential merits for me.

“To send such useful tools one after another– the guide truly is the best.”

◇ ◇ ◇

Around that time– the guide was spreading his arms at the imperial capital.

“Fuhahaha! The negative emotions that have accumulated for thousands of years, give me strength!”

Even though they weren’t absorbed very efficiently, there was an abundance of negative emotions there.

He could easily recover his power in this place.

However, it still couldn’t compare to his previous strength.

Because Liam’s gratitude was constantly draining him.

“Now I can finally drop that damn Liam to the depths of hell. Just you wait, Liam!”

Then, as the guide was wondering what to do next–

The dog-shaped light that was hiding behind him turned to look up at the sky. 

The skies around the imperial capital were protected by a layer of metal.

Despite this, a golden spear of Liam’s gratitude had appeared– flying straight towards the laughing guide, piercing him right through his back.


The guide cried out from the sudden impact.

He was sown into the ground.

“Wha… wh-wh-what the hell is this?!”

The confused guide grabbed the spear to pull it out– but the very touch of it burned him.

Smoke was coming out of the places he was in contact with it.

“GYAAAAA!!! T-this is Liam’s gratitude?! Why?! I haven’t even done anything!”

The oversized feelings of thanks had taken shape, impaling the guide and leaving him struggling in anguish.

“I-it’s being taken away. The power that I had finally recovered… is being stolen from me… how could this happen?! You bastard… YOU BASTARD!!! LIAAAAMMMM!!!!”

He didn’t even do anything this time, but the guide was still seared by Liam’s gratitude.

Brian(`・ω・´) “This Brian here received an autograph from a famous actress! I’m so happy!”

Brian(・ω・` ) “Also… the guide sure is a pitiful sight.”

Written by Mishima Yomu/Wai (三嶋 与夢)

Translated by KuroInfinity at slothtranslationsblog.com

  1. You know 4-koma comics? Think 2-koma comics with only 2 squares, where the joke is revealed right away/suddenly. Liam is likening this situation to one. The punchline being Rosetta’s sudden ‘dere’ mode.
  2. Amagi actually calls Rosetta as ‘Oku-sama(奥様)’ here, which has the double meaning of wife/master, as opposed to Liam’s husband/master title of ‘Dan’na-sama(旦那様)’. I didn’t want to use ‘Master’ again because Liam is her Master, but to use ‘Wife’ would just be plain awkward in English, so I went with ‘Madam’, not the best translation, but it’s the best I could think of. 

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