Villainous Butler, Volume 1 Chapter 10


Chapters are slowly getting longer… orz

Btw, did you know that its only 1 more week until my birthday? lol

Kinda funny, since I don’t really feel like a almost-twenty one year old.

Just one donation this chapter… I’m still grateful though.

Special thanks to An H.! You’re my sole supporter this time! Thank you so much!

Enjoy the chapter! (^^)/


8 thoughts on “Villainous Butler, Volume 1 Chapter 10

  1. Almost 21?
    Ain’t that the age in the us that makes it legal for drinking alcohol and gambling?
    Two of the most horrible addiction problems which can ruin your life?
    My advice, drink moderately and don’t gamble (not that i have that much of a persuasive power seeing tha fact i’m a simple and naive 29 year old autistic nutcase 😂)
    Anyway, thank you ma’am for your hard work and the new chapter!
    I hope you have a nice day and have fun with halloween on the day after tomorrow!
    Dutch nutcase, signing out~

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  2. GYAAAAHHH, Kuro is rising from their grave to bring us a chapter and celebrate their birthday!?!?!?!!!!

    Thank you for the chapter, but please rest if you need to!!!!!

    *Throws purifying salt at the Sloth’s gravesite.*

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