Blacksmith Volume 2 Chapter 15

“Hmm…” last night I was able to sleep really well, I was able to wake up easily too.

I raised both my hands to let my blood circulate while stretching. Yeah this was a good morning that left a pleasant taste in my mouth.

Turning to the window the sky was cloudless, a perfect sunny day. My room easily catches the sunset, so of course it would get the full effects of a sunny day. For this warm awakening I must also say thanks.


With how my morning was going, I decided to enjoy the sun a little more before heading off to class.

I guess I was still a bit sleepy because my body was a bit stiff. Well, it’s nothing a little stretch won’t fix.


After I finished dressing myself, I took my time to enjoy my morning tea. For some reason it was even more delicious than usual today.

Today will be a good day. I couldn’t help but feel that way this morning.

While I was thinking about such things, I heard a happy sound come from my stomach.


Apparently it’s time for breakfast, but I don’t really feel like cafeteria food…

I guess I’ll just make something then, but not even a minute after I entered the kitchen, a knock resounded at the door.

Vaine’s the only one up this early, but whenever he knocks he does it gently, not like the sound I just heard.


With a little anxiety in my heart, I opened the door.

“I’m here nyaa~”

“I didn’t invite you” and with that said I closed the door.

“No! Wait nyaa!” before I could close it something had blocked me at the end.

When I looked down, I noticed that Neko-sensei’s foot was sandwiched in the opening.

For her to immediately come up with a countermeasure like that, I guess she’s familiar with situations like this.

But why would she… no, with an appearance like that it’s only natural this has happened before..


“Why are you here so early in the morning?”

“Well I thought it would be my best chance to get in nyaa.”

We had a little pushing contest at the door, but I was getting overpowered. She was determined to get in. Damn it, where is she getting this strength from?!


“How was the transformation magic nyaa? Are you using it nyaa?”

“I have, it’s was very useful during the time I tried it.”

Wait, was it really helpful? I was almost killed because of it…


“I see nyaa. That’s a relief nyaa, there’s actually something I want to talk to you about nyaa.”

For some reason Neko-sensei’s atmosphere seems to have changed, the aura she was giving off was almost visible, going *Karari!* (sfx: Cheerful).

Noticing this I immediately turned to escape, with the door blocked off it’s impossible to just play this off and ditch her. I need to escape!


“I won’t let you run away nyaa!” she hooked my clothes with one of her claws.

She knew what I was thinking!


“The transformation magic I taught you is very special Kururi-chan, nyaa. It’s not a spell that just anyone can learn nyaa. You know nyaa?” those were very condescending words. What is she getting at?

“I do, and I’m grateful for you teaching me that spell.”

“That’s good, because I don’t just teach it for free nyaa. The world of adults isn’t so sweet nyaa.”


Neko-sensei’s eyes were sharp, they even a little scary. After staring into them for a while, she raised her paw-index finger.


“Meow that Kururi-chan has learned the spell, you can meow return the favour nyaa.”

“…what do you need me to do?”

“I need you to transform into me and teach my class nyaa.”

“There’s no way I could do that!”

“Don’t worry nyaa. It’s only lectures today nyaa. All you need to do is read a book to everyone nyaa. Your tuition is really paying itself off nyaa.”

Like hell that’s fine Neko-sensei!


“Is this really okay?”

“I think it’s alright nyaa. It might be impossible for you to act as elegant as me nyaa, but I think you can do it nyaa.”

Am I really that unrefined?


“I… guess it’s okay? Anyways, what do you need to do that’s so important Neko-sensei?”

“Spring has come nyaa! It’s the best season where it’s not too hot or too cold outside nyaa! It’s the time to do what all living things want to do nyaa!”

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

“No, I mean, what are you actually doing today?”

“Something that children shouldn’t expose themselves too nyaa. You’ll get too horny nyaa.”


I decided it would be better not to ask. I’m not saying that I don’t have any interest, rather I’m extremely interested right now, but I pushed down that emotion. Its way too dangerous.


“Only this one time.”

“Okay nyaa. Thanks nyaa, I’ll bring you back some souvenirs nyaa.”

“Yeah, yeah~ I’m trembling in anticipation.”


* * *


What was supposed to be a good day has suddenly become a very rough day.

After our talk, everything was just went by in a blur. First of all, I had to get out of class.

I had to participate in a bunch of frauds as to not look suspicious when I was gone.


