Death Flag Volume 3 Illustrations (Spoilers) (Incomplete)

Advertisement by the Illustrator:

CmrwVuRUsAAEpz6LN Cover:


Coloured Illustration:


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18 thoughts on “Death Flag Volume 3 Illustrations (Spoilers) (Incomplete)

              1. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, I am still an MT.


                Please forgive me, I’m still studying Japanese and am pretty much garbage reading it without my dictionaries…

                You’ll have to wait for someone to come along who’s more proficient than me to translate them in the comments.


                  1. Well, I could probably translate it, but I’m too lazy, (plus I haven’t translated in ages), so if you want spoilers go to animesuki.

                    Kay, I actually did just that, and without translating I can say:
                    (spoiler, mark text.)
                    The man on the left is Justus (a.k.a. guy who destroys the world), the Blonde is Lifa, and the other girl (with the cap) is called El (or Eru).
                    Volume 3 seems to happen after a 5 years time skip and starts with him meeting Lifa, a loli self-proclaimed genius inventor and a future companion of the hero party in the game, as well as El, a traveler that seems to be interested in knowing more about him.
                    El seems to be an information broker that meets up with the hero party on regular basis in the game.

                    Lastly, Justus. He is the one who is trying to destry the world, being behind both the miasma incident and the dark red shade-thingy. Oh, and he also seems to be Harolds current boss in vol.3 … welp.

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  1. so when will harold clash against hero party?
    id like to see that happen, the moment harold is considered true last boss by hero party


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