Blacksmith Volume 2 Chapter 14

After going into hiding for a bit and making sure the coast was clear, I headed back to my room.

I somehow lost her by escaping into a large crowd of people. Eliza wouldn’t want to risk her image by showing herself chasing me. Geez, that was way too close.


As for right now, I am currently waking up for the morning of the next day, safely alive.

Considering the fact that Eliza didn’t raid my room in fury, must’ve meant that her anger has cooled down considerably from before.

I don’t think she’s forgiven me though. With what happened yesterday, along with that event with Mary, my relationship with Eliza can only be considered the worst.

I want to change this, but it’s probably better if I avoid her for now. Right now, she’d burn me alive with her gaze if she could.


As I thought that, suddenly something came from under the room’s door, it was a letter.

It was a lovely envelope, signed with the beautiful yet terrifying name ‘Eliza Deauville’.

The moment I saw the name, goosebumps suddenly sprouted out all over me in horror.


‘You can’t run, I will find you.’


That one sentence on the letter have just announced my death, even if it was only written…

No, if she decides she wants to settle this through letters, isn’t this much better than in person?

Reinforcing my resolve, I gingerly opened the envelope and took out the stationary.

Huh, the stationary was rather pretty actually.

M-maybe the contents of it won’t be so bad.


Well, whether it be demons or snakes that come out, I am a man with the heart of a lion! I won’t be fazed by this!


Dear Kururi Helan-dono,


I hope this letter had found you well. Did you know? The weather had become so hot yesterday that my physical condition almost broke down? I’m sure that you’re fine though, there’s no way you would break down from something like that, right?

I didn’t get much sleep last night, I was too busy thinking of what you did to get any.


I closed the letter there, and gently placed it on the table.

For some reason I was thirsty all of a sudden, the atmosphere had made me quite nervous.

After drinking a cup of tea, I re-read that section with deep breath.

…Yup, it didn’t change. I wonder why she wrote the letter that way?


‘She didn’t get any sleep yesterday? How amusing~’ is what you’re thinking right? Well it’s not amusing for me!

Kururi Helan-dono, are you aware of who my father is? My father is the proud Prime Minister of this country, and he loves me very much. He has happily eliminated anything I didn’t like ever since I was small.


I once again closed the letter.

The letter had suddenly become much darker and her handwriting seems to have gotten rougher as well.

Brandishing my courage, I was somehow able to continue reading.


This time a very sad event had happened between us.

I believe that it would be in our best interests if we keep what happened a secret, right?

So let’s forget that this ever happened, this is the best choice.

My honour is protected, and you get to keep your life. We both win.

I think you understand. No, I know you understand.

So thank you for your understanding.

Please take care of yourself, we wouldn’t want anything bad to happen now, would we?


– Eliza Deauville


Somehow I was feeling intimidated by a letter, or rather, its contents.

In short, if I talk, I die. I wonder why she bothered to do this through letter though? Well, I’m thankful she didn’t decide to kill me out-right unconditionally though.


Well, even if it was a threat, she did take the time to write me a letter.

It’s only natural for a gentlemen to write one back.

Removing a pen from my desk’s drawer, I quickly got to work on a new paper.


Dear Eliza Deauville-sama,


I hope you are doing well, it worried me knowing you almost collapsed.

You don’t need to worry about me by the way, a little bit of extra heat won’t affect me, my body is quite used to it already.

Actually, I couldn’t get any sleep yesterday either, isn’t that a funny coincidence?

Also, there’s no way I wouldn’t have known who your father is.

He’s a great man with lots of influence with the country’s politics, we all live in gratitude to him everyday as nobles.

For such a busy person to actually make enough time to dote on his daughter is quite a nice surprise.

Oh, and by the way, I understand that you’re quite mad about something, but I can’t say I remember what I did.

In particular, I can’t seem to recall yesterday’s events at all.

Even if I wanted to spread the contents of what happened, I wouldn’t be able to.

You don’t need to worry about anything, so you can rest easy now.

If this is a lie, I swear to never have a good night’s sleep again, I swear it.

So again, don’t worry.

Not getting enough sleep would impair your beauty, so take care of yourself, okay?


– Kururi Helan


There we go, one letter.

While writing it, I carefully thought about what I should and shouldn’t say to appeal to her, and now I’m done.

Dashing out of the room, I headed straight over to the girl’s dormitory.

Once I was in front of her room, I placed the letter in the post box attached to her door.

‘Kyaa~! I was actually able to deliver it!’ Is what I thought as I ran off, my face completely flushed red.


Yeah, no. Sorry, but there’s no development like that happening right now.

Instead of a love letter, it’s more like a delivery that I had dropped off and ran away from the next second.


This should settle things for a while.

Our conflict still isn’t resolved, but this should be fine.

