Villainous Butler, Volume 1 Chapter 17


I love this series, but reading romance novels always makes me lament how I’m currently single. Maybe I should do less translating and try to have more of a life lol xD

Special thanks to Slime, Tao R., Kaerlo M.D.!

Thank you so much for the donations! I really appreciate it! Please send more! 😀

Enjoy the chapter! (^^)/


7 thoughts on “Villainous Butler, Volume 1 Chapter 17

  1. Personal romance is overrated. Rooting for another person’s happiness, fictional or nonfictional, is where it’s at! But since you’re not me, I support your search for romance. I recommend going to a social gathering and starting a conversation at places like a class, a party, a catillian, a mass summoning to another world, or in line for paperwork at a government office.

    Then carefully observe the clothing and body language of the stranger or friend you’re interested in. Things like pins depicting campaign slogans or pokemon are easy points of conversation, and certain types of jackets show how laid back they are, sweater jackets being the most extreme. Avoid people wearing tight fitting dark clothing ESPECIALLY if it’s formal wear, as they are trying not to be noticed. If their arms are crossed over their chests and their lips are pursed, then they are guarded and not interested. If however they lean forward, sitting or otherwise, during conversation then even if their arms are crossed it shows that they are engaged in what you’re saying.

    Finally… You’re never fully dressed without a smile. Humans instinctually and subconsciously sense when they are being deceived, so it’s important NOT to fake a smile or laughter, indicators of a strained smile can be seen in the arc of the smile, which should be upwards and not sidewards, and the eyes, whose narrowing should mostly be controlled by your cheek muscles and not your eyelids, as they can be confused for sad or pitying looks, the exception being the outer edges of your eyes which crinkle, the crinkling of the outer edge of the eyes is the clearest indicator of a genuine smile.

    Flipping your hair, and flutterring your eyelashes are optional, but will most likely happen unconsciously if the other party interests you. Best of luck finding your prospective anthropormic slime or other bipedal creature.

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  2. Don’t worry ma’am, you’ll find the one, so don’t worry about the small stuff.
    Wait, my experiences on the romantic topic? Hmm setting beside all the knowledge i got from shoujo manga and novels and normal romantic movies and the like, i have lived without a girlfriend as long as my age, aka 29 years
    And sadly, al my friends come to me for help with their love problems
    Well, i’m not bothered though, as long as i can read a lot and play a good game with storyline(sole exceptions are the pokemon mainline games, which i play for the metta haha), and i’m still happy as can be, maybe a positive side of my autism haha
    Anyway, i’m ranting without typing the important stuff, as such:
    Thank you ma’am, for your hard work and the new chapter!
    Dutch nutcase, signing out~

    P.s, it’s almost the 15th, a couple days left until the fun begins in galar!

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