Blacksmith Volume 2 Chapter 1

Today, my school life begins.

I got up early today to make sure my uniform was in order.

You see, the uniforms have a simple design that uses the colour white as their base, while more expensive decorations accented other areas. These truly are uniforms created for a school centered around the nobility.


I confirmed my appearance in front of the mirror one last time. Standing tall with a skinny disposition, yet still having decent muscles, the uniform looked good on me if I do say so myself.

“Yeah, this is good.”


Kururi Helan.

Today is the beginning of the fate I resolved myself for three years ago.


As I passed through the door of my apartment there were two people waiting for me, each wearing a uniform of their own.

“Let’s go.”

“Yeah,” “Yes!”


* * *


Elenoire Academy.

When looking at the school building from a bird’s-eye view, it seems to take on the form of the katakana for Russia().

I heard that it has a vast garden surrounded by buildings. If it’s true, it would probably make a good spot to hang out during lunch or after school.

Truly, a land for the rich!


The east side of the school is where the majority of the classrooms are, it’s also the area where the students hang out the most.

We study the required courses in the base classes, which are divided from letters ‘A’ to ‘J’.


The north side of the school holds all of the rooms for the practical electives, while just outside it is the school field used for activities and events.

It’s a big field!

I heard that there are even classes where you cultivate your own medicinal plants in the classrooms, but hey, it’s a big school I wouldn’t be surprised if there were.

Since I’m on the topic, the south side of the school holds the library that Iris is fond of, while the west side are rooms that students can use for individual reasons.

It’s good to know these things if you want to live a healthy school life.


… and once we finally arrived at school, the class roster was there to greet us.

As expected, Vaine and I were placed into the A-class.

Crossy however, was unfortunately placed into the C-class.

Its feels a little lonely to be divided so soon.


The school was created in the arrangement that the first years were on the third floor while the third years were on the first floor.

The A class was the one closest to the stairs, while the J class was in the back.


There were already a few students in class when we entered.

I looked around, but neither Eliza nor Iris seemed to be here yet.


Our seats were already pre-determined, while I was placed in the back left-hand corner, Vaine was seated in the back right-hand corner.

Vaine couldn’t help but insist that we were intentionally seated this way for some reason.

I don’t really think so though.


The students eventually started flowing in in droves, all taking their respective seats once class started.

Eliza’s in the second seat from the front of the third column to the right.


We’re a bit far from each other.

Well, I can still see her from where I am so it’s not all bad.


Eventually somebody not wearing a uniform entered finally starting homeroom.


It was the Phys-ed instructor from the physical exam, I think his name was Wu or something like that.


“Everyone, my name is Mitchell Wu and I’m going to be serving as your teacher for the next year, nice to meet you guys. Its an honour to be the one to teach the outstanding A-class.”

Wu-sensei was the slender-but-handsome kind of guy, wearing his hair in a ponytail and all that.

Although I’ve only seen him twice myself, he seems to only wear clothes made for exercise for some reason.


Wu-sensei’s lecture had started, but it was only the schedule for what we were doing today.


“Before anything else is the entrance ceremony, and do try to enjoy it please, just being accepted here is something that you should celebrate, no? After that return to the classroom, and I’ll give an explanation of how the school class system works.”


Once his lecture was over, Wu-sensei led us to the meeting place on the north side of the school.


The freshmen steadily gathered from the beginning of A-class to the end of the J-class.


We were gathering at the event grounds outside, but I think the entrance ceremony was going to be held in one of the other buildings like the gymnasium.

Nobody wants to just stand outside, and it could even be freely decorated if it were held there.


For the aristocracy it’s not an exaggeration to say that this is the most auspicious day to attend school, while expecting a grand welcome.


Two burly men standing at the entrance to the assembly halls opened the gates.

“Congratulations on your admission!”

Overflowing cheers erupted from the opened gates.


A grand welcome created by our upperclassmen.

The road to the hall was adorned with the flowers planted yearly, giving off a gorgeous view while inside the ceilings and walls were all decorated with bright and sparkling ornaments.


