Evil Lord, Volume 3 Chapter 9


God this one was tiring… it was FIVE PAGES longer than the usual chapter(this was 25, the usual is 20 pages)… orz

But I’m powering through cuz I really wanna see the next few chapters (in English) THAT badly…

Special thanks to Jakeel C.,  Jpnguyen, Jeffery N., and Lionel V. B.!

…and woah, I didn’t know you could set up payments on paypal like patreon. I won’t say which of you did it, but thanks a ton! 😉

Enjoy the chapter~! (^^)/


10 thoughts on “Evil Lord, Volume 3 Chapter 9

      1. That is the least i can do to show my appreciation
        (Don’t forget the lots of shinies for sword/shield i have for you when they release pokemon home, so i can sent my mons from my 3ds games over to gen 8)
        Have a nice day ma’am!


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