Evil Lord, Volume 2 Chapter 12


Well, my family is back from vacation, so my days of peace and quiet are over unfortunately. Oh well, quiet is nice, but doing all the chores myself sucks haha…

And wow, first time in a while that I made a release but didn’t have any donations to thank. I guess the chain had to end sometime lol

That said, I’d still like a few ‘yellow candies’ if possible. 😉 *nudge nudge

Enjoy the chapter!


5 thoughts on “Evil Lord, Volume 2 Chapter 12

  1. Okay, this morning i’ve read the chapter with my sleepy head, now, when it’s almost 0:00am, i’ve read the chapter once again (now also sleepy haha)
    But is it just me, or are the plans of the guide backfirering on him each and every time?
    And to make it even worse (for him), but instead of making the world of Lord Liam a horrible place to live in, he makes it a prosperous and liveable world for its inhabitants, and all that by accident!
    So the guide will eventually die a miserable dead by all the gratitude he receives for all “the good and virtually helping he gives to the mc by plain old accident!
    Such a poor and pitiful fellow, but on the other hand, he made the mc suffer in his first life, so it is his just deserved punishment, now he will feel what the mc may had to suffer all those years by the vicious hand of the guide!
    If that isn’t karma, then what is?
    Sorry for ranting, and have a good night sleep, my fellow readers, and you the same wishes to ma’am!


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