It was beautiful.

My heart was grasped by the hospitality that far exceeded my expectations.

I wasn’t the only one making a stupefied face, everyone else in the first-year was too.



I turned my neck to get a good look at the surroundings.

It’s been awhile since I rejoiced so purely.


The flower-path continued on inside, leading up to a group of chairs where the first-years took their seats.


“Everyone, what a fine day it is today.”

The person who was talking was an old man who seemed to have lived a splendid amount of years.

“I am the principal of this school, Aidan Maurice and I would like to congratulate all of you from the bottom of my heart on your admission.

While it may be nice to sit down and relax with crossed legs, I would like to think that you would prefer to strive for the best in your studies during your next three years here.

Now that’s enough from an old man like me, so please enjoy this next event created by your upperclassmen just for you.”

The freshmen raised up cheers of joy.

Their exhilaration just didn’t seem to have an end.


As if he had wings, a young man jumped out over the crowd, landing at the podium and raised his voice.

“Now let’s party!”

With the make-up he had on, I guess they were going to do something like circus.


* * *


Song, dance, and games, once all the events were done the entrance ceremony came to a close with a large sense of satisfaction.


That was a great experience, and with this the first year of my school life begins.

It’s a good tradition, I wonder if we’re going to make something this great next year?


Everyone continued talking about the entrance ceremony on the way back to the classroom.

I mean, how could we not?


“Excuse me…”

A voice suddenly called out to me from behind, it was a girl.

“You’re Kururi Helan right?”


The girl hugged her waist with her arms, while her eyes seemed to sparkle a little.

“I knew it! I-I’m a fan of Kururi-san afterall!”

A fan?! I have fans?!

Why do I have fans?! I don’t remember doing anything worth remembering…


“Oh umm… yeah, and your name was?”

“My name is Heart Valentine.”

The eyes of the girl who named herself as Heart seemed to be in some sort of trance, and try as I may, I couldn’t keep my drooping eyes from taking a quick look at her chest which seemed to be one of her defining characteristics.


“I’ve heard rumors about you. You’re one of the student’s that almost got a perfect score in the placement test, while also being a prodigy in magic studies.”


I couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed at being praised so straight forwardly. I scratched my head that suddenly felt itchy for some reason.

“Not to mention you’re also the next in line to become the lord of the Helan territory, isn’t that unfair? Some people just have all the luck.”

“Well, you’re probably not too bad yourself to be smart enough to get into the A-class Heart-san.”

“I-I guess.”

We shook hands as she panicked a little.

“In just the first grade there’s now Kururi-san, Prince Arc, Rail-san, and Eliza-san, y-you’re going to be the school’s Miracle Four! People on a whole other dimension from us ordinary folk.”


What’s with that name?! Please stop! It’s too embarrassing!


“Where did you hear such a story?”

“I’m not sure, but I do know that your fan club won’t lose anyone else’s, not even to Prince Arc’s.”

“I never wanted to compete in such a thing in the first place.”


Heart seemed to be a bit depressed at my response.

“Don’t be sad, students should focus on their academics instead of fan-clubs right?”


“Okay, now everyone get into your assigned seats!”

Wu-sensei came at the perfect time.

That wasn’t a nice mood I had going on there, so I’d rather avoid it if possible.


“I hope you all enjoyed the entrance ceremony, and you all strive in your studies. Now then, let’s begin the description of the class system.”


Although the lecture was long, I was able to get the gist of it in my notes.


We have four required course we have to take:

Advanced Arithmetic

Magic Science




Everyone in the A-class have received these, because they’re subjects we must absolutely take.


Then there are four other electives that we can choose from a list with fifteen items:

Accounting, Chemistry

Psychology, Geology,

Astronomical Science, Architecture,

Animal Husbandry, Medical Science,

Herbalism, Emperor Studies,

Astrology, Martial Arts,

Philosophy, Law, and Biology.


These are subjects held jointly with other classes.

