Evil Lord, Volume 4 Chapter 8


Hey everyone, I assume you got everything you needed from Area 51? Assuming you weren’t gunned down, or abducted lol

…and yes, I changed the schedule to show which novels I’m planning on doing. No set dates for releases, but you can expect those books. And yes, I’m officially announcing that I might take the Otome-mob WN depending on what happens, this is all for you Yume Mishima fans who enjoy his works. 😉

Just one donation today as well… oh well, beggars can’t be choosers I guess. (^^|||

Special thanks to… CWP Networking Solutions! Thank you so much for your support! Keep’em coming!

Enjoy the chapter! And please rate it 5 stars on NU if possible! (^^)/

…now then, I’m going back to playing Link’s awakening! lol 😛


6 thoughts on “Evil Lord, Volume 4 Chapter 8

  1. That’s great news Kuro. I don’t see any reason why both the webnovel and the light novel can’t be translated at the same time. Especially if they have different content after vol 4.
    In any case, I’m glad you’re considering it. Though I hope Evil Lord takes priority until you catch up to the author.

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    1. Otome-mob won’t be taken until I catch up on Evil Lord AND my secret project first.

      And it’s just REALLY demoralizing to be translating the same project as another person at the same time, not to mention the drama that might come out of it… (^^|||

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      1. I totally understand where you’re coming from and want you to know I’ll be supporting you no matter what you decide to do.
        Hopefully by the time you’re at that point it’ll have become clear whether 2slow2late plans to stick with it or not.


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