Blacksmith Volume 1 Chapter 16

The school’s trees and flowers had finally bloomed, dyeing the surroundings in vivid colours, while in contrast the faces of the students were stained pale with fatigue. I myself am tired, but I think I’m rather tea-coloured instead.

I wonder how everyone else did for the physical exam? Because it looks like they were all drained of their energy.

Those that had just finished their long trip from home, and those that weren’t accustomed to the new environment looked especially dark with fatigue.

They had no choice but to accept that their abilities were only at that level.

Today they’re only announcing the results of the exam, the actual entrance ceremony starts five days from now.

Some use that time to rest and relieve themselves of their fatigue.

Other than that people just look around the school grounds, or do whatever they need to, to prepare for the changes that are going to happen soon.


At the entrance to the school building there a large sheet of paper posted, and written across its top was ‘Freshman Physical Achievement Exam Results’, displaying each student’s name and score from first to last.

An academic exam was carried out the day after the physical exam.

The exam lasted all-day, and the next day another set of results were posted.

I guess the teachers have it rough too.


First place: Arc Kudan 500 points

First place: Iris Parala 500 points

Third place: Eliza Deauville 499 points

Fourth place: Rail Rain 498 points

5th: Kururi Helan 497 points

6th: Thomas Esojin 496 points

# 67: Vaine Lotte  379 points

# 114: Crossy Ammirale 311 points


Iris had beaten Eliza.

Well, there’s nothing I can do about that.

She had the talent to enroll in a place like this despite being a commoner.

In all four tests of General Knowledge, Arithmetic, Accounting, and Simple Magic Science, she didn’t even lose a single point.

It’s good that Eliza won in the marathon at least.


With that said, I expected nothing less of the prince.

Did he really get a perfect score? I’m impressed.


Did he really not cheat? At the very least I can say I didn’t.


Fourth place was taken by Rail.

This is also what I expected.

He was only a two points behind first place, he must’ve really wanted to take the top.


Fifth place is mine.

It’s a good thing I learned a lot from Moran-Jiisan.

Losing those three points in General Knowledge kind of hurts though.

One of the questions was especially hard, it asked ‘What is the official name of Vitamin C?’.

How is the official name of Vitamin C general knowledge? …but I guess those who complain can only admit their lack of knowledge for not being able to answer.


Vaine and Crossy came to see the test results together and reacted at the same time.


Vaine was stoic as always, but good for you Vaine, I’m happy for you.

It looks like Vaine will be put into the Class A where only students that had good results in the Physical Fitness Exam can enter, this is great.


Crossy looked like he was about to break down in tears.

“Sensei, I’m sorry! I’m a failure as a student!”

Crossy’s physical exam by the way, had him placed at the 122nd position with his subtle performance.

I can tell he’s not pleased from his voice.

He’s probably going to be placed in Class C.


So Crossy’s going to be in a different class…

It would’ve been nice if we were all together though.


Not being able to pull himself together, he started to cry.

There were cute girls nearby, and his current state gave off a sort of helpless feeling.

I couldn’t tell him.

“Don’t worry about it, I myself was only a bit lucky, that’s all.” I tried to encourage him a little.

“Yeah, nguu, yeah next time I’ll work hard to get the best I can Sensei.”

He quickly wiped his tears.

I guess my worries were for naught, for a person to resolve themselves and say they want to be strong is nothing less and a hard worker’s mentality.

There are other reasons though.


“Only kids cry that easily. Kururi can help you with your studies, while I watch over your body training.”

Vaine opened his mouth and said so. For some reason he gets talkative when it comes to Crossy.

“Kid? Kid?! The hell are you talking about you beast!”

“You’re a boy that only eats vegetables every day, we’re going to Kururi’s apartment, run with me.”

“Don’t order me around!”

Crossy screamed out while running away from Vaine.


Wait, what?

Now you’re going to my apartment?


“Well it is the best place for studying. One’s own apartment, that is.”

As I was watching the two of them run around, I suddenly heard a determined voice in my ear.

Turning around I saw that it was Rail standing there.

He had a creepy smile on his face again.

Somehow I got the impression he was playing around with the image in his head… it’s a little scary.


“Well, I-”

“I guess this means I’ve beaten Kururi-kun in studying.”

He smiled while changing his standing position.

Somehow, he seems to be observing me.

“…In the Physical exam too, you knew my name.”

“Well that’s because Kururi-kun is famous after all.”


I was sure that I was being inconspicuous.


“You’re… Rail-san right? Nice to meet you.”

Of course I knew who he is, but I pretended I didn’t.


He didn’t reply immediately, there was a short pause.

Then Rail started walking over as if he had seen right through me.


Is he really reading my mind?!

This person is way to scary!!


“…well met. Nice to meet you Kururi-kun.”

“Ah, yeah.”

I grabbed his outstretched hand.

And with a good grip on each other, we finished shaking hands.


“See you soon Kururi-kun, I’d like to talk with you more.”

He turned around and re-joined his original group with Prince Arc, so I guess everything turned out okay.


Even though he had a gentle smile on his face, I couldn’t help but feel like he was a somewhat scary person.


He acts like that but he actually comes from a family of farmers.

It may not be public knowledge and was covered up, but Iris learns the secret by accident one day and is forced to keep it.

You see, Rail was someone who had lost his parents in childhood.

He actually became acquainted with the First Prince during the time he was living in his grandfather’s house, and with his friendly personality he saw the true good in the Prince, so with that they just clicked, staying close friends since.

After the death of his grandfather, both the First Prince and his official attendant returned to the royal capital together.