We’re supposed to lock them in within two weeks, and as of right now I’m a little interested in herbalism.

After thinking about it a bit more, I’ll figure out what else I want to take.


* * *


“Pass down the documents so that everyone can have a look at what electives they can choose, and that should be it for the day. I’d recommend that you try exploring the school a bit while its daylight. Class dismissed.”

Wu-sensei vigorously left the classroom.

He sure does give off a refreshing feeling.



The same moment Wu-sensei left, Heart called out to me again.

“What is it?”

“Are you going to join any of the extracurricular clubs?”

“Oh, I guess that does sound nice.”

“Yeah, but I haven’t made a decision yet on which to join.”


I wonder what clubs they have here…

Soccer maybe? I don’t know.


“Why don’t you make a club then? Of course the president will be Kururi-san.”

“They’re that easy to make?”

“Yeah, as long as you get the numbers required for it.”

“I haven’t even decided what I’d do, and would it really be that easy to gather members?”

“I’m sure it would be as long as we used your name Kururi-san, just give me a moment.”

Heart took out a pen and began to write a letter on a blank sheet of paper she took from somewhere.

It gave off a good and rhythmic sound.


“Is anyone interested to join a club created by the one and only Kururi Helan?!! Those interested meet at the courtyard, but be quick! We’re taking applications at 4pm!!”


“…aren’t you a bit too fired up about this?”

“I only spoke the truth.”

“I haven’t even decided if I was going to make one or not.”

“…oh yeah.”

“Oh yeah?!”

I couldn’t help but yell in response.


* * *


Heart stuck her self-made poster in the hallway bulletin board, then we moved to the courtyard together.

The courtyard was covered in a well maintained lawn, with a fountain in the center of it all.

This was the kind of place you’d want to eat lunch on a sunny day.

“I hope we get a lot of applicants.”

Heart said while sitting down.

I replied as I sat down as well.

“I guess.”

I didn’t feel comfortable enough so I decided to lay down instead.

The tingling sensation of the grass feels great, I think I might fall asleep at this rate.


“Kururi Helan’s club applicants are supposed to gather here right?”

…or not.

To the side from where I was laying, came a young man whose face I haven’t seen before.

“Ah, yeah.”


I was a little surprised that one would come so soon.

Thanks for coming I guess.


After that people started to come in droves, way past the four o’clock appointment.

Heart started taking a roll call.


One, two, three… forty-seven, forty-eight!

“Kururi-san, there are forty-eight people gathered here including myself.”

Forty-nine if I’m included too.

This is way too many.

I can’t manage this many people!

Vaine and Crossy weren’t here either, maybe they were doing special training with each other again?


Heart stood in front of everyone, and took a deep breath.

“Forty-eight people have gathered here today for Kururi Helan. Will you not swear absolute loyalty to him?!”

“” “” Oh! “” “”

“If after joining you dare to betray Kururi Helan, will you be ready to receive your deserved punishment?”

“” “” Oh! “” “”

“Now everyone! Bow to Kururi Helan-dono, your new leader!”

Everyone quickly bowed at once.


What the hell is this?!

I thought this was just going to be a club where I could spend my days leisurely with a few friends!! How did it turn to this direction?!

Clubs aren’t supposed to be this way!!

Aren’t they a bit loud too?! They’re all yelling!

As if slapping me in the face, they all yelled “Osu!” at once.


“Kururi-san, please enjoy this club we’ve created for you but we’ll need something to distinguish us from everyone else.”

…Well, there are the swords I’ve produced in mass quantities…

I should just be able to cover everyone with my stock…

“…I guess I could give everyone a sword I’ve smithed personally.”

“Thank you, now let’s be off to claim the funds from the department teachers.”

“Are we capable of such a thing?”

“It’s possible, just give the word and we’ll charge.”


Charge?! Are you going to war here?!

Are you going to assault the teachers or something?!


“…okay, charge.”

“” “” Roger! “” “”

Oh, maybe this isn’t so bad.

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