6 thoughts on “Evil Lord, Volume 3 Prologue

  1. Its funny when u read u need donate. And clicked the chapter to read the first sentence of liam, “thers no point to charity”, amazing coincidence, or not!?

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  2. You were camping? In the wilderness? With bugs and stuff? Are you sure the Viscount house you went to didn’t mix up your profile sheet with another person?

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  3. Huh.. well, I experienced that kind of thing for 1 month and more? not 2 months though.
    The lack of internet is the most problematic though.


  4. Welcome back ma’am!
    I hope you had a nice and fine week off from translating
    I had a lot to do at work this work
    On the upside, i took a week for soft reseting for a shiny buzzwole on ultra sun, then an hour after i took to get to an ultra wormhole for the area of kartana it took me three soft resets for getting a shiny kartana
    So i had a good week (or quite a sad one of you look at it at with a different view haha)
    And as usual, thank you for your hard work and the new chapter ma’am!
    And i wish you a nice weekend!
    Dutch nutcase, signing out~

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