At one time I even had to go to Vaine’s room to tell him “I’m not feeling very good today, so I’m going to take the day off, can you tell the instructor?”


With the chime of the bell, the lesson had started and the students from C-class had started to gather in the classroom.

I was the one standing at the front where the teacher should be, but everyone else just saw Neko-sensei because of the spell.

I don’t think anyone’s noticed yet so there’s no problem.

Now that class had begun everyone was looking at me… This is bad, what am I supposed to say at the beginning of a lesson again?


“Okay~ it’s time to start the lesson nyaa.”

I tried to speak the same way as Neko-sensei.

The classroom is awfully quiet though… everyone is seriously listening to me right now. I need to calm down, I don’t want to get excited and cancel spell now.


“Take your textbooks nyaa. Today we’re going to study about the theory of nature manipulation magic nyaa. For now, just go to that section and do some free reading on your own nyaa.”

After I gave the instructions everyone started opening their textbooks/

This is good, I don’t think anyone’s suspicious of me. Since they’ll be concentrated on their reading, I think I’ll be okay for a bit.


After a while, as I started to think about how strange of a situation I’m in right now. Well, I should at least be able to answer the simple questions they have.


I started to walk around a bit, and I accidentally bumped my thigh against the corner of a student’s desk.

“Ofu”, the desk let out a dull sound, while I let voice slip.

I forgot, since Neko-sensei’s body is so big, it collides with things that I would usually have no problem walking through.

What an unexpected event, though it didn’t hurt that much, I was able to heal myself with magic quick enough.


“Are you alright?”

The girl whose desk I had just bumped into asked me anxiously.

“I’m okay nyaa. Sorry for disturbing you nyaa.”

“What an amazing voice, it almost sounds like a man’s.”

Saying “Excuse me” in response, I was able to run away to safety. However, that was close. Way too close…


Now that I had made that mistake once, I was determined not to do it again.

I was now walking with extra care… but this was bad, I can’t walk like this.

Its way too uncomfortable. It was to the point that I was almost grateful by the time I had made it back to the platform.


It just had to be then when a voice called out “Sensei” at me.

“What is it nyaa?”

“Can you explain this section to me? I don’t understand it.”

I looked at the part that he was pointing at near the fold. Oh, this?

Somehow I was able to give a response since I had already covered this before.

“Oh, so it’s like that huh? That’s easy to understand.”


The students who had just seen that exchange suddenly started to call out to me.

Again, they were all easy questions.

I was able to answer them all quickly.


After running through the barrage of question I felt like collapsing. You would think that for a theoretical class they wouldn’t need so much help, but it looks like it’s different for the C-class. It feels nice to have them rely on me but…


“Excuse me,” a familiar voice suddenly called out to me.

It was Crossy, come to think of it, he did say he was in C-class didn’t he?


“I don’t understand this part very well.”

I looked over the section that he was pointing at. Oh, this?

“You need to know something else before you can understand this interpretation, go back one page first before you read this.”

“Sensei, the way you’re talking right now is…”


I spoke normally by accident. Maybe it was because I was so familiar with Crossy that I accidentally reverted back to my original way of speaking.

This is bad. I could feel myself sweating in nervousness. What do I do?!


I created a excuse out of desperation “It’s… a charm nyaa.”

“A charm? What kind of charm?”

“Oh!! Look at the time nyaa! Everyone, class is over nyaa!”


Standing over the desk, I pounded my paws against it to get their attention, but it hurt a little.

“For homework nyaa. I want you to review pages 134-241 okay nyaa?”

With everything I had to say said, I ran out of the classroom.


I need to go home quickly, I still haven’t been exposed. Once I get away it’ll be my win!



I tried to run away from class as quickly as I could, but it looks like one of the students had followed me.

The owner of the voice was definitely Crossy, so I fearfully looked back.

It’s okay, this hasn’t proven that I’ve been exposed yet.


“Sensei, a bit of your thigh had come off.”

He pointed at my leg, and when I checked, a small part of my thigh had reverted back to that of normal human being.


“…its because of stress nyaa, I’m starting to go bald nyaa.”

“You’re starting to go bald from stress Sensei?!”

“That’s right nyaa. Being a teacher is very hard nyaa.”

“Please do your best, it’ll get better. Here, I’ll give you this special cream I have, it should help somewhat.”

“Thanks nyaa.”

What a gentle child.

Though, it’s not Neko-sensei’s stress that’s been accumulating, she wasn’t even here today.

It was mine.

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