Villainess Butler, Volume 2 Chapter 6

lol I get caught up in one series only for someone to start translating my other one.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little miffed about the snipe, but I understand that it was due to my sloth-ness. (^^|||

Like I’ve said before though, I’m not going to tell anyone else to stop translating these projects since we’re all just fan translators without any legal right to them.

With that said, I hope you all enjoy my rendition of this chapter even if you’ve already read it lol

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Villainess Butler, Volume 2 Chapter 5

Family went camping this weekend, but I stayed behind ’cause I’m not an outdoorsy type. Its a bit lonely tbh, but having the house to myself is fun.

I’d definitely die of embarrassment if anyone saw me singing to myself and stuff, though. o(*≧□≦)o

Oof, this chapter was a pain. I’ve actually been working on it for a couple days now, having wanted to get it out on Thursday, but oh well. What’s done is done lol

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Villainess Butler, Volume 2 Chapter 4

Hey everyone in my shoujo-novel half of readers. I know its been a while, but I hope you can forgive me for the wait.

I’ve… actually already said most of what I wanted in my re-greetings to my shounen-novel readers for Evil Lord, so you should probably check that post if you want to read that stuff.  (^^|||

Oh my god I had forgotten how long and detailed VB chapters are… I actually wanted to get this out yesterday, but the chapter was just too dang long.
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This is definitely one of my favourite ones of volume 2 though. (♥ω♥*)

More importantly, VBs manga adaptation is looking good so far!

EUqyovVUcAAm0hd (1)

Even the previews look amazing! There’s no release date yet, unfortunately, but its been in the works for more than a few months, and with the completion of the third volume, it should be out soon… I hope. @_@

Oh btw, I updated the Table of Contents to have the third volume’s chapter titles. DON’T WORRY, even though they might look very end-of-series-y, the author has confirmed that its still ongoing! lol

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Villainous Butler, Volume 2 Chapter 3 + Illustrations (incomplete)

The title of the series has been changed… before it was ‘~I Raised Her to be Very Cute~’, and now its ‘I’ll Crush the Destruction Flags’… tbh I like the old title better, sounded less generic. (^^|||

Oh, and in case you didn’t know, the light novel is being released on April 3rd! So LOOK AT THIS!!! Sophia and Cyril and Alicia and Alforth! They all look amazing!



Unfortunately, I won’t be translating it since I have a moral standard against translating the officially published works that the authors are actually relying on for profit.

In any case, stay safe out there! (^^)/

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Villainous Butler, Volume 2 Prologue + Announcement

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me~

A chapter! 😀

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Well, that’s one of the benefits of not setting a schedule, and at least I only did it after finishing a volume instead of at a cliffhanger lol

Anyways, I’m back and frequent chapters will be a must! Btw, I’ll be doing this and Evil Lord in rotation despite how I usually work since I’ve never had 2 active popular projects before.

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Villainous Butler, Volume 1 Chapter 18


I forgot to mention. On the 9th the Author for Evil Lord said the web novel will resume next week, so the prologue for the 5th volume should be out by Saturday at the latest. However, I’m not translating it until the volume is completely released and I’ve found a good stopping point for Villainous Butler. So you Evil Lord fans will still have to wait a bit, unfortunately.

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