Evil Lord, Volume 2 Chapter 14


I have a life people! Instead of bugging me for when the next chapter is coming out, read the FAQ! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

…even if that ‘life’ is just me playing around on the switch I borrowed from a friend lol (^^|||

Anyways, special thanks to Bounlena L., Verner A. M-J., Tin C., Julien P., and Mitchell Z! Thanks for the donations! They’re really appreciated! Keep’em coming! 😀

Enjoy the chapter~!


11 thoughts on “Evil Lord, Volume 2 Chapter 14

      1. Ah, the first choice for a easy playthrough
        (From what i’ve red on the internet)
        I’m not much of a fire emblem person, but i’m quite curious about this game, maybe i’ll start playing this one
        And i wish you good luck ma’am, and kick some bit of viciously plotting mages and greedy corrupted merchants!
        (Haha, sorry, i know that bleu lions are a group from the knight country, black eagle from a country of mages and that yellow deer is from a kind of republic ruled by merchants, and that’s all i know)
        Have fun haha


  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    And I agree that life should be first priority, since it’s already a shitty game even without distractions. Mistakes tend to easily lead to bad endings, heh.

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  2. Thanks for the chapter

    If you have to reply to these people who ask for more translated chapters, just say the same thing I say when my boss chews me out for something or other

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  3. I rarely comment since i know you already always read posts like this.

    But i just wanted to thank you, for translating. I’ve been reading your stuff since wayback so really thank you for the TLs ur doing.

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  4. Thanks for the chapter, Oh Mighty Lady, and forgive our sins.

    Aaand if I tell ya the truth, the new switch model doesn’t seem so good. BUT is cheaper and it mantains its quality on solo games, so its not bad either. If I could afford a switch, Id buy the original cuz u can play with your friends (I’m sure i’ll make some… Next year) or in your TV. Gosh, I love playing switch, but the screen is no bigger than a tablet, so when my friends lends me his switch I connect it to my tv. The new model wont be able to do that though.

    Anyways, thanks for your hard work, _/(-_-) \_

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    1. Dw, I’m not getting the mini. They’re re-releasing the 2017 version with an updated battery that lasts almost twice as long. I grew up on the DS and pokemon, so I prefer the mobile mode, which is why I’m waiting for this.

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