Evil Lord, Volume 4 Chapter 6


Hi everyone! I assume you’re all ready for the raid on Friday? Good luck, ’cause I’m probably going to be playing Link’s Awakening instead lol

Special thanks to Alan B., George P., Lionel V.B., and Richard C.!

And EXTRA BIG thanks to Nicolas W.!

Thank you so much for the support! Please send more! 😀

…also, if you haven’t done it yet, can you please give the Evil Lord NU page a 5 rating? (assuming you think it deserves it of course) It’d really mean alot to me. 🙂

Enjoy the chapter! (^^)/


7 thoughts on “Evil Lord, Volume 4 Chapter 6

  1. Good luck with the remake of “tloz: link’s awakening” ma’am!
    I hope you enjoy the game.
    And once again i humbly give you my gratitude for all your hard work and the new chapter!
    Dutch nutcase, signing out~

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I just finished BotW on WiiU emulator, its a really great game. Now I want a switch to play another Zelda…..

    So thirst for more Zelda right now


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