He had shiny hair and beautiful features that rivaled the aristocracy. He was a great study, and quickly became well versed in the rules of society, such as courtesy and tradition.

From the outside, nobody would’ve been able to guess that he came from a farming family.


Sorry, I already know the secret that allows you to become acquainted with Iris. I’m really sorry.

Don’t worry though, I’ll make sure to keep this secret to my grave, I won’t tell anyone.


While I was contemplating things, Iris walked over and waved at me. She seemed pretty happy.



“Hey, I took first place.”

It was a beautiful smile, one that made one want to compliment her the moment one saw it.

I also felt a bit guilty about supporting Eliza over her during the marathon.

At the very least, I’ll praise her here.

“I knew you could do it. In the future I’m sure you’ll do great, granted I’m expecting one hell of a ‘thank you’ once you’re succesful.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

She replied with a smile.


Once we finished talking, Iris left for the library,

There was also Vaine, who I wanted to check on quickly before he destroyed my apartment with whatever he’s doing with Crossy.


With that said, there was still one person I definitely had to see first.


Without a doubt, it was Eliza.


Without batting an eye, she stood transfixed in front of the results table with her arms crossed.

Other students wanted to see their exam results too, but didn’t approach her due to fear.


You’re troubling everyone! Realize the situation you’re in Eliza!

…is what I said in my mind, I couldn’t say it out loud because unfortunately she scares me too. Just a little bit.


Still, if nobody would say so then I had too.

My body started to move on its own, carried along by emotion, as if it were on a mission.


As I approached, her entourage consisting of the Four Heavenly Kings intercepted me.

Hmm? There was another girl in place of the girl who always called me ‘Servant’.

Is there like a rotation system or something? I’m a bit concerned on how their organization works.


The thing was, the eyes of the woman in front of me seemed to scream ‘Within three seconds, you better be out of my sight Servant!’, that’s what her eyes said.

No, really. I’m not lying.

It might have not been said out loud, but her eyes said everything.


I wasn’t scared though.

I took another step towards Eliza.

The other day we were in a rush due to the exam about to start and we didn’t even ‘know’ each other then (I did though), but this time we’re already acquainted so they don’t want to raise a fuss that would direct her attention to me.


“Hey Eliza, you look a bit vexed there, is there something wrong?”

If I go straight to the point, she won’t have any time to complain.


There was a short pause of awkward silence. The answer I expected didn’t come.


“W-well even if it’s not a perfect score, to be able to get 499 points is amazing, no?”

I could almost feel the air around me wreathe in awkwardness.

“…I didn’t know.”

Eliza had started muttering something under her breath.

Even though I was this close I couldn’t hear her very well, I think she said something about a ‘challenge’?


“How the hell am I supposed to know the official name of Vitamin C?!”

Eliza suddenly shouted out to nobody in particular.

Everyone turned their eyes away on the chance that she might’ve turned her gaze their way.

Then with a ‘hmph’, as if nothing had happened at all, Eliza walked away.

The Four Heavenly Kings followed soon after.


So Eliza also made that mistake.

As I thought, it’s not ‘General Knowledge’.

…I looked it up later, and apparently the official name of Vitamin C is ‘ascorbic acid’.

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    1. Hahaha, i know it but who would have thought about something like that in a fantasy world?
      I’d think it have a more chuuni name! X,D

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    1. i think, her dad promises her, if she gets the highest notes in the school she will get permission of revokes her arranged wedding, then she lost to the peasant then will not just get married to a “pig” she will be disowned and exiled to a farm… that is the main plot of the story…


      1. nope. Eliza is Kururi’s ‘future’ fiancee, not current fiancee. Most likely it was friendship of their parent and Eliza and Kururi got engaged to help Helan deterriorating territory in the original story. It is also common for aristocrat’s ‘lazy’ children to be fat so ‘pig’-bocchans are common existance in the society. Being exiled for being amongst the top student is impossible and other people will question the sanity of Eliza’s family if they did that, though it’s normal that Iris as peasant will receive scorn and envious views from those aristocrat children.


  1. that is a old scientific name, the vitamin c aka limes and lemon prevents a sickness called scurvy then the scientist of that age named it ascorbic acid it means something like no-scurvy and acid because sourness

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  2. “I knew you could do it. In the future I’m sure you’ll do great, granted I’m expecting one hell of a ‘thank you’ once you’re succesful.”

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  3. I don’t know a single official name of any medicine and why would that even included in general knowledge anyway. Perhaps the exam is rig for the prince who for some reason know the official name of Vitamin-C, but an anomaly like Iris appear and able to answer it too.

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    1. For all we know, the guy who discovered Vitamin C in their fantasy universe (why the hell to they know what vitamin are in a fantasy universe????) might have been named Nante.

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      1. no that’s toppo or something that lives in 1-4, kurosshi(or is that really his/her name?) is a boy(?) who become our MC’s pupil


  4. Pfft I knew that… I would get it right if it was multiple choice. Does that exist in that world/game?
    Thanks for picking this up?


  5. Hmmm, if you dont know the common name, you can figure out the ststematic IUPAC name from the structure, but certaily that would be very difficult to draw and name.


  6. Come on people, it so is general knowledge. What has vitamin C? Oranges. Where do oranges NOT grow? The sea. Who works (or rather, worked) in the sea? Pirates. So we can gather that pirates didn’t eat much vitamin C. What happens when you don’t eat Vitamin C? You get Sc-ARRRRRGH-vy (Scurvy, a disease that makes collagen weak, among other things, makes your gums bleed). So in name of that disease, the vitamin is called Ascorbic (coming from scurvy) acid. Simple. And now you know the reason why pirates had bath teeth.


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