Evil Lord, Volume 2 Epilogue


Finally done volume 2! (If you ignore the side story that comes next) So we’re finally half-way there!

I noticed that some of you read my translations through google-translate. An MTL of a fan-translation… wouldn’t it be better to just use it on the original source? Either way, that’s still an MTL, and I can’t understand how you don’t have brain cancer by now lol

As a side note, no donations have come in since yesterday… TT^TT
Can I have a reward for finishing another volume please? I’m begging here!

Enjoy the chapter~! (^^)/


9 thoughts on “Evil Lord, Volume 2 Epilogue

  1. “An MTL of a fan-translation… wouldn’t it be better to just use it on the original source?”- Well not everyone understand english I was like that at the start, I was reading full metal panic in Spanish but the spanish translator bail out after 6 months I just started reading gtransl of the english one


    1. Naw, I meant like use the Spanish Google translate on the original japanese RAW. ’cause if they’re gonna read a crappy translation either way, why not use it on the source material?

      I’m still thankful for the extra hits though 🙂


      1. Well you know asian language s are more complex that eastern not because are harder but because eastern are more literal with the meaning let’s say running water, can means someone called mizu Is running or is getting executed or something like that, I get brain damage every time reading japanese MTL because these nuances


  2. Thank you for the hard ork and the new chapter ma’am!
    And I don’t mind side stories, because they give you more inside of the story in total, so you’re almost finished with volume 2
    Good job at coming so far!
    Greetings from a dutch nutcase as usual haha

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  3. While it is true that a translation of a translation is nearly always worse than a direct translation that doesn’t necessarily apply to machine translations. That’s because machines are terrible at translating high-context languages like Japanese. Machines might have near infinite knowledge, but they’re pretty stupid after all. Inferring things based on context is not something they’re good at (yet).


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