Right now, we’re at peace. It shouldn’t be too unreasonable to think that way for now.


I returned to my room and prepared a cup of tea.

It’s a special tea exclusively brought from home, it gives off an exceptional fragrance when brewed.

With this I can finally relax.


…or not. As soon as I thought that, the sound of something being dropped off in my post box rang out, completely ruining my happy mood.


After checking out what was inside, it turned out to be another letter from Eliza.


Dear Kururi Helan-dono


I have confirmed the contents of your letter. So you claim to have no recollection of what happened yesterday hmm?

You truly are the son of a backwater noble, it’s only expected that your memory matches your lineage, poor.


Calm down Kururi, calm down… just drink some tea…


Throwing formalities out the window, your letter suddenly changed into you throwing insults at me!

Somehow, I was able to suppress my anger enough to continue reading.


Well, even if you do somehow remember, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to just start telling everyone.

Though I’m no fool who’ll just believe anything they’re told. Especially from a man who doesn’t take anything seriously like you.

If you really are serious, why don’t you prove what you said?

Currently I’m in the middle of enjoying my tea for the afternoon, finish writing a response by the the time I’m done.


– Eliza Deauville


True, I guess you would want evidence to confirm that I could be trusted.

Hmm, what should I do? What can I do to show that I’ll keep the secret?

Or… should I give her something as collateral instead?

Huh? it looks like the letter still goes on.



The way you tried to describe my beauty was weak, is that really how feel about me?

Well, I don’t really care about how a non-serious man like you sees me anyway.

It was stupid trying to confirm this. This was only the icing on the cake, please excuse me.


…wow. Writing down my intentions in response actually worked wonders!

I wasn’t wrong about this, the cost-effective ratio is too good!

C-could Eliza actually be a naive maiden?!


Well, here I go.

Taking out my pen, I immediately started on my reply.


Dear Eliza Deauville-sama,


I read your letter, funny enough I was also drinking tea when I received it. My territory is actually famous for it, you would be pretty surprised what a ‘backwater’ noble can make if they try.

Eliza-sama, I must say your words have impressed me, and I will respond in kind.

Unfortunately due to my lack of wisdom, this was the best I could come up with to prove myself.

I will now disclose one of my secrets with you. Although I don’t think this will hold any demerits for you, if this isn’t enough I would like to apologise in advance.

Did you know? A few years ago I was actually fat and plump, almost to the point where I couldn’t see all of myself when standing in front of a mirror. It is one of my greatest shames that I have never told anyone before. Please keep this a secret.

Also, because I was in the middle of enjoying my tea, can you please be bit more considerate with the timing of your letters? I would appreciate it a lot.


– Kururi Helan



You are most delicate and beautiful girl I know, and of course, these are my true feelings here.

To give an example of what I see in these words, I have created a flower with magic in the image of you.

Look at the flower, and you will believe that I’m serious about this.


Finishing off the letter, I placed it in an envelope.

Then I gathered magic power in my hand, and invoked the spell for material creation.

If Eliza was a flower, the center of it would be a bright yellow, with thin, azure-coloured petals that form a larger ellipse when overlapped.

The stem would be the same colour as the petals, and it would be slim with two small green leaves growing a distance away from the flower.

Placing it together with letter, I delivered it to the post box of Eliza’s room.


Well, hopefully she forgives me with this, but if she asks for anything else, I’ll still try to do it.


While waiting for another reply, I brewed another batch of tea since the other one had cooled down.

Before I could drink it though, the sound of the post box rang out. That was a pretty fast reply.


Dear Kururi Helan-dono,


Thank you for the flower.

Is there a name for this flower?

Did you really create this with magic in the image of me? Its very beautiful.

A unique flower like none other in the world. A flower that represents me. If there is a name for it, could you tell me?


– Eliza Deauville



Your secret is safe with me.


The post-script and the main issue have swapped places!

Giving the flower as a gift was perfect!

Should this be interpreted as her forgiving me for yesterday?

No, no… I shouldn’t assume things, too dangerous.


I mean, this morning she was practically sending me death threats, but now she’s sending me letters like we’re pen-pals.

What’s with the change? To write letters with such clear feelings instilled in each one.


I immediately started on my reply.


Dear Eliza Deauville-sama,


It would be my pleasure to tell you.

The flower’s name is ‘Envy’, its shape was created in the form of a loop from my imagination.

By the way, in the language of flowers it means “A moment of pale happiness”.

It would make me so happy if you cherished it.


– Kururi Helan



I understand.

Lets just leave this as water under the bridge.

Also, I look forward to seeing you in class.


This is a big reversal from that rainy day I initially thought of.

I have passed this trial!

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  11. Eliza has probably received flowers before. Probably many times.

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