Evil Lord, Volume 3 Chapter 4


Did you know if you can’t donate, you can always still support me by white-listing this site on your adblock or giving (hopefully) good ratings and reviews on NU? I’m a really shallow person who needs artificial approval on the internet to feel good about myself, even if it’s derivative approval riding off of another person’s work. (*゜▽゜*)

…donations are still preferred though lol 😉

Special thanks to Jeffery N., Randy B., Kaerlo M. D., and Dimitri A.! You people are awesome! Thank you so much for the donations!

Enjoy the chapter~! (^^)/

9 thoughts on “Evil Lord, Volume 3 Chapter 4

  1. Hmm, sadly i can’t give that much support (except for whitelisting, and help with the pokemon game at the end of year, not much of free capital you see)
    But i am always coming back at this site, even after it was a break period from 2017 till the start of evil lord, and i always appreciated your hard work of your amazing translations (better then most of the japanese translators on some sites)
    And believe me, you are one of the best japanese translators you can find on wordpress sites, so cheer up, we, your loyal sloth worshippers, are glad you’re taking some of your free time to translate a japanese story, so please don’t be downhearted, and look at what you’ve translated up until now, there aren’t a lot of people who can say that they have done this well in these kind of circles!
    So thank you for your hard work and all these translations up until now, ma’am!
    Your sincerely
    Corné van Eembergen
    (A.k.a. Nelus4blood, the dutch autistic nutcase from the netherlands)

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  2. Yosh Yosh
    *pat* *pat*

    Good girl Good girl

    …. is not what you want right?

    I tend to comment where there are less than 5-6 comments. I think they need to know that there are some actual people who read their works. But since you said so, I’ll be sure to leave some thing next time.

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