Evil Lord, Volume 4 Chapter 2


Luckily, school is still slow since it’s only started recently, plus I had a dentist appointment today that got me out early.

So I might still be able to pump these out fairly quickly for a while lol

…as a side note, apparently I don’t floss enough. I have a cavity. (^^|||

Only one donation today unfortunately… can I have a little more please? *nudge 😉

Special thanks to Victor C. for the donation! You’re my sole supporter for this chapter! 😀

Enjoy the chapter~! (^^)/


One thought on “Evil Lord, Volume 4 Chapter 2

  1. What a great way to wale up~
    Thank you for your hard work and the new chapter ma’am!
    And it sucks about the cavity (i hate dentists, not them as persons, but i’m just terrified of them)
    Dutch nutcase, signing out~

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